Make the Most Out of Your Calathea Place Bedroom with these Design Ideas

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With its resort-inspired amenities and community-fostering facilities, you already know that Calathea Place is a great investment. And with its location near places of interest, the property has become a haven for modern families and young professionals. This feature-rich nook in the south of the metro truly comes at a premium, which you may be paying in terms of space. Thankfully, there are many creative and fun ways you can work around this little setback. The following tips on how to save space will help you create a double-purpose bedroom that you will both love and find very useful.


Put together a “cloffice”

Condo Bedroom Design Cloffice

Photo courtesy of janeb13 via Pixabay

Are you a freelancer who would like to set up your own home office at home, but don’t have a spare room for it? Then a “cloffice” is just the solution for you. You can do this by transforming your guest room’s closet into an office. Just attach a desk to the wall, bring in a few shelves and a chair, and you turn an underused storage spot into a workplace. You can tuck your new office behind a curtain when you are not using it.


Build your own corner office

Condo Bedroom Design Corner Office

Photo courtesy of LaPorte via Pixabay

Now if you are living in a one-room Calathea unit, then a corner office is the solution for you. Just have a corner desk that snugs perfectly into a corner of your room. Have it especially built for you. This will save more space than a standard rectangular table top. Then have shelves installed high above the desk so you can have a storage space for books that do not get in the way. Having a bedroom/home office does not have to feel too cramped.


Turn your space into a bedroom/guestroom

Condo Bedroom Design Guestroom

Photo courtesy of kaboompics via Pixabay

Do you often receive a guest at home but do not have a spare room ? Turning your bedroom into a semi-guestroom could work for you. Just bring a daybed into your room. This is usually sizes smaller than a standard bed, and could easily turn into a sofa during the day. It is best to have one custom built for you so you can have drawers added at the bottom of the daybed. This way, your guest will have a space to keep their clothes and other stuff during the time he/she would be staying with you.


Stack beds the opposite ways to create more space

Condo Bedroom Design Stack Beds

Photo courtesy of AlexVan via Pixabay

Do you have two kids sharing a room in your Calathea home? You can make it feel more like a double room by adding more space to move. Instead of the usual double-deck bed, opt for stacking two beds in the not-so-usual way. Just have someone build two decks of bed that has the deck at the bottom in a perpendicular position. This will free up a more angular free space inside the room. Your kids are going to love it. You can even squeeze in a study table right beside the bottom deck and beneath the upper-level deck. Add some shelves at the top, and you will have two happy campers.


Divide the room through colors

Condo Bedroom Design Divide though Colors (1)

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos via Pixabay

Do you have two kids with completely different tastes sharing a room? Fret not, there is still a way you can make both of them happy with just one room. Just separate two parts of a room by color coding each side. Make sure everything is distinctly different from the other side of the room, with one part following a monochromus shade of color. You will be seeing two rooms in one look. To further divide the room without adding a wall that would cramp the space up, you can add an attractive curtain that would draw the line between the two spaces. This would also give each kid some privacy.


Dress up your bedroom office desk

Condo Bedroom Design Dress Up the Offce Table

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

One of the ways you can make having a home office in the bedroom a more tolerable idea is by literally making your desk more attractive. The last thing you need is a home office that looks like a cubicle, especially if it’s what’s going to greet you first thing in the morning. You can rely on simple additions like a decorative chair, a scrolled shelf, an elegant lamp, and the like to make sure your bedroom desk office does not feel a little too corporate. This way, you can ensure your sleep space retains its homey and comforting feeling.


Have a gym/guestroom combo

Condo Design Bedroom Have a Gym

Photo courtesy of rob9040 via Pixabay

Your unit may not be big enough to house both a gym and a guest room, but there is a way you could have both in one room. Simply put all your gym equipment in a room, along with a sleeper sofa in the corner, and you’ve got yourself a gym/guestroom combo. Now you can have a friend spend the night at home, while still having space devoted for your daily exercise regimen during the day.


Bring the nursery into your own bedroom

Condo Bedroom Design Bring the Nursery

Photo courtesy of sylviebliss via Pixabay

There is no reason why you can’t have the nursery inside your bedroom, not even if you think you don’t have enough space. Just have an elevated bunk bed installed so you can have the crib positioned below it. You would have more room to move, and you will love how you can keep the little one nearby. It always helps to be able to keep a close watch during your child’s crucial years of development.


Top accessories you need for a mixed-use room

One key ingredient for a multipurpose room is ample shelving. To make it work for you, have the shelves installed at elevated areas. You can use them to store books and other items that can be both functional and decorative. This is especially ideal if your bedroom doubles as a workspace.

Another helpful piece of furniture in a mixed-use room is the sleeper sofa, which can comfortably accommodate you at night and serve as a modern statement during the day — one that you can lounge on as well, and use as a comfortable reading nook. Choose a folding bed that can extend into a twin or queen-sized bed so you are guaranteed total comfort at night. Still yet another great option is the bunk bed. This is your best choice if you want a lot of floor space.

Do not forget the one accessory that works great at creating an illusion of space: mirrors! You will love how they would instantly expand your space, all while making it a tad more swanky.

The secret to making a small space work for you lies in the best bedroom layouts and nifty pieces of furniture. Get to work and have a bedroom that suits your taste while maximizing its function.


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