Community Milestone: Siena Park Residences grows into one big family


One of Jinggay’s most memorable experiences living in Siena Park Residences was when residents came out of their balconies to show their appreciation to their community frontliners at the height of the pandemic in April last year. “It was a really touching moment. You can see talaga na ang puso ng mga taga-Siena Park ay hindi lang amongst us but also it extends to the frontliners. So parang we’re one big family.”(Photo courtesy of Mr. Xandrino Mangunay)


Just by their first glimpse of the property, pioneer homeowners of Siena Park Residences in Parañaque City already foresaw something special about the condominium community when it opened its doors to residents in October 2012.

Pioneer residents, Mr. Jack Aguilar and Ms. Jinggay Sancianco, can still vividly recall the first time they saw their home almost a decade ago. 

“When I moved in here, the property wasn’t fully finished yet. I think, there were only three buildings during that time but we immediately noticed how beautiful the property is,” said Jack who moved into the property in April 2013.

“I can compare it to a resort hotel or a summer resort which is what my family loves going to. We love to go to the beaches every summer or when we have some celebrations so that’s something that we immediately noticed,” he fondly recalled.

Jinggay, on other hand, noticed the unique glow Siena Park Residences radiated, which eventually convinced her to spend her retirement pay on a unit.

“The first time I saw Siena Park, what struck me is, it’s very bright. Maaliwalas talaga. Parang it has an openness feel. Maganda ang aura. I fell in love right away with Siena Park,” said Jinggay who has lived in the property since September 2014.


Siena Park Residences always had a big community celebration during Christmas season before the pandemic. Last year, residents kept the Holiday spirit alive in their community by holding a community bazaar and online caroling. (This photo was taken before the pandemic)

Close-knit community

This same environment, Jinggay said, seemingly makes residents open up to each other and treat every member of the community as family.

“During the daytime, ‘yong aura talaga ng Siena Park is really open. And I think the environment has somewhat affected the community. Kaya ‘yong mga tao rito, naging open, naging friendly. Mas nalabas nila ‘yong sarili nila with their neighbors. I think the environment has something to do with that,” she said, smiling.


Before the pandemic, kids always looked forward to trick or treating around the community during Halloween. (This photo was taken before the pandemic)


Treating each other like family, residents of Siena Park Residences for the past nine years have enjoyed joining numerous community development activities organized by the Property Management Office and the Community Development Council especially before the coronavirus pandemic.

From simple get-togethers at the Clubhouse; traditional fiesta during summer; Santacruzan during May; trick or treat during Halloween; colorful Christmas and yearend parties; outreach programs for numerous beneficiaries; to simple bazaars and community fairs, these activities have certainly helped residents shape the property into a close-knit community through the years.


Siena Park Residences residents and staff during their outreach project at the Bahay Aruga Pediatric Cancer Halfway House in Manila in 2018.

‘We got each other’s back’

This kind of environment makes Jack and Jinggay confident and happy with their decision to invest in the property.

“There are always a lot of people willing to help especially during the pandemic. People help each other like they’re real magkakapitbahay talaga,” Jack shared.

“That’s something you won’t probably notice living in another condominium because when I’ve lived in a condominium in other parts of the Philippines and other parts of the world in the past, you’re only by yourself, that’s how you feel. But here in Siena Park, you feel that you’re part of a bigger community,” he added.


Siena Park Residences residents are always eager to volunteer in DMCI Homes’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. (This photo was taken during DMCI Homes’ house-painting activity at Gawad Kalinga’s Manggahan-Kawayanan Village in Parañaque City in July 2018).

Jinggay likewise feels extra proud of what the property has become especially since she is part of the Siena Park Residences’ Community Development Council—a board composed of homeowners who recommend projects to the Property Management Office for the enhancement of the living condition in the community. 

“I’ve been living here for seven years and the people have become more comfortable with each other. Talagang parang pamilya mo na sila. Pamilya na talaga kami. We got each other’s back,” Jinggay proudly shared.

“I can call our community an ideal community. It’s not only safe but it’s fun to live here. And then the quality of the property is very good. It is developed by DMCI Homes so it’s one of the best,” she beamed. 


One of the regular get-togethers among residents of Siena Park Residences community before the pandemic.


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