9 Must-Try Activities for Your Taguig Staycation

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There's something special and exciting about ber months in the Philippines, meaning the Christmas season and chilly nights (brr months, FTW!) have begun. Along with them come the headache-inducing heavy traffic as well as jam-packed malls and shopping hubs like Divisoria and Greenhills.

The most wonderful time of the year can really be stressful and exhausting. To get a quick escape from the busy season, you might’ve considered taking a vacation outside the metro or the country. But that can cost you a lot of money, not to mention that planning a trip itself is daunting and time-consuming.

This is why stay-at-home-vacations have become popular in the recent years. A staycation allows you to cut back on your travel costs so that you can save up for other major expenses, such as your wedding, the baby's arrival or condo redesign project.

For condo residents living in Taguig, here are nine activities to try for your staycation without blowing your budget and stressing you out.


1. Take a glamping escapade in style

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

Who says you have to hike mountains to take a camping trip? Right in your own condo community, there are cozy spots for you and your friends to enjoy the outdoors in style.

For instance, if you live at Verawood Residences, set up a tent on the open lawn or picnic grove. Bring the camping essentials: snacks, drinks, sleeping bags, insect repellent, and flashlight. Have a great time gazing at the stars while lying on the grass or exchanging ghost stories with your companions in time for Halloween.


2. Explore Taguig's culinary gems

Photo courtesy of guitng via Pixabay

Your Taguig staycation won’t be complete without taking a palate-pleasing, tummy-filling food adventure. Good thing that this city is home to plenty of food parks and restaurants waiting to be explored. Foodies living in a condo for rent in Taguig have easy access to gastronomic havens, like the Mercato Centrale for sampling a variety of foods and the Brera Delicatessen at the Acacia Estates for satisfying your gourmet cravings.


3. Visit an interactive science museum

Photo courtesy of Hans Olav Lien via Wikimedia Commons

Unleash your inner geek by letting yourself (and your kids, if you have any) experience the marvels of science at The Mind Museum in BGC. It's like traveling to a different dimension without actually going too far away.


4. Host a poolside grill party

Photo courtesy of Stephanie MacCabe via Unsplash

You know what makes condo living in one of DMCI properties unique? It's the resort-like environment perfect for a beach vacation without leaving the city. Residents of Cedar Crest and Verawood Residences can enjoy a poolside barbecue party anytime they want at the picnic grove with grill pits. To complete your beach party in the condo community, invite your friends or neighbors over and ask them to bring their choice of meat and veggies for grilling.


5. Have an outdoor family photo shoot

Photo courtesy of joel carter via Pexels

Here's an exciting activity for the shutterbugs: gather your family for an outdoor pictorial session, bring your tripod and camera, make your subjects do creative poses, and snap them in their candid moments.

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

You don't have to leave the condo premises to do your family photo shoot. There are lots of spots that make stunning backgrounds for your photographs, such as the playground, sky lounge, open lawn, lounge pool, and more. At Cedar Crest, you can capture precious scenes like the kids having a blast playing around the interactive water play facility.

Doing the photo shoot within your condo community is also a great idea because the photos will remind you of the fun times your family has had living in the condo.


6. Hang out with friends in a nearby board game café

Photo courtesy of brett jordan via Flickr, Creative Commons

For once, unplug from social media and gadgets. Get a tech detox—and reduce your stress—by playing board games with friends in your condo unit. Or you can spend an afternoon in a board game cafe in BGC and share a few laughs, some snacks, and drinks.


7. Gather your barkada for a crazy onesie slumber party

Photo courtesy of Yun Huang Yong via Flickr, Creative Commons

Feeling blue living alone in your condo? It must be the cold breeze of ber months. Why don’t you spend one of your staycation nights acting like a kid again with your friends in animal-inspired onesies? Together, you can watch a favorite movie from your childhood while munching on kiddie snacks and sipping adult drinks. If you feel like being adventurous, strut your cute costumes around the condo amenities and have a wacky photo-op!


8. Brush up on your cooking or baking skills

Photo courtesy of Daria-Yakovleva via Pixabay

Your staycation is a great opportunity to do your long-overdue kitchen experiments. Look up tutorials on YouTube that show how to whip up a dish or baked goodies. Then head to the nearest grocery or mall to buy the ingredients. When you're done with your masterpiece, offer some to your neighbors—it's a good way to spark an interaction with them if you've just moved into your condo building.


9. Indulge in a luxurious, rejuvenating home spa

Photo courtesy of Kris Atomic via Unsplash

Pampering yourself at the spa can be very expensive in upscale areas like BGC. Save money on your staycation by treating yourself to a relaxing spa in your condo unit. Create your own natural body scrub, hair mask, facial mask, and detox water. Get your playlist of soothing music ready. Also, let your roommate or family know about your scheduled spa day to enjoy the uninterrupted me time you deserve.

While everyone else is busy and stressed out making plans for their Christmas vacation, you'll just breeze through your preparations for your staycation in your condo in Taguig. Take advantage of the remaining long weekends in ber months and what's available in your condo community and the surrounding areas.

Enjoy your well-deserved staycation in Taguig!

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