10 Minimalist Approach to a Cozy Interior Design

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Now, more than ever, you’re probably more likely to pinpoint things that need refurbishing, adding, or replacing in your condo. But if you’ve ended up with a cluttered rather than a homey and cozy look, then it’s time for some pro interior design tips and ideas.

Many pandemic homes have turned into all-in-one venues for work, study, exercise, recreation, and everything else in between. With the need to optimize these activities amid the lockdown, you may have found yourself bitten by the interior design bug and suddenly eager for a DIY interior design throwdown!n

Add to this, the emergence of so many curated home decor shops online has made you fall into the rabbit hole of a condo design overhaul.

No judgment. After all, where else can you best express yourself than in the confines of your home? These days, redecorating has also been equated to the maintenance of one’s emotional and mental well-being. Hence, give yourself permission to jazz it up – or down (if you’re into minimalism) – to promote your best inner state.

If you’re looking into exploring cozy interior design, in particular, the tips below will help you achieve just that.

Cozy interior design tips for a comfy space

Cozy isn’t just about marshmallow pillows and velveteen curtains. Combining elements such as blankets, paint, or lighting can help you achieve a look and feel for your condo home that could put anyone at ease, the minute they step into your home space.

1. Light colors are your best bet

Light colors are your best betPhoto courtesy of João Jesus from Pexels

Light colors such as white, off-white, cream, light grey, pastel, or neutral colors can lend warmth and coziness to your home ambiance. These colors can make your space look less constricted and bigger. On top of this, light colors are very easy to pair with; so going this route can give you room to be flexible to future changes, should you want to update your space again.

So to kick off your design throwdown, start by planning your color palette options. Discover which light-color combinations you gravitate towards. Light-colored spaces, especially white ones, make your condo area look wider. Generally, light colors tend to be pleasing and relaxing to the eyes, which is why it’s a timeless interior design color choice.

2. Pair light colors with muted earth tones

Pair light colors with muted earth tonesPhoto courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Ever wonder why log cabins feel so warm and cozy? It’s because of their earth tone. Follow suit, and add earthy tones and textures to your condo’s interior for a warm and inviting ambiance.

Earthy colors are very pleasant to look at because they blend well with lighter colors in the background. Reminiscent of the forest, these colors evoke a very relaxing feel, making your space feel more breathable and comfortable.

You can add earthy tones as accents or as key pieces in your condo. It’s one way to keep your whole space looking and feeling alive. Having certain accent points keeps your condo unit from looking too plain because this incorporates subtle playfulness. Adding accents in earthy tones become focal points of the space, especially when these accents are pieces of furniture or a painting.

3. Choose warm lighting for a moody ambiance

Choose warm lighting for a moody ambiancePhoto courtesy of Rachel Claire from Pexels

Good lighting can heighten the ambiance and mood of your condo home. Illuminating your home brightly can make it feel more open and inviting, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in your space.

For lighting, strike a balance between white and warm yellow lights. A yellow light will help instantly warm up your space, especially if you have a lot of white implements in your home.

Installing it doesn’t mean that you’re restricted to your ceiling. Mix up your lighting fixtures with a cove or recessed lights, or a tabletop or a floor lamp. Don’t limit your light source to just the ceiling. Let the light fill different areas of your condo.

4. Wood textures create visual appeal and a sense of comfort

Wood textures create visual appeal and a sense of comfortPhoto courtesy of Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

There is something about wood textures that can transform any piece of furniture or accessory into a statement piece. Moreover, wooden elements help imbue a back-to-nature vibe that can make space look homier.

With the right color and finish, a wooden piece in your condo could instantly become your go-to area. When you’re shopping around for wooden decorative pieces, make sure to consider the type of wood. Depending on this, the colors can range from light warm such as birch woods to deep almost coffee-like browns such as acacia.

5. Invest in good quality throws, duvets, and comforters

Invest in good quality throws, duvets, and comfortersPhoto courtesy of Maria Orlova from Pexels

Nothing speaks of cozy interior design other than good quality throws and comforters. Investing in a great duvet and covering it nicely with quality beddings could look eye-catching and appealing. Not only is it visually appealing but it’s also quite soothing to the eyes.

