5 Filipino Interior Designers To Make Your Dream Home Come True

Condo Design.

Have you ever wondered how some condominiums make the most of the space in their homes, while at the same time keeping them sleek, space-efficient, and dare we say Instagram-worthy?

This is the power interior design holds. It is “the art or practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings.”

With alimited space, a good condo interior design is needed for the place to be efficient and comfortable, and even safe enough to live with the entire family. If you don’t know where to start with your own design, you can consult an interior designer to help you come up with your dream home.

Lucky for you, there are many interior designers in the Philippines. Some of them have made quite a name for themselves. If you’re still in the dark, here are some names to help you get started.

  1. CMV Interior Designs
  2. Grupo Santamaria
  3. Rock Robins Design Studio
  4. PxP Design Workshop Co.
  5. Hurray Design

1. CMV Interior Designs

room with table sofa and televisionPhoto courtesy of CMV Interior Designs website

Led by Christine Manalo-Villaroma, this group provides interior design for both high-end residential and commercial areas. Their expertise takes on the contemporary and chic approach to their design, so if that’s the theme you’re looking for, then they’re definitely the people for you.

They have designed multiple condo units, and model units across the metro as well as famous establishments like GAC Motors Philippines and Espacio De Manila.

2. Grupo Santamaria

modern living room designPhoto courtesy of Grupo Santamaria’s website

Believing that form follows function, Grupo Santamaria offers effective design solutions that provide comfort, efficiency, interaction, and security. Based on their portfolio, they really consider the location, purpose, and even the people that will live in the condo. So if you’re the type of person who wants to bring their personality to their home, then you’ll definitely have a blast working with them.

Grupo Santamaria has had projects with Globe Telecom, Unilever Philippines, and L’Oreal Philippines. This group of interior designers can take on both commercial and residential interior designs.

3. Rock Robins Design Studio

modern design living roomPhoto courtesy of Rock Robins Designs Co. website

Home to one of the most sought-after interior designers in the country, Rock Robins Design Studio is known for modified and personalized solutions to the different situations needed by the client. Led by their principal designer Rock Robins, the designs produced by this team are carefully crafted to suit the client’s way of living, transforming spaces into visually pleasing yet functional.

This group of interior designers takes into account the client’s needs and wants for better execution of the design. If you’re keen on details, then working with them will be a breeze,

4. PxP Design Workshop Co.

modern house room designPhoto courtesy of PxP Design Workshop Co‘s Facebook page

Famous for its niche design like the Supreme Court of the Philippines, PxP Design Workshop Co. takes on a more minimalistic approach in its interior design. So if you’re the type who likes it simple and clean for their home, then this is the team you should talk to.

Looking at their profile, PxP’s signature style features elements from mother nature, including indoor-friendly plants that will surely light up your condo. Their lighting game is also one of a kind.

5. Hurray Design

Art display above sofaPhoto courtesy of Hurray Design’s website

If you’re after a total transformation of your condo unit, Hurray Design can turn your home into a timeless piece. Specializing in residential and commercial interiors, the company follows a very meticulous process in creating and executing designs for one’s home.

Its five-step design process includes sitting down with the owners of the condo to come up with the full picture of the entire project, from the required design, scope, and requirements in order to have the initial visualization that puts the concept into perspective.

How to choose an interior designer

Now that you have an idea of the well-known interior designers in the country, it’s time to make a choice. But keep in mind that not all interior designers can get the actual design you want and need for your condo. So, to make the most of the project, you have to make sure that you’re working with the best interior designer for it.

How to find the best interior designer for you? Well, here are some tips.

1. Identify your style

Most interior designers have their own style and approach when designing condominium units. It would be best if you could partner with an interior designer that is aligned with your personal style and approach.

2. Manage your budget

Of course, it’s important to take into account the budget you’re willing to shell out for the projects. Some interior designers, due to their reputation, seek higher fees than others. When shortlisting the potential interior designers for your condo, you can do that by choosing those within your budget.

3. Meet more than three

Of course, you can meet your potential interior designers for an initial consultation and discussion of your dream design. Through this, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of how you and the team would work together during the execution of your idea. But remember to meet more than three teams of interior designers. This way, you’ll have more options to choose from and someone will definitely stand out to you the most.

4. Show your inspiration

The more aesthetic information you share with potential interior designers, the better the communication will be You can bring along any kind of plan, drawing, or even examples of styles you want. Through this, it’ll be easier for everyone to come up with an initial design idea for your condo unit.

5. Share your thoughts

Interior designers work best when you let them know about your thoughts throughout the entire process, from the initial design even up to the execution in your condo. It might be a little intimidating since they are the experts, but remember this is your home, and you have every right to share your opinions about the entire project process. So don’t be afraid to voice out if something’s right or wrong.


How to work well with interior designers

Now that the hard part is done, it’s time to get on with the project. The execution process is just as important as the planning process and it will require you to work closely with your interior designer. For smooth communication between you and your interior designer, here are some tips.

1. Be honest and transparent

Like what was mentioned above, it’s always better to keep the communication lines open between you and the designer throughout the process. So if there’s anything that feels off for you, whether it’s the process, the design, or even the smallest pieces in the home, you voice it out so the team can make the necessary adjustments in the design

2. Trust your instincts

Perspectives change, even after finalizing the design. After all, things may be different when you see them in person. If your instincts tell you to make the changes, then you let the interior designer know. You don’t want to regret it sooner or later

3. Enjoy the process

Above all, allow yourself to enjoy the process of transforming your condo into a modern, chic, and humble abode. It’s not every day you get to have an amazing team behind your back turning your dream home into a reality, so if we were you, take it in and enjoy every moment that passes by.

Key takeaways

Changing your condo’s design takes a lot of work, but thank God for interior designers! If you’re still not sure which designer to work with, don’t worry! DMCI Homes have their own set of interior designers you can collaborate with anytime and anywhere to have your dream home.

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