Mini-Library Design Hacks To Create A Condo Reading Nook


The increasing popularity of people’s choice to live in a condo in the Philippines accompanies the need to engage in a worthwhile hobby at home. Most people nowadays have neglected to engage in one of the most important activities that feeds the brain — reading.

Lack of time is one of the common reasons why you may skip reading. A flexible schedule is the key in order to actually allow yourself to engage in meaningful reading activities. You’ll find yourself reaping the rewards you’ll get from reading, in the long run.

Elite Daily reported that studies from 2006 and 2009 conducted by Raymond Mar and Keith Oatley revealed most people who were fond of reading fiction were more capable of nurturing empathy, as compared to individuals who were non-readers.

These figures simply show that reading is more important than ever before. Of course, as a condo dweller, once you find time to read, things will never be complete without having a mini library right in your own home.

You may find it a challenge to set up your own library in a mini condo living space. Bring resourcefulness to the next level by coming up with ways to create a sensational mini library to rejuvenate your reading experiences.

Mini Library Design Ideas For Your Condo

  1. A Grand Bookshelf
  2. A Library In Your Dining Room
  3. Make Your Books Visibly Stand Out
  4. An Adjustable Shelving Helps
  5. An Easy To Reach Bookshelf
  6. A Couch For Reading
  7. Partner Your Library With A Condo Office
  8. Lamp Bookshelves Perk You Up
  9. A Customized Bedroom Library
  10. A Reader Centric Rocking Chair

Mini Library Design # 1: A Grand Bookshelf

A sizable bookshelf gives out an elegant image of a library for condo readers. You’ll have the privilege to store several books in this grand bookshelf. Because of this, you won’t have to limit yourself reading only a few books, right at the solace of your condo.

This bookshelf allows condo dwellers who love to read the opportunity to expand their knowledge, through reading a handful of books about various subject matters. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sharing stories more than what your friends expect to hear in friendly conversations!

Mini Library Design # 2: A Library In Your Dining Room

Building a condo library in your dining room has never been so much fun. A dining room library lets you multitask. Try eating and reading at the same time on your most vacant days. Save time by killing two birds with one stone in your dining room library.

Choose  condo library furniture that will match both your dining table and bookshelf. If your table and bookshelf are light colored, choose a matching gray cushioned chair to make things complete. Gray matches wonderfully with light colors. Additionally, neutral colors allow you to immerse yourself in a concentrated study mode, as you absorb the knowledge you get from reading.

Mini Library Design # 3: Make Your Books Visibly Stand Out

The elements in your library must focus on the stuff that really matters – your books. Make your books noticeably visible in your chosen bookshelf. Choose a bookshelf that has sizable shelves to showcase the cover of your books.

Make it a goal to have the library shelving in your condo attract your visitors’ attention. You’ll be delighted to find yourself having a reading companion as your visitors get enticed to read with you. Having a reading companion makes you realize that reading can actually be fun, too!

Mini Library Design # 4: An Adjustable Shelving Helps

You need to be flexible in choosing your condo library designs to make sure they are customized to fit your home, as situations vary. Paula Robinson, in her article at Telegraph UK, recommends that an adjustable shelving will be particularly helpful in covering the unattractive parts of the pages of your books. Sometimes, these parts are left visible to onlookers when you rearrange your books. Shielding the unattractive parts of your books allows you to display only the visibly appealing views in your condo library for your visitors to see.

Mini Library Design # 5: An Easy To Reach Bookshelf

Creating a mini library in a living room is something you may commonly consider. Make it a point to design your condo living room library in such a way that ease of use won’t suffer.

Use an easy to reach bookshelf so you won’t have a hard time reaching for your read of the day. An easy to reach bookshelf gives you no excuse to not read. It provides a smooth transitional experience in encouraging you to really start digesting a book again.

Mini Library Design # 6: A Couch For Reading

Maximize your reading experiences in your condo library on a reader-friendly couch. A couch lets you comfortably lean back and enjoy reading, while resting your back. Adjust your position the way you want to as you get caught up in reading about exciting stories along the way.

Mini Library Design # 7: Partner Your Library With A Condo Office

Be stylish in coming up with ways on how to create a small library in your condo. Match the study mood of your library and your condo office. Write down your thoughts while reading in a library office setting. Creatively curate your thoughts by summarizing the stories of the books you’ve read.

Mini Library Design # 8: Lamp Bookshelves Perk You Up

Showcase the creative side of your lamp bookshelves . A florally designed lamp matches perfectly with your bookshelves’ studious image. Get even more motivated to read as you indulge in a smart and reader- inclined condo environment.

Mini Library Design # 9: A Customized Bedroom Library

Having bedroom bookshelves lets you create a customized library right in your own room. Store your books in a mini bookshelf near your bed. Read your favorite books while sitting on your bed before you get some sleep at night. Get a good night’s sleep after reading a heart-warming romance or adventurous story.

Mini Library Design # 10: A Reader Centric Rocking Chair

Creatively enhance your library living room designs by having a relaxing rocking chair for reading. Make sure to place your rocking chair at the corner of your living room to avoid cluttering the space. Boost your reading concentration as you move about back and forth in a subtle way while reading.

Like most DMCI Homes residents, you’ll find reading in your condo library an amazingly fruitful experience. Reading does not only expand your storehouse of information, it also relaxes your mind, body and spirit. The entertaining and interesting stories you read from books will both enchant and captivate you.

Creatively come up with a condo design in your library like nothing you’ve commonly seen before. Doing so will set the mood for a more engaging reading activity at your personalized refuge in your condo.



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