#WhatWomenDo: Healing Hearts, Raising Families

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For a family physician like Anna, the demands of a 24-hour duty often meant tending to patients while her own children were unwell at home. Her ability to overcome this challenge sheds light on the strength and determination required to navigate such demanding situations.

Anna Aparato’s journey to becoming a family physician and a leader in her field has been shaped by the delicate balance of being a healthcare provider and a devoted mother. Like many women in leadership roles in healthcare, Anna has navigated challenges by prioritizing time management, seeking support networks, and advocating for policies that promote work-life balance.

She reflects, “Balancing the demands of being a healthcare provider and a mother might shape my career path. Through dedication, resilience, and a commitment to our profession and family, many women have risen to leadership positions in healthcare, contributing valuable perspectives and insights to their organizations.”


Overcoming Challenges

Anna candidly shares her biggest challenge—simultaneously being a mom and a healthcare provider. The struggle to be present for her children while fulfilling the demanding responsibilities of a physician was a constant battle. “There were times when I had to tend to patients even when my own kids were sick at home,” she recalls.

Her ability to overcome this challenge provides insights for others in similar roles, demonstrating the strength that comes from dedication and finding effective strategies to manage the demands of both worlds.


Guiding Values: Resilience and Empathy

Anna’s leadership style is guided by the principles of resilience and empathy. “Resilience allows me to navigate the challenges and uncertainties inherent in healthcare, whether it’s managing a heavy workload or adapting to changes in healthcare policies and procedures,” she explains. “Empathy enables me to connect with my patients on a deeper level, providing compassionate care that addresses not only their physical needs but also their emotional and psychological well-being.”

This unique blend of resilience and empathy forms the foundation of Anna’s practice as a community physician, contributing to the overall well-being of her patients.


Celebrating Achievements

To women aspiring to make a positive impact within their communities and advance their careers, Anna offers valuable advice. “Prioritizing self-care is essential,” she emphasizes. “By taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, we can maintain our well-being and perform at our best, both personally and professionally.”

Anna also stresses the importance of continuous learning in career growth and development. “Investing in continuous learning is crucial. Staying updated on the latest medical advancements enables us to provide the best possible care for our patients.”


Finally, Anna encourages celebrating achievements, whether personal milestones or professional successes, as a source of motivation and a reminder of the excellence that can be achieved in one’s chosen field.

As we celebrate International Women’s Month, Anna Aparato stands as an inspiring example of a woman leader, making a positive impact in her community and beyond. Her dedication, resilience, and commitment to both her profession and family embody the spirit of women in leadership at Maple Place.


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