8 Fresh Designs for Your Grandparents’ Condo Bedroom


With the number of the elderly going up, it is increasingly becoming a must for everyone to know how to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible. According to a report by the Moody’s Investors, the elderly in the Philippines comprise approximately 4.1 percent of the population and will rise to 4.9 percent by 2020 and to 6.3 percent by 2030.

It is one of the Filipinos’ great hallmarks to look after our older family members. With a family-centered culture like ours, it is not uncommon to see grandparents growing old in the homes of their children. Of course, condos in the Philippines are no exception. Aside from making your condo elder-proof, make them feel truly at home in your DMCI Homes unit. Here are fresh and lovely condo bedroom design ideas for elders.

Give Them Classic Furniture in A Fun Style

Whoever said that traditional has to be boring? Revamp your grandparent’s bedroom with furniture that will take them to their favorite era. To spruce things up, choose a color that will best suit their condo bedroom interior. You can also reinvent your existing furniture by intentionally —and tastefully — distressing it. The image of your furniture surviving stains and nicks and growing old with you is simply endearing. This is one reason why the distressed furniture design effortlessly has that quaint charm.

Keep their comfort and safety in mind when selecting furniture for them. Make sure that they can rest comfortably on the headboard of the bed and on the chair. Consider their body type and preferences when it comes to the dimensions and materials of the furniture.

Opt for A Stylish Carpet

Make the bedroom floor fashionable by investing in a carpet that comes in a timeless color and design. Also, choose one with a texture that will not only lend a unique appearance, but will also make your elder comfortable even while barefoot.

To prevent them from slipping or falling, please avoid rugs. These can bunch up and your elders can easily trip on them. When putting on a new carpet, make sure there are no folds or anything that can pose harms to your elders. Also, go for an eco-friendly carpet that will not emit harmful fumes or chemicals. This will not only benefit your grandparents, but also the small kids in your household who may crawl on the floor as they play in their bedroom.

Bring on the Curtains

Evoke old-world charm and glamour with beautiful curtains in a color, material, and texture that your grandparents will love. When it comes to the curtain’s material, make sure that the curtain is thick enough to make their bedroom dark and comfortable for sleeping. Also, check if the curtains can be easily tied together should your elder want to be relaxed by the view outside of your condo unit.

Let Them Breathe Art with Paintings

Artwork captures man’s intricate artistry so paintings and vignettes will always be a timeless addition to any room in your condo. Let your grandparents know how much you appreciate them by giving them masterpieces to adorn their condo bedroom. Depending on your elder’s taste, you can go for traditional pieces or for radical works by an up-and-coming artist.

Liven Up the Mood with Lights

The right lighting fixture does not fail to enrich the ambiance in any room. There is a myriad of lights that you can choose from depending on the mood that you like to create in your grandparent’s condo bedroom. If your elder is on the minimalist side, select a lampshade that oozes with understated elegance.

If you want a more sophisticated feel, why not go for a charming chandelier? No matter what you choose, the lighting should be enough for your grandparent’s eyesight so that they can read and go about their routine while in their bedroom. More importantly, make sure that they can easily find and access the switch. This is important so they can avoid tripping on something because of their fumbling around in the dark.

Bring Nature in with Plants

Hit two birds with one stone by improving the air quality in your elder’s bedroom and livening up the interior with nature’s decors: plants. This is an excellent condo living idea especially when your elder is fond of gardening There are many low-maintenance indoor plants that you can choose from to suit their personality. For instance, go for ferns for that carefree vibe, aloe vera for that therapeutic benefit, and cactus for a grandparent who is a young rebel at heart.

If nurturing plants is totally not a good option for you, consider artfully made and styled faux flowers. Bonus: You can make this DIY project a great bonding activity for you and your grandparents.

Take Them Down the Memory Lane with Family Photos

Nothing spells more nostalgic than good old family pictures. Select photos that your grandparents love looking at the most and immortalize these memories further by putting them in chic frames. Depending on the size and number of your photos, you can accentuate one part of their condo bedroom or fill up their space. However, make sure that the frames go well with one another to make for a unifying motif.

Nurture Their Interests with Memorabilia of Their Choice

Your elders spent their working life striving to provide for you and your family. Let them indulge more in their favorite hobbies now that they have come into retirement. Decorate their bedroom with memorabilia that will honor their interests.

Frame old movie posters or classic magazine covers for the culture vulture in your grandparents. Stock up on vinyl records of their all-time favorite artists and find a way to put them on a stylish display. For the bookworm, there is nothing like the mere sight (and smell) of old books. Build them an artsy bookshelf where they can show off their classics.

Get inspired by these great condo bedroom design ideas for your grandparents. Always keep in mind to execute these with elder-proofing. This will not only make for a better condo living with elders, but will also make their condo bedroom their ultimate sanctuary in your home. After all, it is a pleasure to honor your elders for everything that they have done for you.



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