Small vs. Large: Choosing The Right Type Of Condominium For You

Once you’ve decided that you are in need of condo living, you are up for another decision-making step, choosing the right type of condominium. Choosing the right type of condominium is not an easy task, you have to put into account the size scale of the condo aesthetics you should choose into. Each sizes and choices has its benefits, drawbacks, and yes, entails an appreciably different lifestyle and set of responsibilities. Whatever your personality or style, needs, financial status, there’s a condominium that fits your condo living lifestyle.

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Real estate in the Philippines have turned its head toward condominiums as one of the most in demand abodes in the country. Condominiums are technically apartments or units within a building. According to the Republic Act No. 4726 or the Condominium Act, a condominium is an interest in real property consisting of separate interest in a unit in a residential, industrial or commercial building and an undivided interest in common, directly or indirectly, in the land on which it is located and in other common areas of the building.

More commonly known as condos, these real estate may be owned individually but require a set of rules and regulations controlled by the association of owners within the premises. Condominiums come in various styles and sizes which may be a studio type, executive type, 1 bedroom unit, 2 bedroom units, or even penthouse. When it comes to owning your condo unit, size matters. Depending on your preference, or lifestyle, you may opt for a small or a big unit.

Small is the new big

If you are the type of person who wants everything or essentials at an arm’s reach, then owning a small condo unit may just be the best condo structure that fits you. For condominiums in the Philippines, the average size of the condominium is less than 50 square meters. Within the limited space available, getting to the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or comfort room won’t take as much time compared to living in large homes.

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On another note, if you are the type of person who sees condo living as an efficient step towards urban living at a lesser cost, you may choose to rent a condo or buy a small one. Having a small condo unit is actually an option for most single men or women given the limited but wisely-used space fit for just about your daily needs.

If styling or designing your condo unit is your problem, you need not fret. No matter how small your condo space may be, there are unlimited designs available to bring out the best in your condo unit. With numerous home improvement ideas and energy efficient designs available in the market today, you may have your dream condo at the most affordable price. According to the building code of the Philippines, the minimum single occupancy condo size is 18 square meters while the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board allows a minimum of 12 square meters if the area is located in highly urbanized areas intended for students, employees, and workers. Each unit must have the basic facilities that are indicated in the deed. Go for small pieces of furniture and large mirrors to give the effect of a wider space. Clear it up and avoid clutter in your condo unit to expand the look of your condo unit. Moreover, having a smaller unit means a smaller space to clean up and less pieces of furniture to buy.

The Bigger the Better

From the food that you eat to the bed that you sleep in, among other things, bigger will always be better; this goes to show even in buying a good condo unit. Condominiums offer convenience and the urban lifestyle that most people dream of nowadays. Even bachelors who have enough money to spend on their own condominiums opt for larger condominiums to have their own private party. However, not only single men or women prefer to live in condominiums but even large families. Given the number of occupants for a single unit, most families opt for larger condominiums which range from two-bedroom to three-bedroom units.

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Condominiums may not be equivalent to the wide space offered in a regular house, but its offer to be close to transportation terminals, malls, and business centers make it ideal for every working parent who wants to keep their family close. With the extensive styles of condominiums offered nowadays, larger condominium units or townhouses are the main choice of people who requires a larger space with the privacy a regular house offers. Compared to having a two-storey house, having a large condominium does not take too much time for cleaning up and even strengthens the bond of the family together.

Condominium Trend

From 1996 when the condominium act has been enacted, numerous condominium types and styles have sprouted in the business centers of the country, each offering convenience and urbanization. As most people are often in view of owning a good condo unit, developers have found it reasonable to adjust the prices while adjusting the size as well. As such, there has been a significant increase of condominiums in the market of real estate in the Philippines.

At this point, you may have already decided on getting your own condo unit. Upon this premise, you should always consider the lifestyle you intend to uphold and the style you want your unit to sport. Whatever your preferences may be, choosing the right stylish furniture or the right type of design will help you have that urban lifestyle you have long waited for. Consider the size, functionality of your condo furniture, lighting, amenities, and even the security system of your residence.

No matter how big or small your condo purchase may be, if you put in the right design and proper pieces of furniture, the size of your condo should not matter.



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