8 Clear Signs That Signal The End Of Your Condo Search

Condo Living.

All too often, size is the one factor that many potential buyers consider before choosing the condo that suits their lifestyle best. Size is essentially one of those things that every condo owner must take into consideration because it is a major indicator of how comfortable and convenient the unit will be. While it’s true that condo living gives you a fixed number of options in terms of space, there are still a good many factors that make each condo distinct. Indeed, condo lifestyle is should be envied because of the many perks that it offers. Size can actually be either a hindrance or an opportunity to turn your condo into a dream home. It’s not always easy to tell if you’ve already found the perfect condo with the right size, but there are signs to look out for.


1. Your wish list is studded with checkmarks

While you were still condo hunting, you probably had a checklist of the different features you wanted your dream condo to have. Without a doubt, condo size was a part of that list. It’s important to buy a condo that meets all the basic requirements you’ve set beforehand. You want a three-bedroom condo for a reason, and sometimes, it just isn’t worth it to compromise the size for a few less important features. So take your wish list and look around the condo. Is your new home everything you wanted it to be? Are you thrilled when the kitchen is bustling with activity? Is the living room welcoming? Is the overall mood of the place exactly what you dreamed of? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you just scored yourself the perfect condo unit with a size that fits you well.


2. You envision your children growing up in that unit

Intuition always has a way of telling us when we’ve made the right choice. In your case, if you catch yourself wandering far into the future with the image of your new condo in the background, then you probably hope to stay there for a long time. You imagine sitting in the balcony with your significant other, both of you dreaming of the years to come. You imagine your kids running about in the playground, giggling at the smallest amusement. You imagine chatting with your long-time friends in the living room while nostalgic memories come rushing back to you. This is the future you envision, and your condo unit is a major element in it. The condo seems to bring everyone together. You feel like it’s the place that will hold some of your dearest and most intimate memories.


3. You can’t wait to go home every day

One of the reasons why families go for condo living is that it’s more convenient in terms of proximity. Since condos are typically located in strategic points near important landmarks, practical families find them more ideal than private houses in the suburbs. A sure indication that you already own the right-sized condo is when you file for less overtime work and you just rush out of the office the minute your shift ends to go home to a condo you love. You almost never miss dinner time with your family, and you spend late nights not buried deep in paperwork but instead are comfortably seated in the living room, mulling over how everything in your condo (and in your life at large) falls perfectly into place.


4. You invite your friends over for the simplest of reasons

You can’t help but turn giddy over the smallest excitement, and you often invite your friends over to celebrate with you. Your three-year-old learns to spell out her name and you throw a party. Your partner gets a promotion and you make it a cause for a major celebration. You win a coffee maker from a raffle and you invite your friends over for a drink. You’re so happy with your condo that you want to share it with everyone close to you.


5. You always have the urge to brag the condo to your friends

When you invite your friends over, you can’t seem to stop talking about how your condo unit’s bathroom is just the right size to make you feel comfortable and secure. The kitchen gives you enough room to wiggle in without wasting any precious space, and the living room is just perfect in every way. Your friends, of course, know exactly what you’re talking about because they feel the same way about your unit.


6. You love how everything is adapted to the kind of lifestyle you want

One of the advantages of condo living is the privilege of experiencing resort-style amenities. Swimming pools and fitness gyms are usually a staple in high-end condos. Maybe they were even an item in your wish list. A good indicator that you’re happy with your choice of condo is when you feel like everything about it was made according to your preferences. Even the design features inside your unit seem to match your tastes. The balcony is comfortable enough to accommodate you, and the partitions between rooms are thick enough to muffle unwanted sounds but not so thick to be a waste of space.


7. You’ve never loved the indoors so much

 loved the indoors

Photo courtesy of tookapic via Pexels

Maybe you’ve never enjoyed staying indoors so much before, but with your new condo, everything seems to change. You spend more weekends in the coffee lounge in the condo community instead of going to the mall to grab a cup. You like to be near your unit so much that you wonder why you haven’t found it earlier. Clearly, this is one of the signs that you feel at home in your condo.


8. The perks outweigh the hassles

The truth is, condo living has a few cons, no matter how perfect it seems. For instance, you’ll be living with the neighbors so closeby that you may not be able to play heavy metal at full blast in the middle of the night. However, if you’ve found the unit that works best with what you envision your life to be, you’re willing to compromise. There are just so many things to love about your condo that you’re willing to overlook the fact that, say, the guest room is not as spacious as you want it to be. It may be that you’ve written down a few items in your wish list that the condo doesn’t meet, and it’s fine with you because there is something about this unit that just really makes you feel at home. For you, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

In the end, only your gut feeling can assure you that you’ve made the right choice for a new home. If you’re generally happy and comfortable with your decision, then nothing else matters. It should be right when it feels right.



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