The Essential Style Guide Your Condo Kitchen Remodeling

Condo Design.

As a social and practical area, designing a condo kitchen requires careful consideration. But with all the remodeling tips out there, it’s easy to lose sight of the essentials in terms of design and functionality. What are the key design points to consider for your condo kitchen? Learn the essentials from this definitive condo kitchen remodeling guide.


1. Refined style with organic minimalism

Condo Kitchen Remodeling Organic Minimalism

Photo courtesy of Skitterphoto via Pixabay

A minimalist condo kitchen is perfect for its style and functionality. Given the tendency of kitchens to be cluttered, a minimalist design can provide a “wow” factor while keeping the space clean and orderly. For the budget-conscious, minimalism is a great choice because the focus is on key pieces; less is more. For example, consider buying wooden table and chairs from thrift shops or discount stores. Not everything has to be new. Pre-loved furniture can add character to a minimalist kitchen. Simplifying your kitchen and eliminating unnecessary items will create an efficient and calming area. Since space is a consideration in most condos, a minimalist design can help you achieve the right arrangement for a no-frills kitchen.


2. Smart organization with the right kitchen cabinets

As one of the busiest areas in most condos, the kitchen needs to be organized and sleek. Your ally to achieve a stress-free kitchen is the right cabinet. Depending on the style and function, cabinets can help you sustain a pristine and efficient kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are great for both minor and major condo renovations. Adding the right cabinet in a condo kitchen design can make a huge impact. Push-to-open cabinets are worth considering because they provide quick access to items. These cabinets can be clear or opaque, and they come in different materials such as glass, wood and hard plastic. Combining push-to-open cabinets with other cabinet styles provide more storage and add visual interest. Cabinets with slim metal handles are great additions for a modern kitchen. Complement them with open shelves to display attractive tableware while preventing dust and grime buildup.


3. Unify kitchen aesthetic with color

Condo Kitchen Remodeling Unify Aesthetic with Color

Photo courtesy of keresi72 via Pixabay

Color can unify the aesthetic of any kitchen design for a condo in the Philippines. Color allows you to bring in much-needed vibrancy and liveliness to the kitchen. What’s great about the kitchen is it can utilize a wider color selection than most areas in the condo. Surely, this can make selecting the right color for your condo time-consuming and stressful. One of the best ways to select the right color is to depend on your aesthetic taste. Whether the color your prefer is black, red or white, the key is to combine colors to avoid making your kitchen monotonous and dull. Consider adding a splash of green and yellow since they are often associated with health and happiness. Gray and earth tones are great if your want a modern and subtle effect.


4. Systematize with a kitchen island

Condo Kitchen Remodeling Systematize with Kitchen Island

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

A functional island will help you systematize your kitchen. It’s a useful furniture because it looks inviting and adds efficiency to the area. Since the condo kitchen is often a busy hub of activities, integrating an island in your kitchen remodeling will be a huge space-saver. A kitchen island offers additional space for food preparation and storage. It can also double up as a breakfast or dining nook. Preparing and eating meals will feel more delightful. A kitchen island can be modern or rustic, depending on your preference. If unsure about the size, one of the best tips for a condo kitchen remodeling is to work closely with a contractor. You can definitely find the right island that fits your condo kitchen with the help of a professional.


5. Bringing the edgy back

Condo Kitchen Remodeling Edgy Back

Photo courtesy of renthouse via Pixabay

While a practical area in condos, the kitchen doesn’t have to be boring. With an edgy design, your condo kitchen can have maximized efficiency and stylish impact. Condos in DMCI Properties are designed in such a way that allows you to incorporate your own edgy aesthetic. For the kitchen, a great way to try out edgy design is with the use of different materials. Combining different materials in your kitchen remodeling can create a fascinating space. It’s also budget-friendly because you’re combining traditionally expensive and more affordable materials. For example, instead of using all wood or stone, you can throw laminate and Thermofoil in the mix. Combining materials has a stylish effect while providing flexibility in texture and function.


6. Make space for vibrance with an indoor garden

Condo Kitchen Remodeling Indoor Garden

Photo courtesy of SirGreen via Pixabay

Add vibrance and energy to your kitchen with an indoor garden. With the right plants, your kitchen can look and smell beautiful. Perfect for a gourmand’s paradise, an indoor garden in your kitchen can uplift the area and make it more efficient. Imagine having easy access to fresh ingredients for cooking. Moreover, an indoor garden improves your condo’s air quality. Replace unwanted odor with the therapeutic smell of herbs such as rosemary, mint and parsley. Herbs in pots are great and easy to maintain. But did you know that you can also use hydroponic planters? Hydroponics is a form of soilless gardening that uses nutrient-enriched water. It useful for busy condos because you don’t have to water the plants often.


7. Look, Ma, no hands: Switch to smart lighting

Condo Kitchen Remodeling Smart Lighting

Photo courtesy of PIX1861 via Pixabay

A condo kitchen remodeling isn’t complete without proper lighting. Upgrade your kitchen lights with economical and stylish illumination. LED lights are a fantastic alternative to ordinary bulbs. LED lights require less electricity and doesn’t burn out quickly. Since your hands can be full in the kitchen, consider sensor-activated LED lights for a practical upgrade. It’s great for busy condos because it dispenses with the need for a light switch. Combine white and warm yellow for balanced illumination. With smart lighting, your condo kitchen will have a brighter ambiance and design-friendly functionality.

Designing a condo kitchen is about finding the products and style that suit your taste and requirements. Follow the tips in this condo kitchen remodeling guide to create a space that is great looking and befitting your lifestyle.


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