Put Your Best Foot Forward: 16 Habits to Ditch for 2016

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With the New Year drawing near, do you already have an idea of how to make 2016 better than 2015? Situated at the forefront of modern living, condo owners and renters appreciate the good life. And like many people, a good number of them understand the importance of leaving behind the bad to make room for the good. The year 2016 is an opportune time to let go of bad habits and to accomplish resolutions that can make life better for you. Yes, we hear you: choosing habits to ditch for 2016 is certainly difficult and may seem impossible! To help you, we’ve come up with these practical tips, so you can triumph over these 16 excuses before 2016 starts.


1. “It’s impossible for me to be fit.”

Exercise to be Fit

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Try: Be specific with your goals and take it one step at a time.

“Exercise more!” is a staple in many people’s resolution list, but many fail for a simple reason: it’s vague and too big. Get around this common mistake by being specific with your fitness goals and taking it one step at a time. Is it lifting more weights? Is it a 15-minute morning jog? After pinpointing the fitness activity for you, execute it by starting small. For example, try 5 repetitions of weight lifting moves or begin by brisk walking if jogging overwhelms you.


2. “My space is not conducive to my resolutions.”

Red Chair

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Try: Make small changes to create a better living and work space.

According to several studies, it’s not so much that people lack the willpower to succeed in their resolutions. It has more to do with how a person creates an enabling living environment to accomplish the resolutions. For example, if you’re like many busy condo dwellers who have stressful jobs, try making small adjustments at home like cleaning your condo and bringing in comfortable furniture to help you unwind and relax.


 3. “I’m just too busy with work!”

Balanced Stones

Photo courtesy of Wokandapix via Pixabay

Try: Balance your busy work life with relaxing weekend activities.

Many people appreciate the convenience of condo living because it allows them to be at the center of working hubs. But don’t let your ambition blur the distinction between work and life outside it. It’s not enough to simply work hard. Balancing your heavy work schedule with weekend sporting activities can help you recharge to better face the demands of work.


4. “I’m just so bored to even bother improving.”

Painting Materials

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Try: Learn a new hobby.

Learning a new hobby is a fantastic way to discover something new about yourself. Condo living in the Philippines has made it easier even for busy parents to learn something creative like painting or dance lessons.


5. “I can’t let go of the past.”

Boy Enjoying the Beach

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Try: Embrace the present and rethink positive thinking.

Try to see it in the eyes of a child. It’s been said before and it requires repeating: the key is to loosen up and just let go. Past worries and regrets can easily sabotage your resolutions. A simple yet effective way according to Professor Oettingen, author of “Rethinking Positive Thinking,” is to think of a reward in your present and then identify what emotionally holds you back from achieving it. Is it being too frazzled by the tight schedule? Is it the fear of succeeding? Confronting what holds you back is one key to letting go and embracing the possibilities of the present.


6. “Those cookies are hard to resist. Forget about healthy eating!”


Photo courtesy of condesign via Pixabay

Try: Don’t deprive yourself and make healthy eating delicious!

Eating healthy is one among the many habits people want to develop for 2016. Here are two effective tips to combat the temptation of overeating choco chip cookies and skipping your veggies: don’t deprive yourself, and make healthy food delicious. Feel free to satisfy your sweet cravings, but try to do it in moderation. On the other hand, making your health food delicious is very easy with simple recipes. For example, add grass-fed cow butter to your sweet potato and a dash of cinnamon to make it super yummy.


7. “I’m too distracted to fulfill my resolutions.”

Monk Walking on Rose Petals

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Try: Walk to recharge and refocus

Life is not a bed of roses. We know this already. But many still fail to accomplish their resolutions because they fail to recharge and refocus. Walking is a great and effective way to face the challenges of today’s increasingly sedentary lifestyles. You can’t do much about changing the nature of our work, but you can still reap the many scientifically-proven benefits of walking. Try a midday stroll to help you overcome stress and soothe your brain.


8. “I’m not inspired.”

Purple Flower

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Try: Draw inspiration from what you already have.

Learn to appreciate what you have; stop and smell the flowers. Many people stop half-way through maintaining good habits because they feel uninspired. True, the year may have its surprising challenges thrown at you. A way around this is to draw strength from what you already have. Be it your family, career or love, finding something inspiring in your daily life can be your best weapon to succeed in your resolutions.


9. “I’m not growing as a person.”


Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

Try: Expand your horizon by developing a reading habit.

Developing good reading habits has become convenient with new technology, such as portable reading devices and low-cost electronic reading materials. Expand your horizon and fire up your imagination with a good (electronic) book.


10. “My life is so chaotic!”

Woman Meditating

Photo courtesy of suc via Pixabay

Try: Meditate for a few minutes to find inner peace.

Are you finding it hard to inspire creativity? Don’t allow this to hold you back from achieving your resolutions. Meditating even for 10 minutes can screen out everyday distractions, allowing you to bring the good into your life and nurture a more creative mind.


11. “Mornings stress me out.”

Morning Sun

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Try: Wake up earlier to face challenges better.

Changing bad habits like stressing out in the morning can be hard to break. But it’s not impossible to do. Try waking up earlier for that “calm before the storm” moment to help you prepare for the challenges of the day.


12. “My thoughts are too negative”

Maple Leaf Bookmark

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 Try: Start journaling to de-clutter your mind.

Keeping a journal is one effective way to keep your New Year’s resolution. You can keep track of your progress and put your thoughts into writing. Journaling can be a great way to declutter your mind and calm your mood.


13. “I don’t know how else I can tidy up my space.”

Puppy Bath

Photo courtesy of AmandaCullingford via Pixabay

Try: Don’t forget about regularly cleaning your pets!

Condo cleaning resolutions usually involve chores like keeping the kitchen free of dirty plates and tidying up the living room. Update your condo chores for 2016 by making sure to regularly clean your beloved pets! You can give dogs tender loving care by bathing them anywhere from once a week to once a month.


14. “I feel so selfish.”

Try: Volunteer to a cause you believe in.

Extending your hand to help others is a great way to bring positivity to 2016. Help create miracles with camaraderie and neighborly love. With places like DMCI Homes holding volunteering activities, being part of the solution is easier now, even for busy condo dwellers.


15. “Will my resolutions do something good for the planet?”

Bonsai Tree

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Try: Help take care of the environment by recycling at home.

Recycling is one of the best condo living habits to develop. By segregating waste, not only are you caring for the environment. You are also making your space cleaner and more organized.


16. “I will fail.”

Family Watching Sunset

Photo courtesy of Jill111 via Pixabay

Try: Spend more time with the people you love.

If you’re still struggling with your resolutions even after trying what seems like all the tricks in the book “How to change your habits,” try this approach: reach out to your family and loved ones for support. Spending more time with the people you love and who love you unconditionally can remind you of the great power you have to surpass challenges.

With these 2016 New Year’s resolution tips, you sure have a winning chance to achieve your goals. Remember that while failure can be disheartening and can be expected at some point in the journey, it is by mustering the courage and persevering wisely that you can be victorious in whatever habit you plan to change this 2016.


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