5 Pick-me up treats you can order right down your condo cafe to cheer you up this rainy season

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The rains usher in a lot of #feels, here are some F&B options to instantly change your mood and fill up your senses!

  1. That savory bowl of RAMEN

Nothing beats a bowl of your favorite tantanmen or tonkotsu ramen to bring that spice back to your groove!

Check out Moshi Koshi, Acacia Town Center http://www.moshi-koshi.com

Gyokai Tonkotsu, Chasumen Tonkotsu and Shoyu Tonkotsu

Check out Yatta, Maple Place https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083385780292

2. That steaming hot cup of SPECIALTY COFFEE

This cup of cappuccino, will surely warm up the cold you’re feeling inside ☕️

Check out Coffee Gusto, Calathea Place https://www.facebook.com/coffeegustoph/

3. Your no-fail COMFORT FOOD

Your comfort food is just a call away, be it your home-style adobo or Thai pork bagoong. They sure will blow your blues away!

Check out Brewhilde, Acacia Town Center https://www.facebook.com/brewhildecoffee

Check out Deli Life at Sheridan Towers https://www.facebook.com/delilifesheridan

4. That SIZZLING treat!

Fresh off the grill or sizzling skillet - those smoking treats are sure to pick you up lunch or dinner on a meh-kinda day.

Check out Hi Sports Lounge, Tivoli Garden Residences https://www.facebook.com/hisportsresto/

5. That SWEET treat

A wise mom once said, “When in doubt, eat cake!” Good thing Sibol offers a wide variety of delectable treats to give you clarity on things 😉

Check out Sibol Manila, Torre de Manila https://www.facebook.com/sibolmanilaph/

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