Weekend Condo Project: How To Make Old Shoes Look Brand New


When it comes to shoes, people can be so fickle-minded. They love a particular pair one day and then let it gather dust in the rack the next. Women can never have too many pumps or heels, and men can never have too many of those Nikes.

If you are decluttering and doing some reorganizing in your condo this weekend, chances are that you will come across old shoes that you spent a lot of good times with. And you feel a bit sad looking at their condition now. But before you throw them out or give them away, try to picture them in their old glory. Why not try to restore them and breathe new life into them? Shoe restoration is a worthwhile hobby to get into if you are crazy about putting your best foot forward, literally.

There are a lot of cheap ways to restore shoes that do not require a lot of time and energy. Just an ounce of creativity and your old pair will look like you have just bought them. A perfect way to make weekends productive, especially when the rain is telling you to stay home, is to busy yourself with a DIY project, and these shoe repair hacks will surely keep you on your toes.


Paint the cap

Ballet flats are a working girl’s favorite. However, they can look dull after a while, especially since they usually come in neutral colors. But they don’t have to be. Pick the flats that still work (but you find boring) and paint the cap or toe pump a different color. Tape the cap off and make sure the lines are even for the pair. If your flats are of textile material, you may use acrylic paint. Use as many coats to get a good coverage and be careful not to mess with tape lines. You may also paint a vertical strip at the back. Allow it to dry for 24 hours.


Shine with glitter and studs

glitters and studs

Photo courtest of JimmyDominico via Pixabay

Fashion is all about shining bright; it must make you feel good about yourself. You can shine literally by designing your boring flats with glitter. Use tape to create a pattern such as stripes. Then apply paint of your desired color. If you intend to have multi-colored striped flats, pair the color of paint with the color of glitter for better coverage. This is much better than gluing glitter directly. Let it dry completely and finish with a clear polyurethane spray.

You may also glue studs on your flats. You can have gold studs for black shoes or shiny white studs on almost anything. Now, you can wear your office shoes to a Friday night party at a club.


Wrap with fabric and lace

One cheap way to restore shoes is by wrapping it with lace or fabric. Take a fabric glue (or spray adhesive for other materials) and make a big patch right on the cap or toe area. Place the lace and work your way down. Place the pair side by side so that they look the same. Go slowly but surely when you are wrapping the entire shoe, but you may also just design the cap if you think you can’t pull off a lacy work. Additional tip is to choose a pair of shoes that are as plain as possible so the original design won’t meddle with the lace patterns.

Fabric is also a good material to spice up your old strappy sandals. Use an old scarf to wrap the straps. You may make a knot in the middle then work your way to the sides then secure the ends with glue. The good thing about this is you can easily mix and match your outfit with your shoes, much like changing the straps of your wrist watch.


Doodle on sneakers

Doodling is a relatively old art form. But it still rocks when applied to good old sneakers. Treat your sneakers like a canvas when applying acrylic paint on them. You may also just use sharpies. Some work with patterns, some just go with their gut. The best thing about this type of shoe restoration is that you can express yourself through your designs. You can go all out and crazy.

Boost your boots

Boots, whether ankle or knee high, never fail to make an outfit look like it came straight out of a posh catalogue. But if your basic black boots seem to have lost its luster, give it a new life making it your DIY project this weekend. One boot DIY that you can do on the fly is by wrapping fabric around it or pinning a loose button on it. You may also dress up the back of your boots with glitter to make it look runway-ready.


Amp those high-heeled shoes

Girls should always have at least a pair of heels that they can wear anywhere without killing their feet. If you find one, never let it go. Just update it instead. Add lace details at the back or paint the toe pump a different color to cover the wear and tear. You may also just concentrate on the heel and update it by wrapping fabric around it, gluing studs or glitters, and painting the sole.


Make leather better

Are you ready to give your leather shoes some spunk? Paint is the answer. A quality acrylic leather paint should work perfectly well. Prep leather by dusting it off and removing existing polish with acetone. Use tape to create perfect lines, paint, then finish it with acrylic gloss or matte.

Shoes have a therapeutic effect on some people. It effortlessly makes people feel better just by being there. Elevate your love affair with shoes by updating your old pairs. Shoe restoration is an activity that can make condo living worthwhile—not only will you be able to recycle and be creative, you also won’t see the need to buy a new pair, only to leave them gathering dust in a rack somewhere.



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