Embrace Independent Living: How To Tell If You’re Ready To Move Out

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So you want to move out of your parents’ house but can’t quite figure out if you’re ready. There are several ways to tell if you are ready for independent living. You may never be fully prepared for the change, but the advantages of living alone are simply worth the leap. Here are eight signs to move out.

You want a fun night out without making your parents worry

independent living fun night out

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Nobody wants to make their parents worry after a fun night out. It’s natural for your parents to wonder about your whereabouts and safety. It’s also natural for you to want some freedom. Moving out will help you embrace your need to explore and experience more of life, without the guilt and all the sneaking in. Socializing will also help you grow as an individual.

You want to explore life more and figure things out on your own

independent living explore life and figure things out

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Your younger years are about exploring life and making a few mistakes here and there. Living alone allows you to figure things out on your own, and to get your act together. Change is always lasting and more meaningful if you go about it on your own accord. And no, you’re not supposed to be perfect so it’s okay to take it easy on yourself.

You have no privacy

independent living you have no privacy

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You’re tired of your parents peeking into your room unannounced or your siblings just barging in without knocking. Every adult needs some level of privacy. If you are not getting this at home, it’s time to move out. This is especially true if you have a significant other who likes to visit you. You also need peace and quiet if you are a freelancer working from home. Or you may simply want to have peace and quiet as you bury your nose in a book or listen to your favorite podcast.

You’re having restrictions with your independence at home

independent living independence at home

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If you feel like you’re not as independent as you want to be, it’s time to move out. Feeling like you don’t deserve to be heard can have serious ramifications on your development as an adult. It can extend beyond your home and make you hesitate before speaking up. Learning to stand up for yourself will help you fare better in both your personal and professional affairs. Living alone will also allow you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. You’ll have more space to discover who you truly are, and finally grow into the person you want to be — all at your own pace!

You have a steady stream of income

independent living steady stream of income

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One of the most pertinent signs that you are ready to move out is if your income can cover the expenses. Because yes, independence does not come free. But that is part of the challenge and is something that will feed your sense of fulfillment. Living on your own will also allow you to focus more on your job and personal development. Hence, it could lead to an even higher income.

You will have your share of hesitations as you consider moving out. Independence, after all, comes at a price that goes beyond just money. You also risk the comforts of not worrying about bills and food expenses. More so if you have doting parents. You may be used to having your food cooked and your clothes sorted out for you. You will never be fully ready, but you should be willing to take the leap all the same. The confidence, personal development, and freedom you gain after moving out will be all worth it.

Your commute to work is too time-consuming

independent living commute is time consuming

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Living too far away from work increases your costs exponentially. You end up wasting both time and money. It also comes with opportunity costs. You could use the wasted hours to earn more money, do more things that will help you develop, pursue a hobby or spend more quality time with the people you care about. Fortunately, finding a home close to work is now easier. The options are also relatively affordable, especially if you take your daily transportation expenses into consideration. Your best bet will be the condominiums located in the vicinity of key business districts. Some of your best options are DMCI Homes’ Mahogany Place III near Bonifacio Global City, Flair Towers right at the heart of the Mandaluyong Central Business District, and Sorrel Residences located at the center of Manila

You’ve outgrown your old room

If your room now feels a little too dank or old for you or you’re just tired of its youthful vibe, it’s time to pack your bags. You want a place that will make you feel like a responsible adult. This will put you in the right mindset and empower you to chase your dreams.

You may also find your home’s interior design no longer to your liking. You can’t just give it a do-over, as your parents still get the last say. Moving to a place of your own will give you the freedom to design it as you please. Whether you prefer minimalism, vintage or art deco, you can turn the place around and make it your own.

You’re excited to move

Independent Living excited to move

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You can feel it in your gut that you’re ready to move to a new place, and can’t wait for it to happen. You’ve even already gone house-viewing. You’ve experienced the resort-like feel of the building courtyards and tropical landscapes of The Accolade Place. You’ve been awed by the country-club living the Flair Towers offers. And there’s the Tivoli Garden Residences providing a peaceful retreat. You can also imagine yourself doing your own cleaning, buying groceries, and cooking your favorite recipes in your own kitchen. Just thinking about it puts a smile on your face.

So are you ready to move to your own condo? Take the leap of faith now. The advantages of living alone are worth embracing.


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