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There was a time when Malate, Manila was the home of rajas as the location was greatly coveted due to the beauty it beheld. Today, its splendor is not quite as illustrious as it used to be but is still well-coveted by people searching for a place to live in and settle down.

Why Malate is The Crown Jewel of Manila

History buff or not, you would have learned in your days in school that Manila was the center of many hardships the country has endured over time. Malate, especially, was no exception.

As the story is told, Malate was the home of the modern rich in more recent history, and the home of rajas in much older times. Time and again, Manila is a well-coveted home for those who held a high status in life, thanks mainly to the fact that it’s outlined by the magnificent Manila Bay. Its economical position, it being the sought-after residence of the rich, and forgotten history of silk production even earned Malate the moniker: The Crown Jewel of Manila.

Malate, Manila skyline

But this beauty of Malate and, Manila in general, was both its blessing and its curse, as it eventually came to ruin due to the many battles that its shores saw. After these ravaging wars, it would make you wonder how its moniker manifests now, compared to then.

The splendor of Malate now

In this day and age, you would find the answer not as obvious and attention-grabbing as it once was. However, there is still no doubting that Malate is the Crown Jewel, thanks also to the way history has reshaped it into a cultural hub.

Colourful, glowing jets of water at night

Where once rajas lived, what can individuals and families looking for a condo for rent in Manila find of value and consider as their next home? The answer to that is the way Manila remains to be the center of cultural wealth in the country. If you are looking for apartments in Manila to live in, you will find that Malate has a lot to offer you if you are the kind with a taste of both old and modern civilization.

If you want to rediscover the beauty of Malate and why it’s still a splendid city to build a home in, then read on.

1. Bury your nose in Philippine history and culture

Kalesa next to the Malate Church

Malate has found itself at the center of important historical events that transpired during World War II when the Manila Massacre took place. After such an event, Manila stands today still splendor of a different kind.

Condo hunters who have a nose for history may find that the best apartments and condos find it in Manila, as Malate is in close proximity to centers of knowledge such as the Philippine National Museum and the National Library of the Philippines. Here, access to information is virtually limitless, especially to those who want to raise families that are culturally and historically inclined.

2. Cultural landmarks for scenic views

Apart from libraries and museums, Malate also has a lot to offer for those who are looking for a more visual experience of culture and history as landmarks are scattered all over this part of Manila.

As you develop a fondness for the nation’s history and a desire to share your stories and experiences of these places, these monuments make for a visual delight on social media feeds. In fact, Malate is a staple in the photo walk itineraries of photography enthusiasts – thanks to the city’s countless cultural landmarks you can visit.

Better yet, these places are open to the public and accessible; so young individuals aiming for “vertical living” could achieve a fine lifestyle without having to spend much on entrance and lodging fees.

Aside from the Manila Bay, the La Cathedral Cafe can jolt condo owners in Manila with a whiff of their coffee. Meantime, residents can also immerse themselves in the architectural wonder of the Manila Cathedral.

Your Instagram stories or Fleets will never run out of content especially if you’re going for that effortless hip and chic look in your socials.

3. Convenience, convenience, convenience

Supermarket selling crates of applesPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Since Malate is home to the best condos in Manila such as the newly unveiled The Camden Place by DMCI Homes, businesses have since thrived and proliferated to meet the demands of the residents living in the area.

Whoever said that Malate has lost its glory will be tongue-tied when they see the many malls and stores that are readily accessible to condo and apartment owners in Malate.

Not only does one find popular malls such as Robinsons Mall and SM, but also Divisoria and Tutuban thrift malls like The 168 Shopping Mall are just a jeepney ride away. Anything you need can be found just a few steps (or a short drive) away from your condo or apartment.

4. Live near your university.

Photo courtesy of Kent Ogares via Unsplash

Students who are looking for shared or solo condos and apartments for rent in Manila might want to consider The Camden Place – an up-and-coming project in Malate designed to satisfy the lifestyle needs of both students and professionals.

Its proximity to the most prestigious universities in the country plus its comprehensive amenities for young professionals and students make it an ideal choice for parents looking to invest in their children’s studies and even until they venture to build their own careers.

Universities that can be found within Malate include the De La Salle University, the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, the Philippine Normal University, and the Lyceum of the Philippines. The University Belt or “U-Belt” is also in close proximity where the Far Eastern University, the University of the East, and the University of Santo Tomas are located.

Finding supplementary sources for your academic research will be no trouble, thanks to the neighboring museums and cultural institutions. Places where you can hang out with friends after a long and tedious day from school also abound, including the various restaurants and cafes in the area.

5. Pamper your taste buds with the tastes of Manila.

Photo courtesy of Jay Wennington via Unsplash

Malate offers a diverse selection of restaurants, no matter the occasion or cuisine you’re craving for.

Condo owners could enjoy dining at the Cafe Ilang-ilang at the Manila Hotel if they want to experience exquisite buffets with a wide range of dishes.palette.

