7 Revitalizing Reasons to Spend More Time In Your Condo Garden

Health and Wellness.

Green living via urban green spaces are among the hottest trends in real estate development. Studies show that pockets of nature such as condo gardens can counteract the negative impact of environment decay on people’s sense of security and perception of crimes.

These green spaces also encourage healthy activities. “The provision of urban green spaces such as parks provides an important place for people to be active,” researchers at the University of Sheffield in the UK said. They added that accessibility to these spaces “influences not just the likelihood of physical activity but also its frequency.”,

Living in the city doesn’t mean you can’t have the benefits of being in proximity to green areas. Urban planners are starting to acknowledge the importance of green spaces to public health. Real estate developers are responding to clamor for more green spaces and nature-inspired structures.

Why should you consider a housing accommodation with green spaces? Let science break it down for you. Here are seven reasons why spending time with nature is healthy.


Green spaces improve mood and attention

 improve mood and attention

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According to studies, contact with the natural environment have positive restorative effects on mental health and well-being. Some of the known benefits of spending time in the garden include improved mood and attention.

A team of researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School analyzed data from more than 1,000 people and found the lasting benefits of living in green urban areas. “We’ve shown that individuals who move to greener areas have significant and long-lasting improvements in mental health,” lead researcher Dr. Ian Alcock said.

Create a morning regimen that involves exposure to nature. Have your coffee by the balcony and gaze at the resort-type façade of your condo community. You can also have a five-minute stroll along the central curvilinear park. Having access to these health-bolstering features is just one of the many perks of condo living.


Green spaces protect against stress

Green spaces protect against stress

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

After a long day in the office, all you’d want is to shut all the noise and relax. Rest and relaxation is made accessible through condo living. Exposure to urban green spaces is a buffer against stressful events. The American Psychological Association warns that prolonged stress can result to fatigue, irritability and depression. It may also cause diseases such as heart problems and bad lifestyle habits including smoking and overeating.

Have a refreshing drink by your condo’s pocket gardens or listen to your favorite playlist in the sky garden. You’ll be amazed at your mind and body’s immediate response to these relaxing after-office activities.


Green spaces facilitate active lifestyles

Green spaces facilitate active lifestyles

Photo Courtesy of misign via Pixabay

Condo lifestyle is gaining popularity primarily due to accessible lifestyle facilities. Tenants are free to use a fully-equipped gym, lap pool and sports lounge. There’s also the strategic location of these condo projects that enable hard working employees to spend less time commuting and more time for healthy activities.

Do you know that living near green spaces can boost your physical health? According to researchers, there is a growing body of evidence that suggest a link between availability of urban green spaces and levels of physical activity. Parks and open areas help facilitate active lifestyles.


Green spaces have therapeutic effects

Green spaces have therapeutic effects

Photo Courtesy of Adrianna Calvo via Pexels

A typical condo size has limited area for indoor exercise. While a treadmill is space-consuming, you can opt for other fitness equipment suitable for small condo spaces such as doorway pull bars and dumbbells. Better yet, you can go out and enjoy the various amenities in your condo community.

Make it a habit to stroll or run in the jogging/biking path or in the open lawn. Urban green spaces promote rehabilitative exercise for people with serious illnesses such as coronary artery diseases.


Green spaces help build new relations

help build new relations

Photo Courtesy of skitterphoto.com via Pexels

One of the many advantages of condo living is the opportunity to build new relationships. There are indoor and outdoor facilities that allow tenants to interact with the rest of the community. Studies show that urban green spaces facilitate social interactions, resulting to improved personal resilience and wellbeing.

The University of Rochester Medical Center noted that social interaction among older adults can potentially cut the risks of heart problems, cognitive decline, high blood pressure and mental health issues. “Staying socially active and maintaining your relationships are an important part of healthy aging,” the medical center noted.

Why not host afternoon tea parties in the gazebo/cabana or on the sky garden? You can also organize cookouts in the open lawn or near pocket gardens.


Green spaces with water features boost self-esteem

help build new relations

Photo Courtesy of Kaz via Pixabay

It’s no wonder that more people are opting for condo living. Condo advantages cover safety and security, eco-friendly technologies and lifestyle amenities. At affordable rents, tenants can use these features that are not available in other housing options.

Maximize your stay in your condo community by taking time to enjoy outdoor amenities. Scientists suggest that a water feature in green spaces positively impacts self-esteem and mood. Fountains or pools improve the quality of spaces and reduce instances of psychological distress. A gazebo with flowing water feature can stir calm and relaxation.

Enjoy quiet moments by the gazebo/cabana or the leisure pool. You can bring a friend with you and share stories under the stars.


Green spaces promote kids’ fitness

Green spaces promote kids’ fitness

Photo Courtesy of kaboompics.com via Pexels

A Journal of Pediatrics study found that physical activities can be beneficial for children’s cognitive development. A healthy heart and lungs are essential to excel in math and reading. Study co-author Trent A. Petrie said: “This provides more evidence that schools need to re-examine any policies that have limited students’ involvement in physical education classes.”

Green spaces and water features in your condo can also help in encouraging your kids to have fun under the sun. There are open lawns, kiddie pools and playgrounds designed to accommodate young tenants.

Life in the city is taking a toll on our well-being. We are exposed to all types of pollution, stressful lifestyles and time-consuming commutes. While we’re enjoying a fast-paced economic development, we’re also at risk from the impact of environmental decay. Moving to the countryside is not your only option. There are condo projects that put emphasis on healthy living via green spaces and lifestyle amenities. There is reprieve from the city, you just have to search at the right places.



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