6 Plants That Can Cool Down Your Condo This Summer

Health and Wellness.

Government officials are sending alarms on the impact of the summer heat. The high temperature and humidity can raise the risk of certain diseases. Dr. Benjamin Yson, chief of the Manila Health Department (MHD), warned Manila residents that the summer weather can cause heat stroke, sunburn, and other skin diseases. He said that people, especially the elderly, should avoid too much sun exposure. Always wear a hat or umbrella when going outdoors, stay hydrated, and do not engage in excessive physical activities, Dr. Yson told the Manila Bulletin.

Even when you’re staying at home, the summer heat can cause discomfort. One of the easiest ways to endure summer is to grow indoor plants that can reduce heat. Australian scientists have started promoting green infrastructure such as green streets and open spaces to reduce temperatures in cities. “Plants are attractive, natural air conditioners so we should be using them more to cool cities. As well as providing shade, plants also cool cities by evaporating water through their leaves into the atmosphere,” according to Dr. Nick Williams of the University of Melbourne.

Here are the best indoor plants you should have in your condo and some tips on keeping your condo cool during the summer months.


Display spider plants in your living room

Summer Spider Plant

Photo courtesy of PATINA via Pinterest

Having plants in your home is one of the coolest ideas to make summer bearable. The spider plant or Chlorophytum comosum is abundant in the Philippines. You may have seen this in your mother’s garden or in offices. Do you know that this plant can help keep your condo cool? The spider plant is also recommended by the NASA as it can clean indoor air of pollutants. This plant bears stunning white flowers that can enhance your condo home design. You can place them in baskets and hang them in your living room windows or in the balcony.


Peace lilies for heat reduction and home beautification

Summer Peace Lilies

Photo courtesy of NousDecor via Pinterest

Today, property developers are looking into eco-friendly ways to keep condos cool. DMCI pioneered the Lumiventt Technology, which is an innovative architectural design that allows the natural flow of sunlight and air in buildings and common areas. With Lumiventt, the association dues that cover the maintenance of common areas is also reduced. For your condo home, you can cut the use of air-conditioning by using plants to cool down your space. The peace lily or spathiphyllum is popular in Southeast Asia and parts of the Americas. You can keep these plants alive with minimal sunlight, making them one of the best indoor plants in the country. The beautiful white buds will soften any interior design theme.


Hang Vietnam roses in your condo balcony

Summer Hang Vietnam Roses

Photo courtesy of World of Succulents via Pinterest

Summer months in the Philippines is associated with high power consumption. Households double their usage of cooling appliances such as electric fans and air-conditioning. Condo dwellers enjoy more options of beating the heat, thanks to the lifestyle amenities in their condo communities. They can spend the afternoon in the swimming pool or on the roof deck’s green spaces. If your condo home has a balcony, you can build a mini garden and let the plants reduce heat in your home. The Vietnam rose or portulaca suits small spaces. You can plant them in recycled plastic bottles and hang them in your balcony or window railings. This budding plant can grow in a sandy mixture of compost and burnt rice husks.


Heat insulating and ornamental dumb cranes

Summer Dumb Cranes

Photo courtesy of cambridgeflorist.com via Pinterest

It can be a pain to leave the house on a summer day. The striking sun can pose danger to your health if you don’t minimize your sun exposure and use protective clothes and sunscreen. The prohibitive weather is the reason why condo summer tips are trending these days. How can you have fun without leaving your condo community? Some of the popular summer ideas for condo dwellers include weekend picnics in the open lawn and a volleyball competition in the swimming pool. You can also redecorate your home with heat-insulating indoor plants. Dumb canes or dieffenbachia are abundant in Asia and South America. They are primarily cultivated as ornamental plants. These can be placed in your living room, bedroom, and even the bathroom. Dumb cranes can grow with minimal care and it can give your home a stylish, rustic look.


Succulents: the perfect condo indoor plants

Summer Condo Indoor Plants

Photo courtesy of Instagram via Pinterest

Who doesn’t love succulents? These low maintenance, handy, and appealing plants are perfect for your condo home. These indoor plants can help cool down your home by absorbing UV rays from the sun or electronic gadgets. This is why succulents are commonly placed near windows and on work desks. These small plants can tolerate neglect; you just need to water them once a week. Since they’re tiny, you can place them anywhere such as on your kitchen counter, bathroom window pane, and living room cabinets. Moreover, succulents can bloom gorgeous flowers that can lift your interior design.


The flexible and heat insulating bamboo

Summer Heat Insulating Bamboo

Photo courtesy of thriftingistherapy.blogspot.com via Pinterest

The bamboo is a flexible perennial grass widely used in oriental-inspired interior design. It has insulation properties that reduce energy consumption. Bamboos are also extremely elastic and can be likened to hardwood timber in terms of strength and hardness. You can use bamboo as a design element in your living room or place them in pots for your bathroom. Some homes cover their living room walls with bamboos to complete a zen environment.

Studies show that living near green spaces is beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. More than offering natural ways to cool your condo this summer, indoor plants clean the air you breathe and encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. You can also build a vertical garden in your kitchen and enjoy fresh vegetables grown inside your home. Prepare green smoothies that are both healthy and refreshing—perfect for a hot summer day!



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