Those who want to satiate their cravings for international cuisines might enjoy places such as the Shawarma Snack Center and the Japanese restaurant Ippudo where only authentic Japanese dishes are served.

After trying all these savory delicacies, treat your taste buds to sweet confections from Becky’s Kitchen whose iconic brownies will definitely leave you craving for more.

Many food places are tucked along the interstices of Malate – waiting to be discovered. Who knows, you might find the next hip place in Manila just around the corner.

6. Nature in the heart of the city.

Photo courtesy of Pelipoer Lara via Pexels

Manila’s vestiges are so encased in rows of towering concrete skyscrapers that one might think nature no longer thrives within it. But the well-preserved Arroceros Forest Park would illustrate otherwise.

If you’re living in Malate, you definitely have to visit this famous park which is known to be the last lung of Manila. Within this 2.2-hectare park resides 8,000 ornamental vegetation, making it a great place for people of all ages to visit.

The historic Manila Zoo is a nice venue for a family picnic while you view wildlife in the city. There, you could meet the elephant Maali which has been living in Manila Zoo for more than 40 years.

Another local attraction you can visit is the Manila Ocean Park where children and adults can meet different sea creatures that they often see on television.

Indeed, the Arroceros Park and the Manila Zoo can provide a change of scenery when you get tired of the hustle and bustle of city life.

On top of this, these places undeniably allow residents to learn more about terrestrial and marine wildlife and conservation without going far. In particular, the Arroceros Park will excite the plantita or plantito in you. There, you can learn how to tend and handle different kinds of plants that you may similarly have at home.

7. Immerse in Manila’s subculture.

Photo courtesy of John Aledia via Unsplash

While there are several popular cultural attractions that can be found in Malate, there are also places that have developed their own cultural niche for those with a penchant for anything indie.

Escolta is abuzz with new vitality, thanks to pop-up stores that made use of the neglected 1928 Art-Deco style infrastructures to reconnect with the current generation.

Hotspots, like Fred’s Revolucion, have become somewhat of a household name to college students and young adults wanting to have a taste of craft beer while enjoying engaging conversations.

Meanwhile, the Hub Make Lab is a leveled-up flea market manicured to curb its visitors’ nostalgia and fascination for antiques and trinkets from bygone decades. A selection of items can be bought here such as vinyl records, clothing and books.

Aside from Escolta, familiar names such as Books from Underground located in the underpass adjacent to SM Manila will surely surprise you with its collection of rare books for sale.

Never miss the opportunity to explore these places and get lost in the subculture tucked within the small corners of Malate.

8. Physical health care.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

One of the best advantages of residing in a condo or apartment in Malate is having easy access to medical care. The Philippine General Hospital (PGH), inarguably one of the Philippine’s most esteemed hospitals, can be easily reached by condo owners living in the area.

Besides the PGH, you can also opt for a string of clinics within Malate, notably the University Physicians Medical Center found in the PGH compound; the Manila Lying-in and Children’s Hospital located in Taft; and the Vermont Maternity Clinic in Nakpil Street.

Having ready access to these medical facilities can be a huge advantage, especially during the pandemic.

9. Access spiritual health care.

Photo courtesy of Louis Quintero via Pexels

Equally important to taking care of the body is giving time to your spirit to experience respite and solitude.

Most notable of the churches found in Malate is the Iglesia Parroquial de Malate or the Our Lady of Remedies Parish—a Mexican-Baroque-style church overlooking the Rajah Sulayman Plaza.

Built in 1591, this church is a testament to the rich and often turbulent history of the Malate area. Inside, the figure of the Our Lady of Remedios is enshrined at the main altar. It was a gift from the order of Agustinians in Spain back in the 16th century. Parents with sick children flock to the church to pray to the Lady of Remedies for healing and recuperation.

The church is also an architectural marvel that contributes to Malate’s historical vibe and flair.

10. Find new hobbies.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

If you aren’t an outgoing person, then be prepared because you could also find a new hobby when you decide to get a condo in Malate.

People looking to relax and watch non-mainstream celluloid gems may visit the Cinematheque Center Manila located on T.M. Kalaw Street just across the Luneta Park. Here, you can watch rare classical and contemporary films not shown in movie theaters inside malls.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts also commonly offer exhibits and cultural presentations, if you are interested in Philippine heritage and want to supplement your experience of the National Museum.

If you simply want to kick back and relax, why not visit the Manila Yacht club and enjoy exquisite luxury with a special someone, as you watch the sunset in Manila Bay together.

Malate will not disappoint you, no matter how quirky and unique your interests may be.

Just because history has not been particularly kind to Malate does not mean that it bears the pains of the past. In fact, Malate is an aggregate product of the historical events it has endured, making it one of the most attractive places to live in. Start your condo living now in Malate with DMCI Homes, and experience living in the past and in the present.


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