Space-saving Ideas Before You Renovate Your Bathroom

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It’s true: it’s tough having a small space. There’s so much stuff you have to store across the household – from food to extra light bulbs, and even cleaning products. Having said that, you really shouldn’t be stopped from keeping everything in a clutter-free environment. With a condominium’s limited space, these ideas will maximize your bathroom space in the most unexpected way.

The bathroom, in particular, is prone to housing germs and unwanted pathogens once it gets too dirty. And it isn’t just limited to your toilet seat or the grime around your floor, either. Maximizing your bathroom’s space and keeping it clean really is key to good health. However, do check in with your Property Management Office (PMO) to avoid any untoward damages to the property before you start renovating your bathroom.

Bathroom InteriorPhoto courtesy of Jean van der Meulen via Pexels

Here are eight simple tips to help you get started with your renovation:

1. Think outside the box with creative storage solutions

From simply rolling up your towels to installing secret tile compartments in your walls, you can maximize your restroom’s space with these simple hacks. Hopefully, they won’t put you in too much of a financial pinch.

Moreover, your bathroom renovation need not change too much of the internal structure. You may also purchase vertical shelves or storage units to further improve your storage capacity. You can even attach the shelving to your walls if you feel like the space isn’t enough. If you’re feeling brave enough, you may even have an elevated drawer on top of your toilet.

Consider keeping certain items out of your bathroom to keep them from being cluttered. Sometimes, the best way to save space is to not take up any of it in the first place. Just be sure to keep only the essentials nearby whenever you need to do your business!

2. Opt for a glass shower door instead of a curtain

If a bathtub is too much to ask, you can still have a shower door installed. Not only do shower doors typically last longer than shower curtains, but they also help keep water inside the shower. It helps for easy cleaning as well.

If done correctly, remodeling your bathroom with shower doors can even help make the space feel bigger. See if an interior designer can help you find the best door for your bathroom renovation.

3. Install a floating vanity to save space

Floating vanities, as the name implies, are cabinets attached to the wall but do not extend to the ground. This leaves you with some legroom to put some small items under or inside the cabinet. Plus, it’s easier to clean the tiles as the cabinet simply “floats” off of the ground.

Bathroom interior with sink on counter near toilet and bathPhoto courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Renovating with a floating vanity can also add a sleek, modern look to your small space. And you can’t really say no to additional countertop space in a small area. You can opt to leave ornaments or scented candles on it while you take the time to relax in the bath.

4. Consider a pedestal sink instead of a traditional sink basin

On the other hand, your bathroom’s renovation may revolve around having a pedestal sink installed instead. With their streamlined designs and durable builds, pedestal sinks offer many advantages for small bathrooms.

Cabinets are usually added to traditional sink basins to make use of the space below them. This does add a bit more storage space, but at the cost of cramping up your bathroom’s interior. You also run the risk of inviting molds inside your home if you don’t take care of the cabinet properly.

In contrast, pedestal sinks only cover most of the plumbing components, leaving you free to use the surrounding area at the base as you see fit. This makes for easy cleaning and helps keep clutter off of your floors.

5. Add a touch of luxury with a spa-like atmosphere

Bathrooms are an essential part of our home, so it makes sense to make it as relaxing of a place as possible. Consider the benefits of adding a bathtub if your space allows it. Not only will you be able to relax with a soothing bath, but a bathtub also adds levels of luxury to your remodeled bathroom.

You can also spruce up the atmosphere with dimmable lights, or fill the air with scents through a humidifier or scented candles. If your bathroom doesn’t have one already, have a water heater installed. After all, a warm bath or shower really helps after a long day at work.

Lastly, having plants in your bathroom not only provides a spa-like environment, it can also help in absorbing moisture and keep molds off of your walls and tiles. Do consider this latest trend in your bathroom renovation plans!

6. Maximize natural light with strategically placed windows or a skylight

Adding natural light establishes a mood and provides energy to any room. Adding a window creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in your bathroom area. It helps establish the mood for the next part of your day, whether it is getting ready for work or having a nice bath right before bed.

Plus, a window sill can also add even the smallest of countertop space to keep small items on.

Having a window can also help with ventilation, therefore reducing the risk of molds and fungi.

7. Use bright colors to create a sense of brightness and spaciousness

If changing windows is absolutely out of the question, you can instead paint over your walls or change the color of your tiles or ceiling. A colorful bathroom can also help establish the mood for your day.

Keep in mind that the color scheme also helps with the overall look and atmosphere of any room. You don’t have to fully paint over your walls from ceiling to floor with the same shade of blue, for example. You can definitely mix and match colors, or add colored tiles for the same effect. It’s also possible to paint over one, or parallel sides, of your walls to make your bathroom seem larger or longer. Ask an interior designer to help you out!

Your renovation does not have to rely on paint, either. You can hang plants or paintings in your bathroom to add a more homely feel to it, especially if you plan on keeping a neutral color for your walls. Some details in your drawers and cabinets can also be painted over to add that bit of colorful accent to your room.

Telephone in BedroomPhoto courtesy of RODNAE Productions via Pexels

8. Talk to your neighbors

It should be a common problem for some of your neighbors who have roughly the same space allocation as you. While DMCI Communities does provide home improvement ideas to its residents, some of them just isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” deal for every household. Other times, you can find novel ideas from the person across the hall.

In any case, you’re hitting so many boxes with this simple interaction. You can make friends with people living around you. Plus, you may be directed to a trusted interior designer or a contractor who can help you with your renovation.

Condo Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Maximize Space

Having a small area for your bathroom really shouldn’t keep you from maximizing your personal space. You can fully renovate your bathroom or simply add a bit more storage space, whichever is to your liking. Work with your property manager to find out how to make your home fit better for you.

DMCI Communities provides its residents with a variety of options when it comes to renovating their units, too. Don’t hesitate to speak to the creative minds behind your homes.


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