Sonora Garden Residences: Advantages of Condo Living Near a Mall

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Shopping is, indeed, more fun in the Philippines.

For Filipinos, visiting the mall is a big part of the current culture. Families and friends go malling, not just for leisure, but also to run errands like grocery shopping, banking, bills payment, and eating. It’s no wonder that many want to live near malls.

Well, that “want” is about to become a reality with the Sonora Garden Residences. Located in the heart of Las Piñas, the newest residential development of DMCI Homes resides on the grounds of Robinsons Place Las Piñas, giving you access to everything you need with just a few steps while still being able to enjoy spacious condominium units, amenities, and resort-style living.

And if you’re not yet convinced, here are some reasons why living in the South, especially near shopping malls is a great advantage:

1. Bye-Bye Traffic!

Photo courtesy of Gerald Dino via Unsplash

In the Philippines, getting to the mall means having to go through traffic (even during the weekend).

Well, if you get a condo in Las Piñas, you’re living near the mall, so you won’t need to spend hours (and a heaping amount of gas) on the road to get your necessities done. It’s even good exercise to walk from home to the mall, too!

2. Easy access to anything and everything.

Photo courtesy of Fikri Rasyid via Unsplash

One good thing about malls nowadays is that they are designed to be an all-access place for everything a Filipino and their family needs. When visiting the mall, you can do your weekly grocery shopping, and other necessities and leisure activities you have in mind.

The neighbor of Sonora Garden Residences, Robinsons Place Las Piñas is a mall that has its own department store, pharmacies, hardware store, appliance center, movie house, coffee shops, barbershop, and pet center.

Need to pay your government dues? Robinsons Place Las Piñas has its Lingkod Pinoy Center where you can pay for your SSS, LTO, and other transactions.

  • A mall made for you and your immediate needs.

Unlike common malls in the Philippines, Robinsons Place Las Piñas was really built to cater to the nearby communities and their necessities.

The mall is designed in a way that its goers could easily access the shops without having to walk too far and going through crowds and high foot traffic.

3. Cravings, satisfied!

Photo courtesy of Davide Cantelli via Unsplash

If you’re too tired to cook after a long day or just have a variety of cravings at different times, then you’ll surely love living near the mall.

The food court and restaurants give you a variety of food options to choose from. Soon, it’ll be home to different cuisines as well!

Missing the dine-in experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic? A lot of malls, including Robinsons Las Pinas, is currently expanding al fresco dining options in their veranda.

4. Take your pets out on a walk in the mall.

Photo courtesy of Matt Nelson via Unsplash

If you love taking your pets to the mall with you, then Robinsons Place Las Piñas is the mall you need. “Okay, but what about our home?”, don’t worry!

DMCI Homes’ Sonora Garden Residences is a pet-friendly residential place, so living there would provide extensive space for your fur babies to run around and play.

Important Reminder: Do note that DMCI Homes and even Robinsons Las Pinas has rules and regulations on the type and size of pet you can take in, so make sure to follow accordingly.

5. Easy access to transportation.

Photo courtesy of Joel Barwick via Unsplash

Transportation can be quite a hassle these days. But when you’re living near a mall, you won’t be having problems like that anymore.

Gain easy access to public transportation and other parts of town when you live in Sonora Garden Residence. Just in front of the mall is a bus stop where you can wait for your route.

6. Live between urban and country life.

Living beside the mall usually means living the city life, which sometimes can get a bit overwhelming and loud.

But it doesn’t have to be like that all the time. With the resort-like amenities, Sonora Garden Residences offers, you could get the peace and quiet you need after a stressful day at work, even while living in the heart of the city. This creates a perfect balance of having a productive urban life and a serene country life.

7. Near other necessary facilities.

Photo courtesy of Martha Dominguez de Gouveia via Unsplash

Mall locations are usually located wherever there’s a school, or basically any facility that has a lot of people. When you decide to live near a mall, chances are there are other facilities nearby like schools, churches, and hospitals.

The University of Perpetual Help and hospital are both in close proximity to Sonora Garden Residences, making it convenient especially during times of emergencies.

8. Instant landmark for bookings.

Photo courtesy of GeoJango Maps via Unsplash

The downside of moving to a new home is telling your friends and family how to get there for your housewarming party.

If you’re living next to the mall, you can easily tell them to find Robinsons Place Las Piñas, and meet them there so you could all walk back to Sonora Garden Residences together.

That saves you the hassle of giving instructions over the phone, that’s for sure!

When you choose to live at Sonora Garden Residences, it’s probably one of the best decisions you’ll make. With all these advantages of living near a mall, you’ll surely have a fantastic time finding the hidden gems in the city.

Ready to embrace city life? Check out the Sonora Garden Residences today and let your city dreams come true.


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