DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Make in Your Condo


There’s the Spice Girls song on the radio again: “Mama, I love you/ Mama, my friend/ You’re my friend.

That could only mean one thing — yes, it’s Mother’s Day and if you have not planned on it yet, get up and do something about it before the whole world thinks you are a worthless and ungrateful (insert expletive here). The great poet Robert Browning once said that “all love begins and ends with motherhood.” No love compares to a mother’s love — it’s pure and absolute, it need not be acquired nor deserved, it’s just there.

Our mothers rarely ask for anything. But this Mother’s Day, make them feel special because that is what they are. Never mind what they say that this day is entirely Hallmark’s idea. You don’t need to spend $173 or the average spending of Americans on mom this year. That’s roughly $21 billion according to a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF). No need to worry because our moms are simple and undemanding. In fact, another survey revealed what moms really want on Mother’s Day: something homemade. A nice family dinner, greeting cards, and flowers are also on their very unassuming and rather predictable list. Before you say that “I don’t have time” or “I am not creative” crap, here is a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can do in your condo. C’mon she suffered through your 14-hour birth, don’t you think it’s your turn to bring back the favor?

Deck of love

deck of love

Photo courtesy of Peppermint Creative via Pinterest

Warning: this is going to make her emotional all day. Get a deck of cards and on the back of each of the 52 cards, write down one reason why you love your mom. This Mother’s Day gift idea is going make her cry, laugh, and nostalgic but most of all she will feel loved.

Photo in a jar

photo in jar

Photo courtesy of Nikki Church via Pinterest

You have a stack of photos in your phone. Mind to print some out? There is something about actual photos that make moms smile and put them on an instant throwback. It could be your photo with mom, her grandchildren, or her wedding day. Put it inside a glass jar where she can also put her little things.

An arrangement of memories


Photo courtesy of Megan Fugal via Pinterest

Moms love flowers. And as we’ve said, they adore photos. Put them together and you got a photo arrangement. It is like pinning down sticks of hotdogs on a ball of cabbage during kiddie birthday parties. But this time, a little bit cheesier.

Time off from the kitchen


Photo courtesy of Lindsey Tramuta via Pinterest

 Is your mom doing all the cooking in the house? No, she’s not complaining and she prepares every meal with love. But just once, give her time off from the kitchen. At some point, husband and the kids have joined mom throw a meal so try to bring the memories back. After all, what’s so hard with toast? Single moms have most definitely asked for their kids’ help in the kitchen. A kitchen that can teach kids some responsibility should be listed somewhere in the practical guide for single moms buying their condo. If a full-course dinner is too much for your kitchen skills, a sweet breakfast in bed with heart-shaped pancakes will do.

Because mom is also our tea-cher


Photo courtesy of Roos Gast via Pinterest

Here is another creative breakfast touch that you can do. Surprise mom in the morning with a cup of tea. But not just any tea. It is a tea with a cute picture on it. There is no better way to say “Happy Mother’s Day” and “good morning.”

Mark her books


Photo courtesy of Caranbar via Pinterest

Is mom a book worm? Surprise her with a bookmark that will make her smile at every turn. All it takes is to cut out a cute photo and put a pretty ribbon or a colorful yarn on top.

A banner of thanks

thank you

Photo courtesy of Markie Cunningham via Pinterest

What is the best way to kick off a Mother’s day surprise party? Well, surprise banners never fail. But instead of just the usual “Happy Mother’s Day,” write a message instead. Let the surprise not be generic but more personal, heartfelt, and grateful.

A card that’s not Hallmark


Photo courtesy of Gary Anger via Pinterest

The NRF survey revealed that most Americans are going to spend on a greeting card. Really? On a piece of paper? Why not make your own? All you need is a pen, a piece of paper or cardboard, some color, and all that pretty scrapbook stuff. You can also just print it out. But actually, mom is after the message. And just for this day, don’t Google a quote or a poem or a Hallmark greeting. Write from the heart. Make her cry, make her laugh, and make her feel a whirlwind of emotions.

A spa day at home


Photo courtesy of Marianne Roush Mucker via Pinterest

Most mothers are so busy they can’t find time to visit the salon or spa. If they can’t go to the spa, why not bring it to your condo? Clean and polish her nails. Put some hot oil cream on her head. Massage her a bit. Put cold cucumber slices on her tired eyes. In short, treat her like a queen. A spa day at home is good tip for a mother’s day surprise party especially if you belong in an estrogen-filled home.

Something for the kitchen


Photo courtesy of Alma Carson via Pinterest

If your mom loves to cook, she will appreciate an herb garden right in her kitchen. Now, she can just go ahead and pick all the fresh basil she needs. This will also make condo living a little bit greener. You can just put them in recycled tin cans. This is a symbol of your ever-growing love for her.

Since when did flowers fail? Never.


Photo courtesy of Ebonee Robinson via Pinterest

Flowers work all the time and in any occasion. It is as universal as wine and chocolates. But this Mother’s Day, don’t just give her a bouquet of flowers. Plant her one. You can personalize the pot if you want. She will be very happy to put this as centerpiece in her home.

Jar of care

jar of care

Photo courtesy of Emily Marzullo via Pinterest

Give mom a survival kit jar. It may contain vitamins and Advil, lip balm, moisturizer, anti-aging cream, band aid, petroleum jelly, and anything that your mom might need. Our moms always make sure that we got everything we need so it is time to bring back the favor.

There are tons of ways to celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day. She won’t ask you for a piece of jewelry, a new phone, or a new car. All she wants is that you remember. Any gift, any gift at all, is an icing on the cake. But knowing how selfless mothers are, they really won’t mind if you don’t show effort. In their mind, there’s always next year. But please, stop making them wait.


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