Make the Best Out of Your Summer with These 8 Fun Classes


Thinking of doing something new and creative this summer? While relaxing in your condo or cooling off by the pool is certainly fun, taking up a summer class is a great idea. Whether it’s improving your acting chops or learning a new instrument, a fun summer class can feed your creative soul. Here are 8 summer activities for adults to make the warm season amazing and worthwhile.

1. Host the perfect condo party with delicious cooking


One of the delicious ways Filipinos celebrate their summer vacation is eating good food with friends and family. Thinking of inviting loved ones to your condo for a dinner party? Impress them with your cooking! Enrolling in a cooking class will teach you how to whip up simple but delicious meals, but it can also enhance your basic cooking skills. Consider learning a new cuisine like French and Mediterranean. Or why not try baking? Who knows, maybe afterwards you can sell homemade goodies you’ve baked yourself. Whatever type of food you prefer, cooking in general is a useful and fun skill to master.


2. Be your own celebrity in an acting class


Do you wonder how it’s like being a celebrity? Be the star of your own life by taking up an acting class. Acting classes allow you to get out of your comfort zone and gain confidence. Acting is also a great way to release stress. Depending on the focus, an acting class can help improve your natural acting chops, and teach you practical matters such as how to find an agent, prepare a resume, and audition for film, television and commercials. With guidance and inspiration, your flair for the dramatic can properly lead you to the spotlight.


3. Let your creativity flow in an art class

If you’re longing to let your creativity flow, taking an art class is one of the best ways to enjoy summer. Painting or pottery classes might just be what you need. The program can help you overcome mental blocks through art play and process work. Budding artists will also benefit from a creative environment and positive atmosphere with other learners. Art can have therapeutic effects, whether you’re pursuing it as a career or as a hobby. Creating something artistic can feel fulfilling, allowing you to see beauty in your life and surroundings. Use your artistic output as decor for your condo, or gift it to a loved one.


4. Bring music to your life this summer

If music is your refuge, why not learn how to play an instrument this summer? Whether it’s guitar, piano, violin or cello, learning how to play an instrument is one of the best extracurricular activities for summer. A music class can also familiarize your ears to the works of celebrated masters such as Bach, Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi. However, it’s alright if you’re not into classical music. Take up rap or pop music—it’s your call. There is also such a thing called music therapy, which can help uplift and energize you.


5. Elevate your social media game with a photography class

Social media has made photography a serious matter for a lot of millennials. Whether you want to capture your best selfie or take a breathtaking image of a travel destination, knowing how to take photographs like a pro will help you create memorable visuals. There are a lot of photography classes to consider, so it’s important that you choose based on your interest and goals. For example, wedding photography is different from landscape photography. Beginners who like something quick and practical can enroll in an eight-hour class offering hands-on instructions on how to operate the major controls and settings of a DSLR camera. There are also classes on editing which are useful to those already familiar with basic photography.  


6. Learn how to make fashionable clothes


Fashion is fun, but shopping for the right clothes can be costly and challenging. Why not learn how to make your own clothes this summer? Unleash your inner fashionista by taking up a sewing class. An introductory course will help you understand basic techniques on patterns, seam finishing, winding a bobbin, operating the machine’s feet, and pressing. Once you’ve covered the basics, you can proceed to learning more impressive moves such as pattern-fitting a dress. Knowing how to sew enables you to revamp old clothes and create new outfits from scratch. You can also take on other projects like updating your curtains or table runner.


7. Reach your fitness goals with a new sport or an exercise class


Do you you know how to maximize your condo gym and pool for your fitness goals? Take up a new sport like swimming or weightlifting so you can create an effective exercise routine. A lot of people don’t use their condo’s gym or outdoor area, which is unfortunate given the many benefits of exercise. Extracurricular activities like an exercise class will help you appreciate and understand the value of working out. Whether done in your living room or at the gym, an exercise class will help you reach your fitness goals. An exercise class will also help you avoid injuries caused by workout mistakes such as bad posture.


8. Take a finance course for a profitable summer

Who doesn’t like to achieve financial freedom? Learning how to improve your finances is one of the most productive summer activities. A short finance course can help you understand confusing economic trends and lucrative investments. A lot of these finance courses are offered for free online, although courses offered by financial gurus are worth checking out as well. Trying to get out of debt? Consider a course on debt management to help you create an effective plan that puts you in control. If you want to dip your hands into the stock market, a course on investing will help you know when is the right time to buy and sell for maximum profit.

With these 8 extracurricular activities, your summer can be a productive and enjoyable time. The hot summer temperature can feel crippling, but trying these classes can enliven your passion and quench your creative thirst.

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