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Haste and stress are a reality of Metro Manila life. Whether you drive or commute, you’re likely to spend two to three hours in traffic just to get to work or school. After that ordeal, everyone faces a full day of work or studying, at the end of which you  have to fight through hours of traffic again just to get home. All told, it’s not unusual to spend more than 12 hours every weekday on the road.

If you work or live in the north side Metro Manila, you can probably relate, and you probably long to rejuvenate your spirit after a long day of wading through the urban madness. With all the pressures that you face, you definitely need a place in the metro where you can just be. The good news is that you have the chance to do so by getting a DMCI condo in Quezon City. Specifically, the resort amenities and facilities in Magnolia Place can help you get that much-needed recharge.


A Still and Serene Start

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When you’re about to dive into Metro Manila traffic, waking up is hard to do. You have to rise pretty early to have a chance at beating the traffic, and the bed can be very magnetic. At some point, though, you have to stop hitting the snooze button and just get up. It would be much easier to do that if you actually had something to look forward to.

Fortunately, living in Magnolia Place lets you create an enjoyable morning regimen.  You can go out to the balcony of your unit and enjoy the morning chill for a few minutes. Should you feel the need to commune with nature, you can settle yourself in one of several themed pocket gardens dotting the development. Approximately 50% of the property’s 3-hectare area is allotted for open space and amenities, so there’s a garden within walking distance no matter where your unit is. Of course, you can enjoy yourself there even on weekends. Going on a light jog through the natural environment can encourage a healthier lifestyle of stimulating creative  pursuits.


Meandering Meditations

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Maybe you don’t want to just sit around in the mornings. Maybe you need to take walks regularly, either to sort out your thoughts or to spend quality time with your young child. Or maybe your doctor just recommends that you do that for your health.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find that the condo common areas are perfectly conducive for leisurely strolls. The landscaped atriums with central skylights strike the perfect balance between modernity and nature. You can bask in the sunlight and inhale the fresh air as you go. Single-loaded corridors offer you a nice, open view of the outside. And once you step out, the central curvilinear park is a great place to wander around.


Stimulating Staycations

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On certain days, you just want to have a little fun with the family. Home is for rest and relaxation, and that isn’t restricted to getting shuteye or meditating all the time. Life is meant to be lived, not just examined.

When you’re struck by that kind of mood, go to the Magnolia Place Clubhouse, which houses different condo amenities to fulfill your needs. You can engage your loved ones in friendly competition in the game room, where you can play pool or chess. Alternatively, you can just be couch potatoes and rent the entertainment room, which can be reserved for casual gatherings or private movie viewings. For more special occasions, like parties or corporate events, a multifunction hall with a bar and kitchenette is also available.


Lively Leisure

Some people are just unable to stay still. There are adults who have a lot of restless energy that they diffuse through exercise. They decompress by breaking into a sweat, getting their blood pumping, and seeking the burn that comes with moving their body to its limits. There are also kids that are just unstoppable bundles of enthusiasm, and they have an uncontrollable urge to run, play, and just move. In this case, adults and kids can bond with active play, and they need the perfect venue to do so.

When you own a Magnolia Place condo, outdoor play and active health are just a short walk away. Those who are just out to have some good, clean fun, possibly with the kids, can go to the outdoor basketball court or children’s playground. Looking to beat the heat? Then you and the family can head to the adult and kiddie pools. But if you’re just looking to lift weights or get on the treadmill, the clubhouse has a gym for fitness buffs.


Security and Stability

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Of course, before you can enjoy luxuries and amenities and be truly inspired, you have to feel that everything is well taken care of. Just as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs identifies security as more fundamental than self-actualization, security and reliability are the basic priorities addressed in Magnolia Place. They have a dependable property management office, which is in charge of condo maintenance, to ensure safety and cover various general needs that residents may need help with. You can also enjoy various basic services provided within the compound itself, such as a laundry service, a convenience store, and a water refilling station. Furthermore, the development is relatively close to several malls, premiere learning institutions, and hospitals. Unit owners who own vehicles will also have access to covered parking.

DMCI Homes has a solid reputation for developing and managing superb condo communities, and Magnolia Place is a prime example. It’s a great place for adults to unwind and recharge with loved ones. It is an environment that is truly distinct from the generally hectic feel of Metro Manila, an oasis in the middle of chaos. At Magnolia Place, condo living isn’t just about getting a condo unit, it’s about getting away from it all.

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