Feng Shui Tips: Easy Ways to Attract the Good Chi

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner. And as we prepare in welcoming the Year of the Earth Pig, most, if not all, of us are hoping for health and prosperity for ourselves and our loved ones this year. But aside from firecrackers and fireworks, ang pao, and the lion and dragon dance, one Chinese New Year tradition we usually partake in is preparing our home in accordance with the ancient Chinese art and science of feng shui. Yes, even those who enjoy modern condo living can rejuvenate their apartments through feng shui.

If you’re a DMCI Homes condo resident and you’re planning to feng shui your humble abode but you don’t know where to start, here’s a brief intro and how you can incorporate feng shui in your home without major renovations.   

Feng shui: The lowdown

feng shui condo decor the lowdown

Photo courtesy of mentatdgt via Pexels

For those of you who still have no idea what feng shui is, just think of it as a guide to make your home more attuned with the elements of nature—namely earth, water, wood, fire, metal, and the external environment. By following the principles of feng shui (which literally means “wind-water” in English), it is said that a positive energy called qi (pronounced as chi) would be able to easily flow through the house and bring in prosperity, good health, and a general sense of harmony, which would then affect the occupants in the process.

The yin (feminine and passive energy) and yang (masculine and hot) or the ancient Chinese philosophy of balance in nature will also play a significant part in creating a harmonious environment at home. The layout of every room, the floor plan, the door and window placements, the arrangement of the furniture, as well as the direction on which the house is facing — these are all essential in creating a harmonious and well-balanced home according to feng shui.

Attracting bad feng shui

Because of the perfect balance between dark and light, white and black, good and bad according to the laws of yin and yang, you can expect to attract bad feng shui too if you’re not too careful. So how do you feng shui a small apartment? To avoid these bad vibes this coming Chinese new year, here are some stuff you should avoid in your home:

Broken doors, windows, and screens. Get these fixed as soon as you can as good qi could easily escape through cracks from these broken doors, windows, and screens.

Dirty and dusty tables and decorations. These could scare away good energy and attract the bad variety so dust off your tabletops and decors at least every week and keep them clean.

Damaged items. If these cannot be fixed, just throw them all away. If you can get them fixed, make sure that it’s fixed immediately as to avoid attracting bad qi further.    

Clutters. Same as dirty and damaged items, things that are in total disarray would definitely be a good qi repellant and at the same time blocks the flow. So make sure to always keep your things in order.  

Exposed nails on walls. Not only is this bad for feng shui, but it is also dangerous. Get these fixed immediately before it could hurt anyone.

Exposed beams. Cover these up as soon as you can as they’re not only bad for feng shui, they are also unsightly.

Leaks on pipes and roof. We all know leaks of any kind will never be good. No further explanation needed.

Bed directly under a window. As earlier mentioned, good and bad qi enter your home through openings. So if you don’t want your sleep constantly interrupted, don’t position your bed under a window.

Stove under a window. Another bad luck attractor according to Feng Shui masters.

The color game

feng shui condo decor the color game

Photo courtesy of Magda Ehlers via Pexels

Another essential aspect of Feng Shui is the color of your home interiors. So what are the lucky colors this Year of the Earth Pig? Here are some suggestions:

Red. The strongest lucky color this year, red symbolizes fire, courage, passion, and romance — a great color option if you want to add some excitement to the bedroom.

Orange. Similar to red, this color is a favorite as it symbolizes passion and optimism. It is also known to encourage lively conversations.

Pink. This color is all about calmness, gentleness, and more importantly, love. It also has a soothing effect, perfect in rooms that are often used for resting and relaxing such as dens and bedrooms.  

White. Pure and clean — that’s what white is all about. It’s also a strong attractor for good qi.

Feng shui doesn’t need to be done through intrusive (not to mention expensive) major renovations that require tearing down of some parts of your home. With just a bit of cleaning, re-arranging, and repainting, the Year of the Earth Pig will surely be something to look forward to. Try these simple feng shui tips and feel that positive energy flow into your home.


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