Money-Saving Challenge #2: A Mix-and-Match Guide for Your Capsule Wardrobe

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Fast fashion, or the mass production of fashion wear that copies the latest high-end designs, has bred a type of consumer that always aims to keep up with the trends. This results to a lifestyle that is often detrimental to the person’s financial well-being.

More often than not, people like to keep up with trends. This can lead to an expensive lifestyle that is difficult to sustain. Set yourself apart by becoming a sensible shopper. Give your wardrobe an overhaul so you can rely on a few good pieces to look well-dressed every time. This is also a great way to save more money, all while creating a classy persona. To achieve this, learn more about putting together a capsule wardrobe, or the collection of essential clothing items that are never out of fashion. Here are just a few ways you could mix n’ match basic clothes for attires that truly impress.

dress up dark jeansPhoto courtesy of Katyalison via Pixabay

Go for dark jeans you can dress up or down

Make sure you have high-quality dark jeans in your closet. Any cut would do, as long as it suits your body type. What matters more is its wash. Some washes can last longer without fading or distressing. Dark indigo would work great for this purpose. Your dark jeans can be dressed down for a casual get together with friends. Simply match it with your favorite cotton shirt or casual blouse. You can also dress it up by pairing it with a jacket. This way, you could head straight to your meeting with a client.

elegant pencil skirtyPhoto courtesy of Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay

Give your wardrobe a touch of elegance through a pencil skirt

The pencil cut is a classic silhouette that will give your wardrobe an elegant flair. A pencil skirt in bolder neutrals, such as navy and black, is an especially great addition to your wardrobe. It’s the perfect combination of feminine and classy. Just make sure your skirt has the right length. A pencil skirt that is too short can instantly make your outfit look gaudy, even inappropriate for some occasions.

You can pair your pencil skirt with a bright blouse and a dress jacket for a conference or job interview. You can also pair it with a shirt for a date downtown. Make sure you pay attention to the skirt’s fabric. Tweed and wool fabrics make for a classy look.

girl with cardiganPhoto courtesy of Nastya_gepp via Pixabay

Infuse your wardrobe with warmth and color through a cardigan

In a country that is simultaneously hot and cold, a good cardigan is practically a must-have in your closet. You know how it can be humid outside, making cool clothes ideal, but then you enter an air-conditioned building and would be grappling for something to keep you warm. A cardigan is just the thing to serve this purpose, as it looks great with casual clothes and simpler fabrics. Make your wardrobe extra fun by going for a piece in a brighter shade.

button down shirt girl wearingPhoto courtesy of Polocanon7d via Pixabay

Keep a button-down shirt handy

A button-down shirt is an interesting, if not necessary, article of clothing to have in your closet. A white piece is especially ideal. You can wear it tied over a maxi skirt, underneath a sweater or tucked into a pencil skirt. It will even look great with a pair of denim shorts. With the many ways you could wear it, a white button-down shirt can be worn to just about any occasion, from a conference to a laidback outing with friends.

classic LBDPhoto courtesy of Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay

Go classic with an LBD

Every woman should own a little black dress. There is nothing like the LBD to create an elegant look. It will also help ensure you will never run out of clothes to wear, as you could easily wear it to a formal event, a day at work, a job interview, a meeting with clients, a date, a simple trip downtown, and a night out with friends. You can even wear a shirt over it so it doubles as a skirt. Just make sure you go for an LBD with a basic silhouette and a flexible fabric. A pencil cut dress made of polyester fabric is a good choice.

girl wearing crisp jacketPhoto courtesy of Unpetitvoyou via Pixabay

Get edgy with a crisp jacket

A crisp jacket or blazer makes for a great addition to your wardrobe, especially if you have an office job. This can be a pricey piece, but you can do a workaround by shopping at a thrift shop. You will find affordable options in supermarkets or boutique shops, but they are likely to be of poor quality and would only make you look drab. This would then be counterintuitive as the usual purpose for wearing a blazer is to look sharp. You will be able to find high-quality, branded blazers in thrift shops though.

Your blazer’s fit is also key to a sharper look. Choose a cut that works for your body type and that would not look bulky around your waist or tight around the shoulders. More than just an outfit for an office setting, a jacket would also work great for a weekend look when worn with a pair of jeans.

White T-shirtPhoto courtesy of 412Designs via Pixabay

Get cool, comfy, and sharp with a white shirt

Yet another article of clothing that can help ensure you never run out of anything to wear is the white shirt. This classic piece can create either a laidback look or a sharp look, depending on what you pair it with. It can easily give you a cool persona when paired with denim pants and wayfarers. Wear it with your pencil skirt and you have a smart casual attire. White cotton shirts are also highly comfortable, as the fabric can make you feel warmer when it’s cold and cooler when it’s too warm. Any wardrobe is simply incomplete without one.

denim shortsPhoto courtesy of Jeshoots via Pixabay

Denim shorts

Denim shorts are great for a quick trip to the grocery store and other such errands. It’s also a handy piece for your ragged outings and adventure trips. And if you’re the type who likes to party, denim shorts can help you put together various glamour looks. You can pair your denim shorts with your cotton t-shirts, button-down shirts, and feminine blouses. When done right, you can even pair it with a dress jacket and sport the outfit in your office. Just make sure it is not against any company dress code.

You do not have to spend tons of money on countless clothes to look fashionable and put-together. Most often than not, a discerning taste and a sensible outlook are all you need to have an impressive wardrobe. So start planning your capsule wardrobe now. You will love how it will also ease up space in your closet, decluttering your home for an even better condo living.


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