11 Practical Luxuries You Won’t Be Able to Live Without After Trying


If you will be trapped in an island, what are the three things you’ll bring with you? Sounds like a regular rhetoric but pretty tough, if you really think about it. We have been around for too long to know that we do need a lot of things in our lives — things that make us comfortable, things that make every day easier, things that we’d rather not live without. Once, they were luxuries but after you’ve tried them, you can easily come up with a list why they have become necessities.

We used to have the basics: food, shelter, clothing, water. These basics are enshrined in our human rights. But can you really go on with just these basics? What about the other things that have become basics over the past decades such as a mobile phone?

Let us run down practical luxuries that we can’t live without, starting off with the way we want to live.


Best of City Living

Pratical Luxuries Best of City Living

Photo courtesy of igorovsyannykov via Pixabay

If you have ever tried condo living, you’ll never look back. Condo living in the Philippines is the preferred living arrangement of many professionals, couples, and growing families primarily because of the strategic location, amenities, security, and overall convenience. At first, it may seem like a luxury but once you’ve tried it, you’ll realize the reason behind all that fuss.

The benefits of living in a condo community are countless. Just think about the time you’ll save to and from work. Think of the savings in gas, too. Think of having access to your own indoor gym, swimming pool, basketball court or playground. Think of the peaceful nights because you don’t have to worry about home security. Think of having maintenance and utility crew at your disposal. These benefits are offered in DMCI Properties, which have mastered the art of balancing city conveniences amid a backdrop of nature and a relaxing landscape.


That Wi-Fi Connection

Pratical Luxuries Wifi Connection

Photo courtesy of thomasstaub via Pixabay

Access to the internet is a basic human right, according to the United Nations. It is the main gateway of information and connection. It makes the world a little smaller as it brings people somewhat closer. These days, the first thing people do upon waking up and the last thing they do before they go to sleep is checking their phones. Now, can you live without being connected? If the answer is no, well and good because it is your right.


Always Mobile

Practical Luxuries Always Mobile

Photo courtesy of JESHOOTS via Pixabay

You’re not the only one who feels like they are missing a limb if they forgot their mobile phones at home. As early as 2012, a Time magazine survey already revealed that 84% of people around the world couldn’t go a day without their mobile phones. A few years after, that mobile device has come to be known as the smartphone, which another survey showed that 47% of adults can’t live without.

The smartphone is truly one of the practical luxuries to try in your life if you want convenience in the palm of your hands. With an internet-powered smartphone, you can find out anything in one click. You can pay bills online, listen to music, watch movies, video chat with anyone, stay connected on social media, have an app to manage your schedule and your finances, and basically your life.


Hot or Cold

Practical Luxuries Hot or Cold

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

If you live in a tropical country where it is warm and humid for most of the year, air-conditioning is your best friend. Try sleeping during a hot summer night without AC and you’ll spend the whole night cussing till you run out of words. Same goes for cold regions who would freeze to death without a home heater.

Even a shower heater is a practical luxury. Imagine taking a shower at 5 a.m. with cold water. That’s not a very good way to start your day.


Heat it up

Practical Luxuries Heat it up

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

You can buy anything in ready-to-eat boxes or pouches these days. This makes a microwave a necessity. You can re-heat leftovers and cook easy meals with just this trusty kitchen agent. A microwave also makes condo living a breeze especially if you are always on the go and practically only have a few minutes to spare for a meal.


Ode to a Good Night’s Sleep

Practical Luxuries Good Night Sleep

Photo courtesy of DieterRobbins via Pixabay

If there is one thing you should not skimp on, it is getting a restful sleep. You owe it to yourself to invest in a high-quality mattress and ultra-comfortable duvets and sheets. After a long day at work, you deserve to tuck yourself in soft, comfy, and luxurious duvets and rest your head on good quality pillows. Do not ever shortchange yourself of a good night’s sleep.


Your own computer

Practical Luxuries Your Own Computer

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

For some reason, we can’t live without our own computer or laptop. In a modern world where work and life are integrated, having your own laptop is almost non-negotiable. At the same time, you need a laptop or computer for entertainment purposes such as streaming Netflix, storing movie downloads, keeping office presentations, etc. A laptop helps you perform tasks at your own pace, apart from giving you the flexibility you need.


Automatic Washers

Practical Luxuries Automatic Washers

Photo courtesy of stevepb via Pixabay

One of the practical luxury purchases to try in your household is an automatic washer. It is basically load and wait. It does everything from soaking, washing, rinsing, and drying. All you have to do is fold them. This is particularly useful for moms who have more important things to do than spend a whole day dealing with the laundry. Automatic washers are not only compact-perfect for condo living, but are also energy and water savers.


The Power of Good Coffee

Practical Luxuries Power of Good Coffee

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

A lot of people worldwide start their day with a morning cup of joe. Without it, they’ll be walking zombies. Coffee consumption is increasing each year that most of the world’s economies are fueled by it. This is why having your own coffee maker or even just a French press at home has become a necessity. Tea is also a favorite and the world practically divided into two categories: coffee and tea drinkers.


Hygiene for the Win

Practical Luxuries Hygiene for the win

Photo courtesy of WerbeFabrik via Pixabay

Some people can cut back on food but not on hygiene products. It may seem like a luxury to have a foam bath or apply moisturizer every night but once you’ve tried them, there is no turning back. It’s more than hygiene, it is making you feel good about yourself.


Forget Everything but the Toothbrush

Practical Luxuries Toothbrush

Photo courtesy of collusor via Pixabay

A British study found that the one thing men and women can’t live without is a toothbrush. It is the number one must-have for women and the fifth for men who chose television as their top non-negotiable. For women, a toothbrush is more important than a bed, shampoo, TV or even their partners.

What seemed like luxuries before are necessities these days. They have transformed our habits, how we function, and the way we live. Try some and see for yourself. Chances are, there won’t be turning back.


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