7 Gift Wrapping Ideas For The Different People In Your Life

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People exert a lot of effort when it comes to the gifts they give to the special people in their lives. Right from the gifts down to the wrapping of the presents. The holidays will soon come to a close, but you need to hurry up if you’re still wrapping gifts for your dearest friends. For an extra nice touch, we have listed creative gift wrapping techniques that are really easy to follow!

Stay extra and hand your gifts with pride before the year ends!

1. For your friend who loves photography

gift wrapping ideas for photographers

Photo courtesy of congerdesign via Pixabay

For the one who loves to be behind the camera, the perfect elegant Christmas gift wrapping idea would be wrapping up the gift in a paper fashioned with your favorite photos together. You only need to edit, collage, and print the photos in an A4 sized paper and you’re done! Your friend will surely appreciate this and even keep the wrapper and frame it for remembrance.

2. For your friend who loves anything vintage

You may want to go with a solid and rustic theme for his/her gift. Are you giving a vintage-looking dress or trinket perhaps? Whatever that is, this gift wrapping idea will surely fit. What you need is just a solid-colored paper or paper bag and a simple gift tag. You can include a short message at the back of the tag to make it more personal.

3. For your crafty friend

gift wrapping ideas for crafty friend

Photo courtesy of KRiemer via Pixabay

For your artsy friends who never fail to amaze you with their creativity. You can do a colorful hodgepodge for their gift wraps. What you need? Just paints, paintbrushes, and sponges. Make sure to use their favorite color, include a gift tag with a quirky and funny message, and you’re done! They will surely appreciate the effort you invested on it.

4. For your eco-friendly friend

What you can do is go with a classic gift wrapping and eco-friendly technique just by using brown paper bags. Wrap your presents with the brown paper bag and embellish it with a DIY Christmas wreath label. You can make this with a green-colored paper and cut out little leaves to form a Christmas wreath. For the finishing touch, write your endearing message right at the center of the Christmas wreath.

5. For your friend who is a board game whiz!

gift wrapping ideas for board game whiz

Photo courtesy of Randy Faith via Unsplash

You might want to try a more interactive gift wrapping technique. You may wrap the gift with a basic-colored paper then draw their favorite board game on it. You may also opt to print a simple board game template to a plain bond paper. This will surely make your gift more personalized and put a smile on his/her face.

6. For the wanderlust friend

gift wrapping ideas for wanderlust friend

Photo courtesy of Annie Pratt via Pixabay

For your wanderlust friend, you just need an atlas or roadmap you can easily purchase in bookstores. Use it to wrap the present and create a compass-like gift tag.

7. For your sweetheart

gift wrapping ideas for your sweetheart

Photo courtesy of freestocks.org via Unsplash

For your significant other, you need to add a little bit more romance to your gift. What you can do is wrap your present in a red-colored paper. You may incorporate some red or gold glitters to embellish the look. You may also paste your favorite photos together on the gift wrap. Put a red ribbon, add a gift tag, and you’re done!

Not only are these gift wrapping techniques simple and easy, but you’ll surely touch the hearts of your friends with the effort you put into their gifts. The best part? You can easily get your last-minute gift wrapping tasks done in your DMCI Homes condo.


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