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Condo Living.

Ever feel like you’re tired of living in the city? You find yourself stuck in the same old routine, in the middle of intense traffic while figuring out how to navigate the price hike that happens every now and then with fuel, food, rent, and daily commodities.

This wagon wheel of doubt has surely happened to many of those in business districts. Given the different challenges brought about within the city, it’s no wonder burnout, stress, and a toll on our health have been evident. In fact, mental health studies have shown that a lot of city residents, especially those who live in city centers, have a higher chance of getting burnt out.

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Condo in Caloocan: Break away from the metro

To break away from all of the hustle and bustle brought by the city, a change of environment can do wonders. Lately, there has been a rise in real estate properties outside the key business districts due to the rise in business and job opportunities. One of these is condos in Caloocan, which is just further north of Metro Manila.

Caloocan City is an urban area that has a growing population of 1.3 million people. If you can’t tell yet, more and more people are deciding to move there given the amenable cost of living. The fact that there’s just a 31% difference in size between its population and the total population of Makati, Taguig, and Pasig combined says it all. It’s the new up-and-coming location that is viable to explore and put roots to.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Living in a Condo in Caloocan

  1. Condo location
  2. Condo unit size matters
  3. Condo association dues
  4. Condo utility dues
  5. Food expenses

Learn more about the cost of living in Caloocan below:

1. Condo location

Where the condominium is situated can sometimes make or break the decision in relocating to a certain area.

Highly urbanized, accessible, and commute-friendly, Caloocan city is filled with important establishments that one needs. The residents there have the utmost convenience in visiting and going to museums, parks, hospitals, malls, and schools within a reasonable distance from one another.

If the condo in Caloocan is located in the main area, one of the pros is the commuting convenience given that it’s an area where public transportation is easily accessible. One con could be the traffic flow.

These must be taken into consideration, so know your priorities. If the condo is not situated in a main area, consider the amenities it offers. Are there local and essential stores located below? Or are they just a few meters from it that you may not need to commute to?

Unit placement and additional features such as a parking slot can also be a cost factor. Where your unit is situated in the building can also determine its rate.

For example, a unit situated on the higher parts of the building can cost more than the ones below or in the middle as it offers stellar views of the city. These units are perfect for those who prioritize having a picturesque view of the area. For those who aren’t too fond of heights and who don’t mind a semi-picturesque view then the lower or mid placements units are the most ideal of units.

2. Condo unit size matters

Apart from the condo placement and features, you must know the size of the unit you want to stay in as this affects the cost of living too.

Knowing the price estimates of the different sizes helps give one a more realistic view of what it’s like to move to Caloocan. We’ve made it more convenient for you as here are some of the price ranges on the varying sizes of different condo units.

  • One Bedroom Unit – 3 Million to 6 Million
  • Two Bedroom Unit – 6.5 Million to 10 Million
  • Three Bedroom Unit – 8.5 Million to 13 Million

3. Condo association dues

Apart from the size and location of your unit, one must also consider other cost factors such as the association dues. What are the terms and conditions, and how much would you need to set aside monthly to pay for the association dues? For those who are considering relocating and are actually staying in a condominium for the very first time, association dues are fees collected from the residents to help maintain the upkeep of the condominium property. They pay for the cleaning, security, maintenance, etc.

Monthly association dues are estimated at Php 1000 to Php 3000 per month and can even go up to Php 10,000 to Php 15,000 per month.

4. Condo utility dues

Next to what needs to be considered in terms of cost are the utilities. These are the water, electricity, wifi bills that need to be paid on a monthly basis. Most of these amount to Php 3000-5000 per month and could be even more depending on your usage. The most is paying Php 10,000-20,000 on a monthly basis due to the usage of electricity and water. As per the internet/wifi bills, this usually depends on various couriers but they usually amount to Php 1000-3000 per month

If you have a car, you may want to consider purchasing or renting a parking slot. Renting may cost up to Php 3000-5000 per slot/month and this will depend on who will let you lease the slot and the availability otherwise depending on the condo you will be relocating to there is a daily parking fee that usually amounts to Php 50-80.

5. Food expenses

In terms of essential expenditures, one must also consider grocery expenses. Depending on how much you eat, grocery expenses in the area can cost about Php 1000-8000 per month which is pretty cheap considering that most of the grocery expenses in cities like Makati, Taguig, and Pasig are about Php 3000-10,000. Caloocan City prices are a bit lower and offer way more breathing room. Not to mention nearby food places and local establishments are a lot less pricey than the ones located in Makati or Taguig.

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Why live in Caloocan?

Apart from all those different cost factors, living in a condo in Caloocan City definitely has its perks. If you’re looking for a change in scenery then Caloocan City is definitely the place for you. If you still don’t know yet, Caloocan City has got a rich history behind it.

Despite relocating to what others may think is considered an outskirts area, its name actually derives from the term “kasuluk-sulokan” which practically means “innermost area”. This is probably why a lot of people don’t necessarily feel like it’s far as it’s still within Metro Manila.

Caloocan City also happens to be an eco-friendly city. The area is accessible and home to various parks and national monuments. The city is filled with eco-friendly places like the La Mesa Watershed and Eco Park, Caloocan Nature Park, and other beautiful resorts that are perfect for quick staycations and family getaways. Caloocan City’s cost of living is definitely amenable to young professionals and those who want to start a family.

The distance to the business districts in Metro Manila is not as far and the area has provided a lot of convenience for the regular commuter. The place is definitely fit for those who want to stay close to the business districts without the expensive rates.

With all the various perks with just the price comparison alone, a condo in Caloocan City such as Calinea Tower is definitely worth the investment. Given its rich amenities and situated in one of the most convenient areas of Caloocan, while having a much more affordable price than the ones located in popular business districts, it surely gives one a win-win perspective.

To sum it all up, if one is looking for a much better rate without having to leave the city proper, consider the outskirts area of Metro Manila.

Consider also the living expenses of the places in the different cities within Metro Manila and compare them to those in the outskirts like a condo in Caloocan City.


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