An Artsy Saturday for the Kids of Accolade Place

An artsy Saturday greeted the children of Accolade Place who swapped their toys with paints, sponges and brushes for a morning Art Session.

Excited for the lesson today.

Geared up with art materials, creativity, and an innate mother instinct, Veronica Cosio, a proud Accolade Place homeowner and a mother of three, shared some techniques and knowledge on how to get creative in painting a tote bag.

Danica Cosio teaches kids different techniques in painting.

The kids listen intently as “Tita Nica” explains to them how to get things done. From the right materials to use, to techniques and colors, the children paid very close attention.

Kids listen attentively to instructions.


After a few points and lectures, the kids, excited as they were, started designing their own tote bags.

Thinking for the right color combination.

And my, these kids got real talent!

Applying the techniques they learned.


Satisfied with their masterpiece,  the kids posed for a group photo-op,  showing off their artworks.


Great job kids!



To make a personalized DIY tote bag, you'll be needing acrylic or textile paints, brushes and sponges. Shapes and letters can be formed by using stickers and masking tapes as you paint.

Materials in making your own DIY tote bag.


And don't forget to use newspapers to keep paints from messing up your things.

Shapes and lines are great combinations.


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