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There are unique challenges to condo living. And among them is hosting guests. Most condo owners wonder how they will invite guests over if they can barely have space for additional furniture.

But would you let the issue of space keep you from having a good time with friends and family? Hosting a party in a condo may initially seem hard to pull off, but it is perfectly possible. In fact, it could even be easier than hosting a party in bigger venues.

If you are hosting for the first time, you must be feeling a little jittery about the thought of having guests over and cramping them up in 30 square meters of space. You can relax now because below is a guide to entertaining guests in your humble home.


Be realistic with the number of guests

First-time Hosts realistic number of guests

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It is physically impossible to squeeze 100 guests in such a small space. You have to know your limits in terms of how many guests you and your condo can accommodate. The simple rule is don’t bite off more than you can chew.

One suggestion is to split your guests into categories. You may split them into office friends, former classmates, your spouse’s family or friends, and so on. Just remember to invite only a certain number of guests that you can accommodate and that would actually fit in your space.


Move and rearrange furniture

First-time hosts move and rearrange furniture

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 Maximize the amount of floor space where you will be entertaining guests. Living in a condo means you probably have an open space layout. This means guests will be in the living room and dining area all together. It is advised that you move some stuff from where you’ll have a party to your bedroom. Move the TV, TV stand, book cases, bulky cabinets, etc. Don’t forget the little things too or extra clutter. You may also rearrange your couch or dining table in such a way that they save more space.


Cool it down

First-time hosts cool it down

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Be mindful of the temperature in the room. When people start packing in, it could get a little hot and that is a major comfort issue for everyone.

Turn off the oven or stove an hour before your guests start arriving. Turn on the air-conditioning unit or other cooling equipment you have. If there’s an extra room you are not using for a party such as your home office, you can leave the window there open and just have a fan. Some of your guests might need to take a phone call or a break from socializing.


Spot for guests’ stuff

Upon entry, designate an area where your guests can leave their bags, jackets, umbrella, etc. It could be a regular rack where they can hang their stuff or a storage bin.

This is one way on how to be a good host at home. This demonstrates how well-prepared you are for them and anticipating in advance that partying with all your belongings beside you might not be the best scenario. At the same time, this will help a great deal in eliminating clutter during the party. Bags all over the couch take up precious space.


Spread the snacks

First-time hosts spread the snacks

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Guests tend to gather around food. This causes a bottleneck situation in your condo, which greatly obstructs foot traffic and the flow of people. A useful hosting guide to avoid this it to spread snacks around your condo. Don’t just put everything on the dining table. You can use your coffee table or kitchen island for this purpose.

Also, when it comes to food. The rule is to serve light. An assortment of breads and sandwiches, kebabs, cheeses, chips, etc. are good enough. The idea is “grab and go.”


Ready the bathrooms

First-time hosts ready the bathrooms

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Oh, the bathrooms. This is the area you don’t want to just set aside. Your guests will be coming in and out of the bathroom and there are people who are obsessed with clean bathrooms.

Make sure to tidy it up, brush the tiles, and keep them dry. Stock up on toilet paper, towels, and soap. If you can, spruce your bathroom up with simple indulgences like greens or flowers, lotion, a fragrance oil diffuser or scented candles. These little details will make your guests feel truly special.


Move the bar around

First-time hosts move the bar around

Photo courtesy of jarmoluk via Pixabay

If you are the type who truly finds joy entertaining guests at home, one of the investments you won’t regret is a mobile bar. A stocked bar on wheels that can be moved around the condo is a cool party idea. There would be buckets of beer and ice, wine and shot glasses, and booze in the cart. Your guests are going to love the idea of happy hour wherever they are in your condo.


Set up the outdoors

First-time hosts set up the outdoors

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If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, maximize that space. Hosting in a condo will be much easier if you can extend your living and dining areas up to your balcony. Set up a few outdoor chairs and a table. You may also set up a grilling area there. Other DIY bars would also be nice such as s’mores bar, nachos bar, dessert table, or make-your-own type of food bars.

At the same time, this could be the spot for smokers. You don’t want your whole place to reek of smoke and make your other guests uncomfortable.


Prepare for overnight

First-time hosts prepare for overnight

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Having a spare room may be a problem for condos. If one or a couple of your guests need to spend the night, try your best to create a place of retreat for them. Give them the bed and breakfast treatment even if you only have a pull-out or sofa bed for them. Dress it up with fresh linens. Give them a basket of toiletries, a towel, and a robe.

Preparing for guests is one thing, pampering them is another. Of course you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable, but at the same time, you may want to restrain yourself from treating them like babies. Make them feel at home but don’t ask them twenty times if they are feeling okay. It is best to orient them upon arrival where everything is and just prepare your condo in such a way that they will be comfortable.



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