Capture 4’s Capturing Our Story Grand Winners

We are proud to present this year's Capture 4's Capturing Our Story winners.

Personal Touch Category

This category featured snaps that told stories about the resident's personal moments, achievements, happiness and emotions, captured on cam. Entries were collected via Instagram, with the hastag #CapturingOurStory. Among all who joined, these photo entries have shone the brightest:

2nd Runner-Up : Jayjay Lucas of One Castilla Place

78.17% Total Score

Once your children love you and the lord, parenting will become easy. We might think it's still too young to teach children below 2. But most of the time, starting young equips you to have a habit of engaging your family for Jesus. Our children copy our actions more than listening. We practice what we want our children to become and it becomes a way of life for the family. Have Jesus first in your life and it will overflow :) one cannot give what one doesn't have :) suffering is never by accident. It has meaning and a purpose. What a wonderful way to start the week and be reminded that we need to practice what we believe and point people to the Lord. Beautiful message at church today :) CCF tiendesitas 12nn, 3pm and 6pm along c5 road :)


1st Runner Up and Facebook Choice Awardee: John Louie Netro / Wilchelle Netro of Tivoli Garden Residences

83.14% Total Score


"Friendship" The best thing in life. This is the story of my two daughters. They couldn’t wait to see each other after my eldest daughter come home from school so they could play in the park together and watch their favorite disney movies. They were inseparable. They enjoy many of the same things, mostly barbies and simple things like bubbles. They admire each other’s individual abilities. Like Ate being the leader and Bunso being the cutest follower. They watch out for one another and take care of one another. When one is sick the other is always there to help. Both of them pray together at night and sharing the same blanket. My kids are my life! I love them dearly and couldn't imagine life without either of them because both of them is super awesome and i'm the lucky one because i get to be their Father. :)

Grand Winner: Joshua Cu of Flair Towers

83.76% Total Score

Bursting golden hour after a hard days work, no other way of relaxing but to stay at home, take a dip to cool off and take in the deck view at the same time. Me and my wife are just typical Filipino employee experiencing daily grind commuting. We are so blessed to have this place we call home. Ready for the next days of challenges ahead.


My DMCI Homes Category

This category challenged residents to capture the beauty of their communities through their own eyes, and camera lenses. And true enough, they have captured them wonderfully! With the Instagram hashtag #MyDMCIHomes, entries were collected, and these particular photos stood out from the rest:


2nd Runner-Up: Michael Cabrales of Riverfront Residences

73.49% Total Score

"A relaxing and peaceful day at home is one of life's greatest pleasures."


1st Runner-Up: Joshua Cu of Flair Towers

80.76% Total Score

Waking up in the morning for devotion, prayer time, exercise, breakfast, coffee, tea, chocolate or maybe a swim in the nice clear waters is now possible. Praise God for this wonderful blessing and the developers who made this together. You can get inspired as soon as you wake up! Morning has never been so good :-)

Grand Winner and Facebook Choice Awardee: Emm Rainier Datu of Arista Place

84.86% Total Score

342 Total Likes

"This condominium is defined by elegant interiors, presenting exquisite architectural details with panoramic views, fabulous features and amenities. I really hope that other people will like it for this is a place that brings me happiness. It means a lot to me because it's beautiful and natural-- a clean and quiet place in a world of noise. This place has always been beautiful not only in my eyes but also in my mind"


The Grand Awarding

The awarding ceremonies was later held at DMCI Homes Corporate Center on October 21, 2016. Snapshots of the event are as follows:

Prizes and trophies were lined up on the stage, ready to award the winners.

Capturing Our Story prizes and trophies

The program was hosted by Kevin Lloyd Dylan, Implementation Analyst of the IT Department

Kevin Dylan hosting the event

Before the start of the program, Mr. Frederick Rapiñan, head of DPMC, delivered a quick thank-you speech to the people who made the contest a success. He stressed out how he was thankful for all the residents who continuously support the programs initiated by DMCI Homes.

Mr. Frederick Rapiñan of the DPMC


Finally, the winners were announced and awarded.

Right to Left: John Louie Netro, Personal Touch Category 1st Runner Up, Emm Rainier Datu, My DMCI Homes Category Grand Wiinner, Joshua Cu and wife, Personal Touch Category Grand Winner, and PMO employees of One Castilla Place and Riverfront Residences as representatives of Jayjay Lucas and Michael Cabrales.

To all who participated and supported the contest, we would like to thank you for sharing us a piece of your life, love and happiness through your lens. Every snap, photo or selfie shot meant a lot to us at DMCI Homes. Congratulations to all the winners!




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