25 Ways to Have Summer Fun in Your Condo

Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City.

Summer is IN! It’s the time of the year for nature-tripping, leisure activities, or simply breaking away from the daily routines. But for some who can’t take a few days off, vacation is not an option. The good news is, there are many ways to bring summer spirit to your condominium. All it takes is a little creativity, and maximizing the use of your condo amenities.

Here are budget friendly summer condo activities that you and your family can enjoy.

1. Camp out

condo summer camp

Image via Pinterest

Camping has more benefits than you can imagine. For one, camping can help reset your natural sleeping rhythm by allowing you to synchronize your body clock with the light-dark cycle. This means re-programming your body to go to sleep shortly after sunset and wake up at sunrise — something that is usually disrupted by artificial light.

Considering a typical condo in the Philippines that offers a vast outdoor space, one of the perks of condo dwellers is enjoying a camping experience right at their own home. At night, you can pitch a tent to enjoy the cool breeze and have a relaxing sleep under the moonlight.

2. Miniature golf

Another way to enjoy the condo outdoors is by setting up a mini-golf course. This can improve the eye-hand coordination, especially for children.

3. Kites and planes

Old-fashioned outdoor activities, such as flying kites and paper planes, have never failed to bring fun every summer.

4. Swimming

Rosewood Pointe, Acacia Estates Taguig

Rosewood Pointe, Acacia Estates Taguig
Image via DMCI Homes

When searching a condo for sale, many consider the swimming pool as a MUST for a good condo unit. Why not? The swimming pool offers valuable benefits, especially in a fast-paced city living in condo in the Philippines. Aside from refreshing the body, the pool is also ideal in working out those stiff muscles and sore joints.

5. Wet games

Kids can enjoy the pool in more ways than one. Here, they can play wet games that are not allowed indoors such as water gun shooting, rainmaking, and blowing bubbles.

6. Star gazing

For most kids, the best part about summer is being allowed to sleep later than usual. Make good use of this adjusted sleeping time by developing your kid’s creativity. You may head to your condo’s sky lounge to gaze at the stars and have fun forming constellations.

7. Slumber party

Extended sleeping time becomes even more fun when shared with friends. Allow your kids to invite friends over for a slumber party.

8. Late-night movie

Now’s the time to watch a late-night movie – something that can’t be done on schooldays. So bring out the popcorn and choose a movie that the whole family will enjoy.

9. Book reading

condo books

Image via Shaheer Shahid

Sometimes, reading for pleasure takes more than just choosing a good book. You may also need a change or experience a new environment. Take time out from your private space and find a place in your condo lounge where you can enjoy your favorite book.

10. Family games

Games work well in developing camaraderie and strengthening family relationships. Card games, board games and charades are fun and fit for all ages.

11. Science experiments

Learning goes beyond school and beyond childhood. Science experiments have a way of fascinating both children and adults, while introducing interesting science concepts. Here’s a simple one that your family can try at home: The Invisible Ink. Using vinegar, white wine or milk as an ink, write an invisible message on paper using a cotton swab, dampened finger or toothpick. Let the message dry. Then reveal the message by ironing the paper or holding it up to a hot light bulb. Use the experiment to play games such as mystery clues.

12. Sports

A condo offers a wide range of fitness game plan while living in the city. You can use the sports facilities in your amenity area, such as basketball, tennis or badminton for your physical well being.

13. Gym

The summer heat may bring you to a lazy mode, but this is not an excuse to miss your daily condo exercise.  The gym may be the best place for you to start an exercise routine.

14. Walking

Path walks along your condo can be a good place for exercise too. A daily morning condo walk can energize the body and relax the mind at the same time.

15. Biking

condo bike

Image via Pål-Kristian Hamre at Flickr

Another effective exercise is biking, which can be done along your condo streets. It builds strength, muscle tone and stamina; and is proven to reduce stress and improve heart health.

16. Neighborhood activities

Summer may be a good time too to organize activities in your condo neighborhood. The kids would surely enjoy games such as treasure hunts in the vast outdoor space.

17. Training

Hiring a sports or music trainer may be costly, so why not divide the cost with your neighbors?

The yoga/dance studio in your condo may be the best place to hold these lessons.

18. Book club

Surely, you have condo neighbors who share your passion for reading. You may consider organizing a neighborhood book club to share your reading experiences.

19. Home improvement

In case you’re considering a change in drapes or wall color, summer is a good time to work on these home improvements since paint and washed textile can dry more easily. Summer condo ideas, such as changing pillow covers into brighter colors, will bring the summer spirit into your home.

20. Indoor plants

If you can’t take a few days off for nature-tripping, why not take nature into your home? Start planting some indoor plants that can filter the indoor air while providing a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

21. Pursue a hobby

Summer may be the best opportunity for a hobby that you haven’t found time to pursue. Start painting, sculpting or crafting artworks. By the end of summer, you might have just created a perfect masterpiece.

22. Write songs or stories

condo music

Image via Jim Hickcox at Flickr

If you’re into writing songs or stories, then go and unleash your creativity. The bright summer spirit might provide the inspiration you’ve been waiting for.

23. A new look

This new season might be a good chance too to try a new look. You might want to dare with a new hairdo, or enroll in a fitness program for a new figure. Pampering oneself every once in a while helps relieve the stress.

24. Refreshments

With all the free time, this may be the perfect opportunity to teach your children some entrepreneurial skills. Encourage them to prepare and sell refreshments, like lemonade and ice cream. By living in a big neighborhood, they automatically gain a potential market.

25. Garage sale

Aside from refreshments, there are other high-selling summer items too, such as swimming gears, swimming pool toys and summer decorative items. If you have some old, usable summer items, have your children sell them in a garage sale.

Nowadays, real estate in the Philippines has a way to conforming to people’s lifestyle. With a limited time and budget, rest and recreation need not be brought out-of-town, now that many summer condo activities can be done right at your own home.


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