Guide to Transforming your Room to Match your Personality

Condo Design.

To each his own — that goes for a lot of the decisions and choices we make each day. No two persons are exactly the same, and a person’s individuality makes him or her unique.

This also goes for how each one of us would decorate our personal spaces. While it would be great to get inspirations from magazines and catalogues, a room wouldn’t feel like it is your own until every corner reflects your personality. Once you embrace independent living, you kind of feel the urge to make every corner of your condo a reflection of your style.

Whatever your deal is, there are condo design ideas that will perfectly work for you. So, before you start tearing down walls and repainting everything, here are condo decoration ideas that will best fit your personality.


The Book Lover

Room fool of books

Photo courtesy of mohamed_hassan via Pixabay

The art of hoarding is something book lovers are very familiar with. They are notorious at it, even in this age of e-books and e-readers. They are in every book sale, and wouldn’t mind getting a soft-bound and a hard-bound copy of the same title. Because, you know, that’s just how they roll.

Condo living may pose some very valid challenges for the book lover, given the limited space. But if you still insist on bringing that Pinterest-worthy library to life, then so be it.

Floor to ceiling bookshelves are the absolute accessory to have if you want to have a home library, whether in the living room or in the bedroom. If you have a staircase, you can also build your own library under it. You may also get creative with installing shelves on the wall, rather than placing them on the floor to save space.  You may also build a reading nook in the corner of your house that has a view.

Books turned into a headboard, pillow cases with your favorite lines, and a stack of books for your table lamp are just some bedroom ideas for book lovers.


The Athlete

bicycle inside a room

Photo courtesy of donterase via Pixabay

When it comes to expressing their loyalty to the game or the team they love, sports fans are totally hardcore. If you’re an athlete or a sports fanatic, you’d certainly want your bedroom to express your undying love for the game.

Instead of the usual painting or artwork, hang a scoreboard on your wall. You may also install a hoop so you can get in the mood by doing some shooting early in the morning. Place your collection in a towering shelf, frame the jerseys of your sports idols, pin baseball caps on the wall, cover your bed in sporty sheets, and maybe stencil a motivational quote from your hardcourt hero on your bedroom wall. If you’re into cycling, why not put your bike on display as well?


The Cool Geek

bedroom full of posters

Photo courtesy of Dave Kleinschmidt via Flickr

Whether you’re a tech geek or a comic nerd, there are interior design ideas perfect for your passion. Assemble your heroes in a shelf, frame covers of classic comic books, decorate using your lightsabers, upcycle Captain America’s shield into a table top, and upgrade your viewing experience with a reclining chair and a good sound-surround system. And of course, never turn your back on the glory days of your childhood by sleeping on Spiderman sheets and by purchasing a  headboard shaped like Batman’s logo.

For those who are mad about arcades and video games, stick a Pac-Man inspired wallpaper on your bedroom wall and put your television on a box that resembles an arcade machine.


The Fashionista

stylish flowery room

Photo courtesy of burrs&berries via Flickr

“Happy girls are the prettiest girls.” – Audrey Hepburn

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

These are two famous quotes from two of the biggest names in fashion. For a start, yes, you can have those quotes imprinted on your wall, or your pillows.

The fashionista is very keen on details, she is bold, she is exciting, and she is timeless. A luxe sitting room in the living area, accented by a velvet sofa and a lavish carpet, is perfect for a fashion diva. You may also decorate with a lot of shine and shimmer such as gold plated pieces, brass, and bronzes. And don’t forget a chandelier fit for a queen.

To put some glam in your bedroom, don’t be afraid to go bold with color choices such as gold, fuchsia, black, white, pink, and purple. A textured wall adorned with magazine artwork will also do the trick. Dress up your dresser with a nice chair, colorful jewelry, scarves, and bottles of perfume. Throw in a snuggly, furry throw on your bed. Soft, luxurious sheets and pillows (something a Kardashian would approve) are also some of the bedroom must-haves of a fashionista.

Make sure to also organize your closet in a fashionista way. Arrange your clothes in a practical manner. Have a special corner for your shoes, bags, and other accessories. A full length mirror is also a must-have.


The Minimalist

modern minimalist bedroom

Photo courtesy of jeanvdmeulen via Pixabay

Minimalist condo design ideas are perfect for condo living. They keep the room looking spacious, fresh, and breathable. Truly, minimalist fans believe that less is indeed more.

Embracing simple and clean designs are what minimalists are all about. Stripping down to the original purpose of a home is what they believe in. It’s all about form and function. This involves simplifying the color scheme of your space — neutrals, grays, and earth tones are usually preferred. Pops of color are only used to highlight a focal point. Furniture pieces are also streamlined, favoring compact and multifunctional ones.

Whatever your deal is, your personal space is a blank canvass. Do not be afraid to turn your bedroom, for example, into the fantasy bedroom of your dreams. Own it, and have fun with it.


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