15 Creative DIY Planters for an Eco-friendly Condo

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Having indoor plants in your condo space offers lots of benefits for you and your loved ones, and even for those people visiting you. Not only does it give an added aesthetic appeal in your living space, but several studies show that it can also help in improving health conditions, such as sore throat and colds. Seeing these benefits for your green condo living, placing plants is a must. But your current living condition is totally different from a home with a backyard; therefore you need to have plants for your condo balcony and even interiors. And planters can be your best friend which can turn your space into an eco-friendly haven.

Planters are decorative containers in which plants are grown. These are visually stimulating containers that may contain edible or inedible plants. Normally, you would need a good potting soil, compost, plants (such as succulent plants), and water. There are lots of easy planters that you can make for your condo and growing plants won’t be a problem since it doesn’t require too much gardening labor and it will also push you to be creative and resourceful with its containers. Excited to have these indoor planters for a greener condo living? Here are 15 DIY planters for your condo:

Go Vintage with Toy Truck Planters

If you have an old toy truck and you plan to throw them away, it would be best for you to keep them and use them as your planters instead. Just secure the truck bed by having a chain connected to the cab and place a wire mesh with a damped sheet moss to the truck bed’s rear so that the soil won’t spill over. Select the plants that would match the overall look of your toy truck.

Stick on the Magnetic Cork Planters

Add a twist to your cork by making it a magnetic planter which you can use on your refrigerator door or on any magnetic surface in your condo. You’ll be needing small succulent plant clippings for this, a glue gun, screw driver, and a pocket knife. Punch a hole in the cork using a screw driver and carve down the hole with the help of a pocket knife. The hole should go halfway down the cork. Place the magnets on the cork and fill the hole with soil and add the plants afterwards. This can also be a unique gift idea for your friends and family.

Dad’s Neckties for a Greener Planter

Vertical gardening is one of the clever ways to put garden in your condo. Set aside the traditional ones, since you can be more creative and you can even surprise dad with this DIY necktie planter. Choose a good hanger and tie each one in varying lengths to have variation for your planter. Just make sure that you’ve asked permission from your father to use some of his necktie for this project.

Decorate with a Candle Holder Planter

This planter serves a double purpose as a candle holder. The trick here is to use  regular-sized flower pots with 1-2 inches of soil at first, and then putting a tiny pot that is 1-2 inches smaller in diameter inside the regular-sized pots. The center pot should be filled with pea gravel and the outer ring surrounded with soil. The plants will be put in the outer ring, while the candle will go in the center pot and covered with a glass hurricane. This is a great addition to your condo plant decor ideas, since you need not buy additional decorations for your special condo occasions.

Insert Floppy Disk Planter

Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce the way you store your files by having a floppy disk planter as part of your green condo design. This can also be a great gift idea for those who enjoy the 90s and it can add a unique touch of colors to your window or your bedside table. Make sure that your plant will fit inside the floppy disk box. You can use old yogurt containers where you can put your plants so you can easily place them inside the floppy disk box. Use the label stickers provided to remind you how to care for the plants, or maybe add a unique name for your plant.

Turn the Page with Book Planters

This DIY project will allow you to literally place a plant in a book’s pages. Visit your friendly thrift store and look for great book covers from their used books sale. Cutting the center square is time-consuming but it will be worth it. After it is finished, this unique planter is sure to spark the interest of every person that will enter your living room and they will be asking you to help them create their own. You can learn more the step-by-step procedure in designing your book planters here.

Serve Plants Through Ice Cream Dishes and Muffin Tins

For those who like food and plants at the same time, you’ll enjoy having your indoor plants in these muffin tins and ice cream dishes. Suggested plants that will look best for your condo gardening using these materials are the baby’s tears or moss plants. You can also make these planters a kitchen or dining table regular to add a unique accent in your living space.

Seashells Are for Condos, Too

Missing the beach or the seaside? Combine your interest with the sea and plants by making a seashell planter for your condo. Preferably, you can use large snail shells such as nautilus or hermit crab. The reason for this is because these types have larger spaces for you to insert the plants. Just fill the shell with damp potting soil and push the plants into each shell to achieve the sea condo decor that you’ve always wanted.

Recycle More with a Coffee Bean Bag Planter

Coffee bags are perfect for your recycled planters in your condo, since it is made from biodegradable and weather-resistant material that allow plants to grow well. With a few stitching work, you will be able to produce the right size for your plants to make this eco-friendly planter one of your proud condo creations.

Coffee Mugs to Build Your Plant Collection

Thinking of what to do with your mug collection that are just stuck in your cabinet for a long time? You can expose and utilize them by using it as your planters. Choose one kind of plant to use for your mug planters or use different kinds that will complement each other and will blend well with your mugs’ design. Drilling a hole under the mugs is a must if you will use plants other than succulent plants.

Give Mom a Handmade Clay Pot Planter

Moms are sure to love these handmade clay pots planters that you will make for them. This will be ideal to place in the window, kitchen, or dining table and will certainly add a green touch to every corner of your condo. If you feel like you want to try out something new for this, why not use wood to create wooden planters in the same size? You can follow the easy step-by-step guide and clay templates here.

Exude Creativity with Paint Can Planters

Be more creative with your planters by using metal paint cans as your containers. Just drizzle craft paint with the color of your choice on the top rim and don’t forget to add drips on the sides to make it more visually appealing. If you want the cans not to rust, just cover the cans with a coat of polyurethane or you can choose to let it rust naturally.

Go Back in Time with a Vintage Typewriter Planter

Planters can be made out of vintage materials such as an old typewriter. Use plants such as sempervivums and sedums as trails for the sides. Utilize flat rocks to be able to fill the gaps in the typewriter so that the soil will not spill over. Don’t fill the typewriter too much with plants because these will multiply quickly. This planter will complete your vintage corner inside your condo.

Doodle with Chalkboard Painted Planters

In order to help remind you of how to care of your DIY indoor planters, you can make use of chalkboard painted planters which can also remind you of your science experiments and school environment when you were still a student. Some of the materials that you will need to make this successfully are terra cotta pots, spray primer, and chalkboard spray paint. This guide will help you in properly executing the steps to create the perfect chalkboard painted planter.

Add Color to Your Condo with Hanging Plant Holders

Your condo planters should give you a good feeling, rather than an empty feeling every time you look at it. Opt for colorful planters that are sure to be appealing to your eyes and will give you a positive vibe everyday. Roll the clay into a cone-shaped container and vary the colors that you will use. You can also use a vase and old branches where you can hang these cone containers.

Creating a green garden in your condo is easy and fun. With a good sense of creativity and resourcefulness, achieving the green lifestyle and reaping the benefits of having indoor plants on your condo is just a breeze with the help of these DIY planters that are sure to add to the overall appeal of your living space at DMCI Homes.

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