7 Of The Best Underrated Restaurants And Cafes In Las Piñas

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Las Piñas during its earlier days was known for being the salt bed and jeepney factory center of Metro Manila. Now, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the metro. Business centers and condominium buildings are rising here.

Moving to a a condo in Las Piñas is a huge step in your life, especially if you’re coming from a place you’ve grown comfortable in. But don’t worry, the city will surely welcome you with open arms and help you warm up to the city.

Photo courtesy of Mel Casipit via Pexels

One of the culturally shocking things about moving to a new home is that your favorite food becomes out of reach as your go-to place may no longer be available or maybe too far from your new home.

But the great thing about living in Sonora Garden Residences is that you’re surrounded by some of the best restaurants and cafes in Las Piñas. If you’re the type to enjoy exploring hole-in-the-wall restaurants and cafes, then you’ll surely enjoy living here.

So, without further ado, here are some of the restaurants in Las Piñas that are waiting for you to discover.

7 hole-in-the-wall cafes and restaurants in Las Piñas
you need to try

Photo courtesy of Edward Franklin via Unsplash

Living in the heart of Las Piñas, especially in Sonora Garden Residences, gives you immediate access to necessary destinations like the mall, grocery stores, hospitals, and banks. Everything you need is within reach and you wouldn’t have to deal with the heavy Metro Manila traffic to get from one location to the next.

Aside from having the necessities within reach, your home is also accessible to some of the underrated yet astounding hangout places Las Piñas has to offer.

To help you get started, here are some of the cafes and restaurants you have to try and add to your reasons on why to live in the South:

1. Spork Kitchen x Bar

Location: Pilar Development Complex, Rose Avenue, Almanza, Las Piñas

Average Cost: Php 500 for two people

Photo courtesy of Spork Kitchen x Bar via Pexels

Enjoy unique twists on classic Filipino cuisine in Spork Kitchen x Bar. Let your carnivorous selves enjoy plates of meat without hurting your wallet. Some of their best sellers include Pulled Pork Nachos, Spork Fries, Chicken Skin Crisps, Pulled pork quesadilla, and an infusion of the country’s favorite meal - Inasal Pasta.

This restaurant also sports a chill rustic vibe which you and your family members would surely enjoy with or without beer - and it’s just 13 minutes away from Sonora Garden Residences.

2. Bamba Bistro

Location: 57 Aguirre ave. cor. Arsenio Luz, BF Homes, Parañaque, Philippines

Average Cost: Php 800 for two people

Photo courtesy of Bamba Bistro’s Instagram Page

Looking for an ambient al fresco restaurant to dine with your family on a chill Sunday? Bamba Bistro welcomes you to their garden home.

If the family can’t decide what to eat, this restaurant is the answer to your prayers. From their French Onion Mac and Cheese, All-beef Patties, Pita Rolls, Salisbury steaks, and famous Carbonara, your taste buds will surely have a great time for every visit. A bonus? It’s only a 25-minute ride from Sonora Garden Residences. It’s definitely worth it.

3. Flour Jar

Location: Unit C Pilar, Development Corporation, Rose Avenue Las Piñas

Average Cost: Php 500 for two persons

Photo courtesy of Flour Jar’s Facebook Page

Got a sweet tooth, or a craving for cookies to munch on while working in your condo unit? Time to head to the Flour Jar. This cafe offers a wide variety of cookies, cakes, and donuts that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth - they’re aesthetically pleasing too, so your Instagram feed will surely enjoy them as well.

Craving for savory foods? They have it too. Enjoy healthy and hearty sandwiches like their Herb Chicken Tomato and crispy Grilled Cheese with their Bomba Nachos while chilling in their bohemian-themed cafe.

If you’re planning to visit Flour Jar for a sweet-tooth date with your best friend, you wouldn’t have to worry about traffic as it’s only a 13-minute ride from your new condo.

4. Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen

Location: Alabang-Zapote road, Talon Uno, Las Piñas

Average Cost Php 900 for two people

Photo courtesy of Cassalu’s Facebook Page

Looking for new family trays to try with your folks while enjoying movie night in your home? Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen has a wide selection of party trays from Caramelized Adobo, Bicol Xpress Tonkatsu, and Pork Char Siu.

Not in the mood to share? This restaurant also offers pasta like Creamy Truffle and Bacon Alfredo, Asian Rice Bowls with the same choices as the family trays, and burgers to fill your stomachs in the middle of the day.

This restaurant is located on the highway, so if you’re new to South Life, this will be easy to find. Or, you could have their food delivered as it’s only eight minutes away from Sonora Garden Residences.

5. Kapeng Mainit

Location: BF International, Las Piñas City

Average Cost: Php 750 for two people

Photo courtesy of Kapeng Mainit via Zomato

Who doesn’t like breakfast, especially with a full cup of brewed Barako coffee? Kapeng Mainit offers unique breakfast meals like Forbidden Rice Champorado, Chunky Chicken Salad Sandwich, Spamusubi, and many more, all day.

Apart from breakfast meals, they also offer scrumptious powdered donuts to partner with their Iced Kapeng Barako. Bask in the sweetness and bitterness of their delicacies while enjoying their artsy cafe setup, perfect for an intimate date night with your partner.

If you’re craving a breakfast meal in your condo unit at night, then this is the place to go to as it’s only 11 minutes away from your home.

6. Usagi Café

Location: Talon, Las Piñas

Average Cost: Php 600 for two people

Photo courtesy of Usagi Cafe via Zomato

Satisfy your Asian taste buds with this hidden Japanese restaurant! Enjoy a cozy midnight snack by yourself or with your friends in this cozy cafe. They offer classic Japanese meals like their Karaage set meal, Hayashi rice, Mix Tempura, Tonkatsu, and Katsudon. If you’re not a rice fan, they also offer Japanese-themed sandwiches and ramen, too.

Japan is only 11 minutes away from Sonora Garden Residences with this Cafe. Call your friends now and set your date!

7. Tablo Kitchen x Cafe

Location: Talon, Las Pinas

Average Cost: Php 1200 for two people

Photo courtesy of Tablo Kitchen x Cafe’s Facebook Page

Enjoy the summer season all year round at Tablo Kitchen x Cafe. This al fresco restaurant offers fresh and healthy meals that everyone in the South, even the newly moved ones, will surely enjoy. Dive in their famous Tablo Pan Fried Chicken Plate with the Summer Salad on the side while catching up with all your work meetings. Don’t forget to add coffee to your meal.

Although a little expensive, it’s definitely worth the eight-minute drive from Sonora Garden residences with your loving partner.

Key Takeaways

Photo courtesy of JC Gellidon via Unsplash

If you’re looking to invest in real estate in the south or move to a new home, then Las Piñas is the finest choice. With Las Piñas being a rising residential-commercial center, living in Sonora Garden Residences will give you all the perks and access to living in the city and at the same time, enjoy hole-in-the-wall and unique cafes and restaurants without dealing with the traffic.

When exploring the best restaurants and cafes in Las Pinas, always remember the following:

  • Don’t be afraid to explore. Las Pinas has a LOT of underrated cafes and restaurants you MUST try. If you’re a picky eater, the restaurants in Las Pinas will definitely change your mind about many things.
  • Walk to satisfy your cravings. When you’re living in Sonora Garden Residences, you’re in the heart of Las Pinas so everything can be easily accessible. So, whatever you’re craving for, it’s definitely near your home. All you have to do is put on your running shoes, call your friends, and bring your wallet.
  • You’re in a delivery pin! Don’t want to go out to eat? Don’t fret! Sonora Garden Residences can be pinned on your food delivery app. If you’re craving for any of the food items from the hole-in-the-wall restaurants and cafes in Las Piñas, just fish out your phone, and you're good to go.

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