13 So-Called Extravagances You Should Squeeze into Your Budget

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When is too much really too much? At a time of modern conveniences, it is sometimes difficult to tell between a need and a want or a guilty splurge and a reasonable spree. There always seems to be an argument for one and the other.

But comfort is priceless — a restful sleep, an appetizing dinner, and a comfortable home. Buying or renting a condo is not cheap, but at least you can go on and on with the benefits that naysayers would not ever understand.

Just like the convenience and comfort of condo living, sometimes the best things in life come with a price tag. These are the things that are worth spending on that you could make a case for easily. Some people will convince you otherwise and that’s why it is important to remind ourselves every now and then that we shouldn’t allow people to get us into believing that we don’t deserve what we want.

And because you deserve so much more, here is a lucky 13 of relatively expensive things that are worth the money and worth considering for every Filipino condo dweller.


Quality mattress for quality sleep

price quality mattress

Photo courtesy of shadowfirearts via Pixabay

Never compromise a good night sleep. Some condo residents want to save a buck (who doesn’t?) and wouldn’t mind sleeping on a flat, cheap cushion on the floor. But while you don’t mind, your body does. You abused your body at work all day and it does deserve to rest well. Innovative, quality mattresses, memory foams, and therapeutic mattresses are worth your every cent.


Cuddly, comfy sheets and linens

price comfy sheets and linens

Photo courtesy of manbob86 via Pixabay

Using the same argument as investing in a quality mattress, you must also not deprive yourself of quality sheets and linens. If you’ve ever spent a night in a nice hotel, you’ll know what we mean. Those cuddly and soft bed sheets will make you feel like a million dollars.


High-speed internet all the way

price high-speed internet

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

We’re living a 24-hour culture. There’s pizza delivery at midnight, there’s customer service at 3 AM, and we can get a massage anytime. People are awake at different times now mostly because of work demands. And most of it has a lot to do with technology. Some work from home, some answer work emails after dinner, some work in a virtual environment.

High-speed internet connection will empower you to do so many things. Some people argue: why get Fiber internet at home when you have Wi-Fi in the office or why would you like Internet connection when that will keep you from achieving work-life balance?

Remember that technology is something you can control. If you use it to enrich your life, then it will. With a reliable internet connection in your condo, you can take extra work or even start a sideline on the web. You can watch movies for free. You can have quality bonding moments with your family.


Cooling it down with centralized air conditioning

Living in a tropical, humid country means you won’t get to wear your trendy coat or jacket come Christmas Day. It is hot every day. Air conditioning, a luxury that only well-off families can afford back then, has now become a necessity in every home. Almost all condos are equipped with a cooling system or people just won’t be able to breathe.

Air conditioning systems in bedrooms are acceptable, but centralized air conditioning is considered a luxury. Well, wait for summer and you’ll probably change your mind. The good thing about a centralized cooling system in condos is that it is not like you have to cool an entire stadium. The space is relatively small and your air con won’t be too hard at work.


Automatic washer and dryer

price automatic washer and dryer

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

If you still have the basic washing machine and dryer in your condo, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Automatic washers are very popular now for very good reason. Yes, they’re more expensive. And yes, they also do the same thing like spin your clothes. But they save so much of your time and energy. You won’t have to wash and soak them one by one because automatic washers do the dirty job for you. You don’t need to have those plastic tubs too that eat so much space. And finally, automatic washers are more energy-efficient.


Quality kitchen tools

price quality kitchen tools

Photo courtesy of congerdesign via Pixabay

Having a good set of kitchen knives is always a good decision. It could be considered an expensive everyday item, but that’s precisely why they are necessary — we use them every day. Imagine slicing chicken breast and you could barely do so. If you buy cheap and low-quality kitchen tools that you will use to prepare food daily, you’ll only find yourself buying a new set of tools every after a few months. It’s true, being cheap could cost you.


Starbucks-approved coffee machines

price starbucks-approved coffee machines

Photo courtesy of aleksandra85foto via Pixabay

Espresso machines are not cheap. But if you’re the type who needs a decent caffeine fix to start the day, it could be a good 13th month pay investment.

A recent study found that 41% of millennials spent more on coffee that saving for retirement. If you are one of them, getting your own coffee machine might just be your best decision yet. It will save you some money in the long run, plus you got your kitchen a really cool and sophisticated machine.


A mode of transport

price mode of transport

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

Condo living means you have easy access to public transportation. But that shouldn’t keep you from getting your own wheels. It could be a car or a bike. After all, you would need to go some place and having a mode of transport at your disposal would make life easier.


Timeless and quality furniture

price quality furnitures

Photo courtesy of Pexels via Pixabay

After a long day at work, you deserve to sit on a really nice couch. You deserve to gather your family around a quality dining table. You deserve to have a gorgeous bed frame. Quality pieces of furniture are things that are worth it. They are durable and timeless. It is worth investing in a few quality furniture pieces that cheap ones that you would end up replacing every so often.


Peace of mind in a security system

You should never assume that you’re safe. Investing in a security system can be pricey but the peace of mind it gives is simply priceless. This is especially advised if you have kids at home that you want to be able to monitor anytime and anywhere.


Spa elements in the bathroom

Walking into a spa has some therapeutic feel to it. Suddenly, you feel so much better. Is it the smell? Is it the interiors? Is it the music? Whatever it is, it pays to create your own spa in the bathroom. Fragrance oils, a nice rug, clean towels, sparkling sink, and some very good mood lighting are all it takes. It may seem like an extravagance to spend so much time and resources in the bathroom, but it truly makes you feel better.


Shower to remember

price shower to remember

Photo courtesy of tookapic via Pixabay

Speaking of bathrooms, invest in a quality shower head. It shouldn’t feel like you are the one adjusting to it when taking a shower. Some showers have massage settings and relaxing qualities that are totally worth splurging on. Shower time is a private time that you should not take for granted.


Hobby to keep you busy

price keep you busy

Photo courtesy of skeeze via Pixabay

Some people say that hobbies are nothing but an excuse to buy expensive things. People have different hobbies and some are truly more expensive than others. But the point remains the same: you need to keep busy with things that make you feel alive. Whether it’s photography, drones, painting, playing the piano, etc. If going to the gym makes you feel alive, well and good, because condo amenities normally include a gym. But if your hobbies need to be purchased, go on and find your happiness.

No home item can be so expensive if it satisfies your lifestyle and allows you to live comfortably. Just think of the things you need not just today but in the future and get the best one out there. You deserve it.



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