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A report in numbeo.com cites that the condo rental for a one-bedroom unit in the metro costs more than 20,000 pesos per month. Most people living in a condo in the Philippines find it difficult to shoulder an expensive rental fee on their own. Because of this, looking for someone to split the rental and other related fees with is something that happens a lot.

Splitting expenses with a condo roommate can both be a rewarding and fruitful experience. Easing financial stress seems to come naturally alongside a budding new friendship.

However, you need to be aware that each individual is uniquely distinct from one another. Differences between you and your roommate may eventually surface after living together for quite some time. Empathy is a key factor in settling any complication. Resolving these differences sooner, rather than later, helps iron things out before they get out of hand.

Unauthorized Visitor Sleepovers

The biggest problem among roommates comes along when misunderstandings occur. Violation of terms of agreement is something that your roommate (or even you!) may be guilty of committing. You may eventually find out your roommate has just brought in her sister or friend for sleepovers in your condo without your approval, despite promising you that they won’t or if ever they have, they would give you a heads up.

This scenario can get very annoying, if prolonged for a long period of time. To prevent this setting from happening, agree on a protocol for having guests over. Are you both comfortable with having visitors sleepover? If yes, then set up house rules. How many days notice do you need? How many would you accommodate and how long can they stay? What activities are not allowed? (ie. excessive drinking, smoking inside, etc.) and out of courtesy, always keep your noise in a minimum (this also goes for when you have visitors not staying the night).

If no, find a way on how to compromise. Don’t easily reject the idea just because you’re the type of person who won’t have regular visitors. Maybe one these days you’ll need to adopt your sister or cousin for a few days. It’s always better to have a back-up plan.

Running away from Payment Contributions

Finding the right condo will not make things easier if your roommate is burdening, instead of helping you in life. Having a roommate makes things worse when your roommate misses paying for her share multiple times. Instead of saving money, your expenses pile up as you cover for your roommate’s expenses, on top of yours too.

Ensure that your potential roommate has the financial capacity to pay for her share of expenses. Don’t be afraid to be strict in enforcing this. Require each other to make a deposit payment in addition to your monthly shares. This is to ensure that you won’t miss a billing and won’t be a burden to your landlord. Remember, interests pile up! Guarantee your roommate that if unused, the deposit payment is refundable.

Having this policy assures you that in case your roommate disappears out of the blue, you’ll have something you can hold on to for missed payments.

Careless Bathroom Habits

Let’s face it. It’s hard to change your condo roommate personalities. You’ll often hear alibis  from your roommate when she commits something wrong repeatedly. Excuses such as constantly rushing to go to work is something your roommate may come up with after taking a shower. You’ll just be shocked once you find your roommate leaving your bathroom floors wet and disheveled after she uses the bathroom.

Leaving bathroom floors wet and messy makes anybody prone to accidents and injuries. Gently remind your roommate about the constant problem she’s been causing. If she seems to not care by still doing the same thing, you may choose to ask your DMCI Homes condo owner to suggest ways to resolve the conflict. It’s always good to ask for help when other options fail.

Setting Privacy Boundaries

Condo roommate problems intensify when you don’t set boundaries in advance. Of course, there may be some things about yourself you don’t wish your roommate to know. If your roommate continuously pressures you to reveal stuff you wish to keep private, politely turn  the queries down. Find a way to let your roommate know you’re not comfortable discussing private matters with her, without sounding rude.

Anonymous Informational Background

Another problem in having a condo roommate is that you put yourself at risk against living with someone who’s a total stranger. Fear of living with someone who may have had a criminal background is likely going to cross your mind at some point in time.

To avoid awkwardness between you and your roommate, make efforts to research about your roommate in social media sites to ease your worries. Sometimes, you’ll be able to find out more about an individual just by studying her social media profile. The information your roommate’s social media posts reveal may just let you in on a secret your roommate has, which you need to find out to better ensure your safety. Remember to always conduct a thorough research to avoid obtaining data inaccurately.

Clash of Personalities

Finding ways to strengthen relationship with your roommate can be particularly hard if your personality totally conflicts with that of your roommate. Finding a way to get along with a person who may have a strong personality may intimidate you, if you have a timid personality.

Be flexible by adjusting your personality to better get along with your roommate. If your roommate gives you a hard time so she can get her way, stay calm while talking things out with her. You’ll eventually see that a previous cat and dog relationship will turn into a harmonious one, in the long run. Who knows, your roommate may just be the best friend you’ve been waiting for all your life.

Manners that Matter

Your relationship with your roommate does not need to suffer because of annoying little problems that pile up between the two of you. Don’t let your roommate’s minor manner habits get to you. Don’t be offended if she does not knock on your bedroom door before she enters your room. Sometimes a great living camaraderie comes when you learn to let go of minor infractions that don’t actually cause major inconveniences in totality.

Condo roommates make life easier for you, if you know how to appreciate them for better or for worse. Don’t limit yourself only to traditional ways of resolving roommate differences. You can always find various avenues to better get along with your roommate, as long as you’re determined to make things work.

We know it’s still easier to have a person you’ve known for quite sometime or even long enough, a highschool or college friend, as a roommate. You know each others quirks and you both get along. But if, by any chance, you’ll be with someone you’re less acquainted to— you have this article to come back to and help you out with your condo roommate issues.


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