Seeing these duvets could lure anyone to rest which can instantly help elevate the room’s comfy vibe. It can immediately take your room’s ambiance to the next comfort level. Wait for it to entice you to go to bed or lay on top of it. A fluffy duvet can send an inviting vibe to anyone who sees it.

Apart from this, make sure that your throws are soft and fluffy! Be careful when selecting your throws because some of them may not be as comfortable as you think; so pay attention to the reviews of other customers. See if that certain throw is worth getting. Remember, the experience needs to match with the look.

6. Opt for simple and clean furniture designs

Opt for simple and clean furniture designsPhoto courtesy of Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

Nowadays, there’s a rise in clean and sleek presentations which result in a more relaxing and stress-free visual. Hence, opt for simple and modern furnishings that can allow you and your guests to move freely.

In contrast, heavily decorated furniture usually restricts guests from moving as freely as they might like and provide too many visual stimuli that can be stressful rather than appealing. Heavily detailed furniture also imposes a sense of caution instead of relaxation. Subconsciously, your guests may attach the idea of intricately designed furniture to the need to take care of them and not break them. Clean and simple furniture help ease these subconscious triggers.

With modern and simple furniture, this wouldn’t be the case since simplicity imbues a warm and cozy interior design vibe. A simple homey ambiance entails for the items to be also simple and fuss-free, curate it nicely by selecting a good color or material for it. Simplicity comes in many designs; so choose one that would obviously fit you. Make sure it is comfortable for you before making that extra purchase.

7. Abstract and modern decorative prints can make your condo feel extra homey

Abstract and modern decorative prints can make your condo feel extra homeyPhoto courtesy of Steve Johnson from Pexels

Designers always make sure that there is a visual break in the overall look of their space. This is why intricate pieces are used as accents to break from the minimalistic approach of most homes. Nowadays, with the rise of a more simple and clean approach to home decorating, art is also leaning towards that direction. More artworks with less complicated designs started emerging. And these artworks have become accessible for purchase through a lot of e-commerce websites.

Recent popularity in lineart started making its rounds within the art community. More artists now are also creating artworks using various materials such as fabrics, threads, wood, etc. This gives consumers a lot of variety; so you wouldn’t have to be limited to just choosing from just various traditional art forms of paintings.

There are so many designs to choose from; so when selecting the perfect abstract artwork, make sure that they go well with the overall color palette of your entire condo. This way, your space remains consistent with the cozy interior design vibe.

8. Keep your condo clutter-free

Keep your condo clutter-freePhoto courtesy of Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Another way to make your condo feel warm and cozy is to keep things organized. Invest in quality organizers and storage. Make sure to arrange and organize your cables and wires and stow them away where they aren’t visibly clustered on the floor. A neat condo is a place you’d want to keep coming home to.

9. Add some personal touches

Add some personal touchesPhoto courtesy of Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Not everything has to be curated, to achieve a cozy interior design look for your condo. Adding some personal touches and executing them in a unique way can result in a comforting feeling. Anything that deals with a lot of curation usually restricts guests to move freely for fear of messing up the entire area.

10. Create space

Create spacePhoto courtesy of Karina Zhukovskaya from Pexels

In this day and age, with the pandemic, everyone is leaning towards a more minimalistic approach to home living. To achieve a warm and cozy ambiance for your condo, our last interior design tip is to create space to give an illusion of a bigger and wider area.

A free and open space provided by DMCI Homes’ 2-bedroom units, for example, make for the perfect “canvas” for your own expression of minimalism. Not only that, but the spaciousness will allow people to move freely and gives off a less restricted vibe to your visitors.

Select items that would provide you with as much storage but wouldn’t take up a lot of space in your unit, especially when you’re living in a studio unit. Opt for space-saving furniture which doubles as a storage compartment for your items.

There is a lot of space-saving furniture with interesting designs that could fit any aesthetic. Ultimately, it will boil down to what you think will look best for your space. Never stop looking for that perfect inspiration to get you started and remember to have fun with the design process.

Learn other interior design tips from the community and remember to have fun decorating!


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