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Want to grow an indoor condo garden but scared that the plants might die on you? Don’t be afraid because a lot of garden plants in the Philippines are easy to grow indoors, super affordable, and extremely beneficial. In fact, many of the plants available locally are NASA-approved for being effective at purifying indoor air and increasing oxygen levels. Decorating your condo with plants can help restore your mind, encourage productive work, and support a healthy lifestyle. Here are 9 of the best indoor plants for condo living in the metro.


1. Cactus plants are tough and beautiful

Condo Indoor Plants Cactus Plants are Tough and Beautiful

Photo courtesy of AKuptsova via Pixabay

Cactus plants have some of the most beautiful flowers ideal for condo living. Apart from having striking beauty, cactus plants are undemanding and easy to care for. They require less water than other plants, so make sure that you don’t let them soak in too much water. It’s best that you use fast-draining pots

and allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Since cactus plants need lots of sunlight, they’re perfect as decor near your condo windows.

2. Add lushness with Maidenhair fern

Hardy Indoor Plants Lushness wth Maidenhair

Photo courtesy of insagi via Pixabay

Maidenhair ferns are locally called Alambrillo. Like many plants, it is incredibly beneficial for condo gardening. Its feather-like foliage looks graceful and adds unique charm to indoor spaces. There are more than 200 species of maidenhair fern. In some areas in the Philippines, the fronds are used as a natural medicine for colds, coughs, and snoring. Maidenhair ferns, unlike cactus plants, do not tolerate dry soils. Thus, it’s important that you water them regularly to prevent the foliage from turning brown. Because maidenhair plants grow best in slightly acidic soils, add lime rocks to the potting soil to increase its acidity.

3. Mosaic-feels with Fittonia plant

Condo Indoor PlantsMosaic-feels with Fittonia plant

Photo courtesy of AKuptsova via Pixabay

Fittonia or nerve plant is a tropical plant easily recognizable for its striking veins. While the foliage is primarily green, the plant’s color can take on various hues of pink, white and red. The plant’s tropical characteristic makes it perfect for condo gardening in the Philippines. Fittonia flourishes in warm and humid settings. Near your condo’s windows is a great location, but avoid direct sunlight. Go easy with watering as too much water will harm the plant. For air-conditioned condos, a good trick to keep the plant moist is spraying it with tepid water.

4. Bring in luck and good energy with jade plant

Condo Indoor Plants Luck and Energy with Jade Pant

Photo courtesy of renthouse via Pixabay

Associated with money and material wealth, jade plant is recommended in feng shui. Using feng shui when arranging your condo plants can help emit good energy and evoke a feeling of harmony. In feng shui, plants contribute to the positive flow of energy throughout a home. Plants can disguise harsh angles and counterbalance bad energy. Not only is jade plant attractive and considered lucky for condo living in the Philippines, it is also very resilient and easy to care for. It grows slowly but its lifespan is incredibly long. As a succulent plant, jade plant does not require a lot of water. Keep the soil somewhat dry to keep the plant green and healthy.


5. Banish toxins and bad smell with spider plant

Condo Indoor Plants Banish Toxins and Smell with Spider Plants

Photo courtesy of Amber Faust via Pexels

As a hardworking air-purifier, spider plants can banish the smell of nasties such as tobacco and chemicals such as formaldehyde and xylene. Their popularity as an indoor plant hasn’t fallen out of fashion. Spider plants are very easy to grow indoor. They produce arched stems with green and yellow hues. The stems extend up to 18 inches long, adding visual interest whether inside or outside of a condo unit. Spider plants can also produce tiny white flowers especially during summer. They can be placed in a hanging basket or grown in pots. Spider plants do well in an evenly moist soil and medium lighting conditions.


6. Freshen up your kitchen with basil

Condor Indoor Plants Freshen up your kitchen with Basil

Photo courtesy of Kaboompics//Karolina via Pexels

Growing an herb garden in your condo kitchen is a great idea. It’s not only practical but also stylish and appetizing. The kitchen can feel chaotic, but an herb garden can bring serenity and aromatic freshness. Basil is one of the best herbs that you can grow in your condo kitchen. It requires easy maintenance and can deodorize the space. Basil leaves add flavor to a lot of dishes, from pastas to salads. Herb plants like basil do not require a lot of space. They can grow perfectly in small and compact containers.


7. How to handle Golden Pothos

Condo Indoor Plants Handle Golden Pothos

Photo courtesy of vistawei via Pixabay

Golden pothos is another indoor plant that can help purify condo air. Its fast-growing vine creates a beautiful cascade of green. You can definitely keep it short by cutting the stems, which you can replant and propagate. While golden pothos need bright and indirect light, they can stay green even during seasons with less sunlight. Golden photos does well in normal room temperatures. Note that despite its beauty and air-purifying benefits, golden photos is potentially poisonous when ingested. Place them in a secure location inaccessible to small children and pets.


8. Ponytail palm: sleek and dramatic

Condo Indoor Plants Sleek and Dramatic

Photo courtesy of spaway via Pixabay

It’s not difficult to see why the ponytail palm tree is a popular houseplant. It looks sleek and dramatic. The long, curly leaves are aesthetically stunning. The ponytail palm is forgiving and easy to maintain, making it an ideal houseplant for condos. As a succulent, it grows best in semi-dry conditions.


9. Grass indoors? Yes, you can!

Condo Grass Indoors

Photo courtesy of fancycrave via Pexels

DMCI Properties have amazing indoor and outdoor spaces designed with Lumiventt technology, a smart innovation that keeps the environment ventilated and airy. Want to bring the lawn indoors? You can definitely do that with plants such as wheatgrass. The color and feel of wheatgrass is homey and lively. It’s great as an ornament but you can also use it to create a healthy drink. Add wheatgrass in a juicer to enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin C and amino acids. Wheatgrass looks fantastic and doubles as a healthy addition to your diet.

Who said that growing an indoor condo garden is difficult? With these 9 low maintenance indoor plants for condos, you can easily create a home that is beautiful, healthy and inviting. You can also get more creative with your indoor plants by making your own planters.


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