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Condo Design.

All condo units are released looking the same, with some small differences when it comes to layout. However, each occupied condo unit takes its own personality when a condo design idea is adapted to it that reflects its owners personality and interests. If you are a unit owner in one of DMCI Homes’ condo properties you can adapt your favorite interior design inspiration into your unit.

If you plan on upgrading or renovating your condo space to make it more comfortable and appealing for you, you can do that as long as you follow DMCI Homes’ rules and regulations. Condo developers implement upgrade and renovation rules to each unit to preserve the structural integrity of the whole building. After all, safety is important.

Your interior condominium design solely depends on you! This is your time to showcase your personality or achieve the condo interior inspiration you dream finally come to life! Of course, you can also seek the help of an interior decorator to make sure that you achieve your desired beautiful house design.

A condo design interior or statement pieces in your home or that of another person are good topics for wholesome conversation. That is why, aside from looking at the interior design inspiration of condo homes, it would be interesting to know the inspiration behind the design and the centerpieces that were made into your condo. If there is always a story or reasons behind these, why not explore it? It is a way for you to learn about yourself or learn from the one you’re planning to get inspiration from.

An exclusive look into a DMCI Homes unit owner’s modern luxe condo

Designing your home is an extension of yourself so it is entirely normal to make a few tweaks and upgrades here and there in your DMCI Homes condo layout. Due to the condo’s generously spaced units and open floor plans, it is very easy to adapt your chosen condo interior design ideas.

Just look at Atty. Keij Ejercito’s modern luxe condominium unit at Acacia Estates in Taguig City. This young lawyer has transformed her already beautiful DMCI Homes condo into a hotel looking condo home that showcases her preference for organized, clean living while showing bits and pieces of her girly personality. To make sure that her unit looks spacious and organized, she opted to make white the dominant color of her unit’s walls and floors with accents of pink for elegance and femininity.

Since Atty. Keij’s condo interior design inspiration is modern luxe, her furniture and fixtures are modern and glamorous. Metallic accents such as gold or rose gold is a common decor element for this type of condo design idea. When it comes to condo units, you might think that because of the limited space, you shouldn’t incorporate large furniture and fixtures. But that’s wrong. Don’t allow your space to limit the type and size of furniture you want to have inside your home.

The entryway: Welcoming you to a hotel-like ambiance

Since she wants her home organized and clutter free, storage is important. On her entry way, she has a space-saver shoe cabinet where she and her guests can place their shoes upon entering her hotel-like condo. Having a storage or a place where you can put everything helps keep your home organized and neat.

Another must have in her entryway is a mirror where she can check herself first or take some OOTD shots before heading out. And to make sure that she feels like she’s coming home to a hotel, she made sure that huge art pieces that complements the overall color scheme of her home are displayed.

A look at the posh living room

If you check out Atty. Keij’s condo, her couch is one of the centerpieces of her living room. It wasn’t too big nor too small for her space. The secret? Customization. Instead of buying a ready made couch from a furniture store, she opted for a custom made couch that reflects her choice of color, size, and overall aesthetic.

To achieve the hotel-like ambiance she wants, she did not stop with her customized couch. She also invested in a quality rug and a center table that she designed herself that reflects who she really is.

The kitchen a.k.a. the heart of the home

To achieve the elegant yet classic and minimalist look for her kitchen, Atty. Keij went for a white theme not only for her walls in the kitchen but also her appliances. For a touch of luxury, this white kitchen is accented with rose gold. Her backsplash tiles are iridescent scallop tiles which are simple yet elegant and easy to clean. Minimalist design is advantageous especially in limited spaces because it gives you more space to utilize.

The chic dining area

If you fell in love with her kitchen, you will also surely adore the chic and luxurious home decor ideas Atty. Kiej did in her dining area. She used a glass tabletop to give an illusion of wider interior space.

To make her glass tabletop to really stand out, she collaborated with her interior designer to choose a centerpiece on her table and she diligently chose table chargers and placemats that exude luxury and elegance.

Cozy guest bedroom

Perfect for guests coming over, the guest bedroom at Atty. Keij’s condo is not only beautiful but also functional. Inside she placed a dainty pull out bed to accommodate more guests staying over. She also included a huge closet space and bedside chair, ottoman, and table for the guest’s light reading and other activities.

As a consideration for her guest, the guest’s bathroom is the most compromised space in her home. Instead of adding accents of pink and gold, this bathroom is white with a touch of black accents to achieve a more neutral feel.

The amazing home office

Because of its amazing modern interior design, every nook and cranny of Atty. Keij’s condominium is instagrammable. But when you take a peek inside her home office, the more you will be in awe!

This space is not only an office but also serves as her library and closet! By including a multi level shelves on her wall and an artful way of arranging her books along with her bags and shoes, Atty. Keij’s home office is truly an interior design inspiration for every fashion and book loving home owner.

The hotel-like primary bedroom

Everything inside Atty. Keij’s primary bedroom screams luxury and comfort. On her ceiling, you will be captivated by her gold light fixture with multiple light globes. Her bed is very luxurious, spacious, and comfortable as well. She also included wall sconces, bedside tables, and other decorative pieces that goes well with her modern luxe condo design idea.

Her ensuite primary bathroom has a spacious bathtub and of course, a touch of pink on the interiors. For a more cohesive look, she also invested in white and gold containers where she puts her bath products, giving her bathroom a more organized and cohesive feel.

All the elements in Atty. Keij’s complement each other and more importantly, they reflect her personality and provide what she needs and wants in a condo home. When choosing condo design ideas, remember that aside from aesthetics, you should also look for function. That way, you can maximize all the potential spaces in your condo home even if it is quite limited or generously spaced.

Throughout the virtual tour of Atty. Keij’s condo, she would mention that she would regularly collaborate with her interior designer. If you are planning to revamp your condo, should you hire one too?

Need the help of an interior designer?

It is always best to seek professional advice especially if you want to upgrade your condo. Interior designers have the right skillset to turn your condo into a work of art that is fully functional and worth every penny. Collaborating well with your interior designer similar to Atty. Keij will help you achieve the vision of what you have in mind and translate it to your own home.

Interior designers can also prevent you from committing interior design mistakes that can hamper your desire of experiencing better condo living. If you are wary about hiring an interior designer because of their fees, remember that these professionals can help you avoid making expensive mistakes in your home. They also help you go in the right direction to achieve your desired condo design idea for less and assure the increase in the value of your home.

Key Takeaways

Your condo’s interior design is one way your unit can stand out from the rest of the units in your condo community. Remember, you have a say in how your condo should look because it is one way you can reflect yourself in your home. That is why it is important to put even a bit of yourself or what you really want in the interior design inspiration of your home .

If you are planning to renovate or upgrade your condo, remember the following:

  • Know what you want and need in a home before choosing a design. That way, you can ensure that you don’t only get an aesthetically pleasing home, but also a functional one.
  • Consider getting a customized piece for your home. This is worth considering especially if you can’t find the perfectly sized piece of furniture or fixture for your home.
  • Consider hiring a professional interior decorator to help you with your home upgrade to save more and make sure that you don’t commit any interior design mistakes.

A DMCI Homes condo unit is beautiful on its own. But with your own touch and upgrades, it can be even more captivating, truly a home you would want to reside in.


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