10 Tips on How to Declutter Your Condo Unit and Start 2019 Clean

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Do you have old, broken furniture or appliances gathering dust around your condo unit? Last Christmas, surely you’ve received a gift that can replace or do a better job than at least one of those. Or maybe your flat is just plain messy? Maybe it’s time to learn how to let go of those items and make room for better ones this new year, and decluttering is the way to go.

So how exactly do you know what to throw away and what to keep? Here’s a list that will help you declutter your home so you don’t feel the anxiety about throwing things away – especially if they have sentimental value.

Check the food cabinet and refrigerator for stale items

It’s common in homes to stock food for emergencies or to make sure there’s enough food for everyone. But sometimes, we forget that some of those have expiry dates. That’s why one way to get started on how to throw things away without feeling guilty is by checking the food cabinet and refrigerator for stale or expired items. After all, you can’t consume or give away stale food so it would be best to simply throw it away.

Throw away excess or unused boxes

Boxes, whether filled or not, take up space. And in space-limited living areas such as condos, it would be best to throw away boxes that won’t be used anymore. This means taking a look at the boxes of your gadgets or appliances and deciding which of these you need to throw away.

How about the boxes of the expensive gadgets or toys that you have? First, the items such as cables, stickers, manuals of all your gadgets and toys can be placed inside a single box. A simple hack like this can help your condo living experience and that way you can save on space.

Second, did you know you could make some money from selling the box of that expensive gadget of yours? Do a quick search on the Internet and you’ll find that there are some people who buy boxes to package their own products. At least you can make a quick buck or two.

Look at your beauty products for expired ones

Like food, some beauty products have expiry dates. Knowing which items are expired and are near its expiry date will help you know what to throw out when decluttering your desk and condo. You can also avoid potential health problems by dispatching beauty products that are past its shelf life. At the very least, it would give you the urgency to use your make-up before it dies out on you.

Donate the old toys of your children

Isn’t it frustrating when you have to keep packing away your child’s toys? Maybe he/she has too many. Take a good look at their toys and see which of those are still appropriate for their age. Damaged or those that have been outgrown by your child can be donated to children in need. It’s a good way to teach your child about giving and living a simple life.

You can donate your old toys and clothes, too

Like your child, you, too, have some sort of collection or hobby going on. Moreover, you most probably have clothes that you don’t use anymore. Wouldn’t it be nice to let your things and clothes go – even if it has some sentimental value attached to it – and donate it to those who need it more?

But how can you throw away things with sentimental value? You can do that by never forgetting who or how you got the item and remember that, by giving it away, you are making someone else happy. In that way, you can make a brand new memory of that item.

Give away surplus cutlery, mugs, plates, etc.

In every household, there will always be a surplus of cutlery, mugs, glasses, and plates. Some could be giveaways, while others could be housewarming presents. Whatever the case, sometimes these items are left on the shelves to gather dust.

It’s important to know how to throw away things you don't need. Browse through your collection and see which of these you wouldn’t use on a daily basis. Find out which ones you’ll use on occasion and what you’ll never use. You can easily dispose of the latter because you can always use recyclable plates, glasses, spoon, and forks when the need arises.

Sell books you’ve finished reading

Needless to say, books can take up space. Sure, it looks good on a bookshelf and can start conversations. But unless you intend to re-read it every now and then, build a library or encourage your family to read more, it would be best to sell it to other bookworms. You may also swap books you’ve read already with new ones or better yet, donate them. That way you can save enough money to buy new books and keep your collection active without cramping your condo unit.

Dispose or recycle old bottles

Now that the party is over, wine, beer or whatever bottle it is that you used during the holiday season can be disposed of. In case there’s still some leftover wine, you can either drink it by yourself or with some friends, as well as use it to cook something up. What matters is that you empty it and send it to the recycling bin. That would definitely free up some space in your refrigerator, the cabinet, or on your wine rack.

Check the condition of your old appliances

Chances are you’ve been using your appliances a lot since you moved in. Check the condition of each of your appliances like the electric fan, rice cooker, microwave oven, refrigerator, and even the TV. Be on the hunt for any signs of wear and tear or infestation. In case you find any, it could be time to replace it. Better safe than sorry as they say. Replacing old appliances can also help you conserve energy as some old appliances consume more electricity.

Gather all excess items and hold a garage sale

In case you have 100 things to throw away, it might be best to hold a garage sale instead of simply heading towards the trash bin. You never know when someone might need what you have but don’t have the budget to buy a brand new item. You can sell it to them for a lot cheaper and still earn enough to buy new things or toys for you and your family.

Throwing away the things that were given to you or the items you’ve bought can be hard. But sometimes it would be the best move to let go of the old things to make way for better things or appliances to come.

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