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It is impossible to not have layers of emotions in events such as a graduation. For sure, there is joy and delight with a little bit of anxiety and worry but also hopeful and trusting every time. Graduating is quite a feat and it is worth celebrating. This is the moment that proud parents have worked so hard for. In the Philippines, March and April are busy months for events venues and places because graduation calls for families and friends to get together.

Just in case you missed to consider it, you can also celebrate right inside your condo or in pavilions and function halls. Major condos in the Philippines give residents the convenience of celebrating in the comfort of their own community offering ideal venues for sports, recreation and social gatherings. It is a good way to make the event a personal one, which it really is. Celebrating at home exudes the vibe of being, well, at home — relaxed and comfortable, not distant and intimidating.

Throwing a condo party is a great idea this graduation season. Let’s run down graduation party ideas you can do to make this event a truly memorable one.


Pick a theme

It all starts here. Choosing a theme or concept is the one that gives personality and character to an event. If your kiddie graduate loves the beach, why not throw a pool party? The pool is a good events venue in a condo. Wow with beach balls, fresh juices, and barbecue. Teen graduates will enjoy this idea, too. Make sure to involve the graduates in the preparation and give them a chance to cut loose with friends by throwing a party that they can call their own.


Make an entrance

Don’t we all just love wedding entrances? Well, entrances are not limited to couples. A grand entrance will make the graduate feel special and adored. A red carpet entrance? Why not? For proud parents, it is a way of telling everyone: “Hey, here is my child. Watch him conquer the world.” Add color with confetti and pop-ups. College graduates may find this idea just a little too much but kids will definitely love it (and parents, too).


Put up signs

Speaking of an entrance, put everyone in party mode by putting up a welcome sign. For parties inside your condo, you can pin a graduation cap or a diploma on the door. When you are doing the condo party in the pavilion, garden, or pool side, putting up yard sticks would do.


Serve munchies

TV host Rachael Ray suggests preparing snacks for guests. Party doesn’t normally start when it should so give visitors some munchies. Tailor fit these to the crowd. For kids, have a fare of marshmallows or chicken lollipops. Go for French fries and sliders for teens. Welcome drinks will also do. This will put everyone in party mode. Munchies also say: “This is just the preview, the show will start in a few.” Have a bowl of sweet treats, too, for sweet memories.


It’s the food that matters

In throwing any kind of party, make sure the food tastes great. It is amazing how food can make you remember a moment or a feeling so make sure your child’s graduation party won’t land on the “what-not-to-do” memories. You will never go wrong with the classics and all-time crowd pleasers. Casseroles, grilled dishes, pasta, sandwiches, and cupcakes always earn top honors. If guests will be standing up, make snack-size servings.

Add a touch of achievement in your food by rolling your sandwiches and tying them around with a celery stick. Aside from diploma sandwiches, you can top cupcakes with a graduation cap design. You can also roll up table napkins to look like diplomas.


Pump it up with music and games

Let this condo party guide be on record: Just make it fun. Do not isolate with your games by making them so complicated. Make the groupings interesting: kids vs. adults or alums vs. non-alums.

Teens love dancing so ask them to make their own playlist. Start with lower-key tracks then with the more danceable ones as the party wears on.


Decorate with success

If you are holding a private condo party inside your unit, you don’t have to remodel or renovate anything. Just decorate with a taste of success, literally. Hang a good luck or congratulations banner in the graduate’s school color. You can also make a visual timeline of the graduate in one corner by using his/her photos. You can also decorate with graduation caps or make everyone wear one.


Make a memory box

Graduation is something to remember. Cherish it with a DIY memory box where guests can drop their good luck and congratulatory messages. Classmates can write notes of what they best remember of the graduate while in school. One day, he/she will read these cards and notes and recreate the best times of his school life. Writing messages on painted initials or numbers will also do. This is a cool alternative to the traditional guestbook.


Think of a special gift

What is a party without a gift? Parents can present their special gift to the graduate during the party if they will be so generous to share the memory with everyone. Parents usually look forward when they give their children gifts like a “go-on-and-change-the-world” gifts for University graduates. If you intend to give your son or daughter a condo as a graduation gift, it would be nice to hold the party there. Giving your child a place of his own allows him to be more responsible and mature and to take control of his adult life.

Speaking of gifts, friends can also be told to bring a token that makes them best remember the graduate. Presenting them during the party would draw in major laughs from everyone.

Like they say, the tassel is worth the hassle. Graduation is a sweet ending to a new beginning so it is just fitting for friends and family to celebrate it. No need to go too far. Your home is a perfect venue to create a perfect moment.


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