LOOK: Palm Grove Easter Vigil and Acacia Estates’ A-Kids Easter Egg Painting

This year, celebrating Easter Sunday for the Palm Grove community meant lighting up a candle and saying a prayer in a vigil. A solemn celebration at home through prayer. Check out the collage below to get a sneak peek!


A collection of candles lit up for Easter.


While our dear residents over at Palm Grove enjoyed the solemnity of Easter, our kids, or should we say A-Kids (Acacia Kids) got crafty with their parents with an Easter egg painting activity at home.

A-kids' virtual Easter egg painting activity for the children of Acacia Estates.


A sample of the kit that was distributed to the A-Kids. 


Whether it be praying, or painting, some of our residents had a meaningful Easter Sunday through various activities. Catch the next story on our communities by following us on Facebook. See you, then!

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