10 Tips to Achieve Work-Life Balance and Avoid Burnout

Health and Wellness.

Having the drive to work hard and make the most out of our professional and personal lives can be fulfilling but we have to be on the lookout if we’re going on the verge of a burnout.

Some signs of burnout are disengaging from workmates, always feeling tired at work, and dreading to work with your colleagues.

Yes, there are still bills to pay and work to do. But, as yuppies living in the city, how do you inject relaxation in your schedule and refresh your mind to tackle your work tasks? Here are some ways to do it.


Build positive relationships with the people around you

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Do you always eat lunch alone at work? Don’t be afraid to reach out to your other officemates when they grab some grub during lunch breaks or coffee breaks. It allows you to know them better, beyond what you see during meetings and work catch-ups. Mingling with office peers also leads to better collaboration in the office.

You could also be a source of positive energy. Greet the lobby guard in your condominium building and stop for a while to chat. Attend condo or community events and help your neighbors when they need it.


Do charity work

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Charity work may look time-consuming at first but there have been studies that showed that people who do charity work have lower stress levels.

Give back and help the community by volunteering in your chosen advocacy groups. You may also visit iVolunteer.ph or the Volunteering Philippines Facebook group.


Reframe how you regard your job

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Low motivation or drive at work may be coming from a feeling of having no bigger purpose on why you’re doing your work tasks aside from getting a paycheck every month.

Ponder over the weekend and review your perspective about your employer and your job. Who are your customers? How do you make their lives easier? Do you like your current job or is it merely a step towards your dream career?

Reflecting on these questions will help you feel inspired on what you do and not think about the negative side of your job.


Get together with friends

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Apart from your workmates, you can reach out to your friends or family members to catch up and talk about the good old days and life in general. It can be calming to talk about memories and your other interests with close friends outside of work.

No need to go to expensive bars, movie theaters, and overrated restaurants. Have your catch-ups at the roof deck of your condominium building or have a Netflix marathon in your house. Don’t forget the soda and popcorn!


Engage in sports

Avoid Burnout Engage in Sports (1)

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Getting active in sports is a great way to release tension from work and channel it to other productive activities. The key is to find a sport that you will enjoy playing and meeting other like-minded people who like the same sport.

Some communities have basketball and volleyball courts, so if you have one in your village that’s a convenient way to get started. You can also think outside the box and play badminton or ultimate frisbee in other open spaces in your community.


Have a healthy diet

Avoid Burnout Have a Healthy Diet (1)

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Eating healthy food will give you the energy that you need throughout the day. There are many online resources to help you choose the right kind of diet. You can also consult a nutritionist or friends for healthy and easy-to-prepare meals.

Cooking your own meals is also a big step towards a healthier lifestyle. When you cook your own food, you can control the portion and the calories that you consume. You may also opt to skip the fatty oil and excessive flavoring. Find the right tools and appliances for your condo kitchen so you’ll be able to cook your own meals with ease.


Hit the gym

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Condo living usually comes with free gym amenities to encourage residents to pursue an active lifestyle. Tenants can do weight training, have a cardio workout or join a yoga class. Not only will exercise give you a healthy body, you can also meet other people who can give you tips about various workouts and diets.

You may try the gym amenities at different times to avoid peak hours and check which schedule works best for you.


Take a break from technology

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Your constant need to connect could also be a factor on why you’re feeling burned out. This can be inevitable if you and your smartphone are inseparable. Some apps might be helpful but others are just plain distractions and can waste your time.

Spend weekends away from your gadgets to recharge and calm your mind. You may also turn off your notifications so you’ll not get distracted while working on your hobbies or chores in the house.

Just let your family, friends, and workmates know when you’re about to unplug so they won’t worry if you don’t answer their emails and texts.


Use up your vacation leaves

Avoid Burnout Use your Vacation Leave (1)

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Gone are the days when employees who always work overtime and do not use their leaves are glorified. You owe it to yourself to use all you leave benefits and take a break when you feel like you need to.

You can either travel or have a staycation and get some rest. The key is recharging in a location that will make you feel relaxed and refreshed.


Nourish your creative side

Avoid Burnout Nourish your Creative Side (1)

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Find a hobby and pursue a passion outside work. Writing, painting or handcrafting can help you avoid burnout. You will also get a rewarding feeling when you see the final product you worked hard on.

You can check many tutorials in Youtube and Pinterest for guides on how to get started with creative hobbies, or join workshops and training sessions.

Getting that fire back is a must, not just for your career, but your own emotional health. Take the time to breathe in motivation and revive the go-getter you’ve always had inside!


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